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The Sims 4 Create a Sim Neytiri Te Tskaha-003:17

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Neytiri Te Tskaha is a Sims 4 Create a Sim fan video created by Mclladser. 

Download the video here


The video begins with a Caucasian woman getting her voice changed. A few seconds later, the user removes her hat and makes her bald. The woman is then changed into an African and her skin is changed to blue. First, her eyes are changed to brown and made bigger. Later, her nose gets squared and widened. Then, her mouth is made thinner and wider. Next, she gets tiny spots on her face. After that, her hair is changed to black and is put in box braids. Her chin is then widened and her face is narrowed. Afterwards her eyebrows are thinned.

Subsequently, the woman gets her clothes taken off and is slimmed down. Following, she then gets makeup, tattoos, jewelry, and is redressed. Finally, she gets her traits changed.

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