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Ran Away
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Crime File: Murder in Bridgeport
Name: Crime File: Murder in Bridgeport
Genre: Mystery
Created by: Rizkirafu
Rating: 15+
Number of chapters: 2

Original run: 10/06/2016
Status: Ongoing

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Crime File: Murder in Bridgeport is a fanon created and owned by rizkirafu. Since I'm now to taking a break from Sim's Tale series, I decide to make a new story. This time, I'm trying to create a detective story.

This story takes place in Bridgeport, one of the largest city in SimNation and centered to a private investigator names Detective McGarth who must deal with a murder case involving many public figures in Bridgeport.


Chapter 1: The RequestEdit

Bridgeport, one of the largest city in SimNation founded by Ebenezer Alto at the turn of the century, it was once a busy shipping town inhabited by sailors and smugglers. However, when the film industry came to the city, celebrities, Simoleons, and the sparkling lights of fame took over. Now a vibrant city with an energetic night life and bustling club scene, Bridgeport has made its mark on the map.

Detective McGarth

Trevor looked at the City's view

Trevor McGarth just awakened from his sleep in his apartment. After took a shower and had a cup of coffee, Trevor went to the balcony and looked at the City view. "As usual, the view of this city looks beautiful up here" he thought enjoying his coffee and the scenery.

Detective Trevor McGarth was a man in his early 40s with good reputation. He was so famous for his success solving many criminal cases. People often called him as SimNation's Holmes. Trevor himself was a fan of Sherlock Holmes since he was a child.

In the middle of his daydream, a message received from his cellphone. Trevor read it, he found that it was from his ex-wife, Catalina.


Reading the message, Trevor then sighed, remembering the Nice Memory when he was still married to Catalina. "It's been years since the last time I saw my daughter, she must be 17 now" he thought.

From his past marriage, Trevor got a daughter, Karin McGarth. When Karin was 7 years old, Trevor and Catalina divorced due to neglect as Trevor was too focus on his job. Catalina won the right to took care their daughter. Karin herself didn't get along well with Trevor.

Despite this, Trevor still tried to made contact with his daughter. The last time they met was when Trevor made a visit to her boarding school.

Teresa comes

The client

Suddenly, someone knocked the door. Trevor opened the door and found a young adult woman, approximately 22 years old, stood before him. She wore a red colored blues, black skirt, dark stockings, and red high heels. It made her looked so fancy. Her medium-length hair was brown in color.

"Excuse me, are you Detetive McGarth?" the woman said. "Yes, is there anything I can do for you?" Trevor said. "Well there is... something I want to ask..." she said, "Only you who can help". "Oh okay" Trevor said, "Please come in".

Teresa's request

Teresa told McGarth her stories.

The woman name was Teresa Luciano, the daughter of Roberto Luciano, a billionaire living in Bridegport. Trevor looked at the young woman, he felt interested on her. "Such a beauty..." he thought. Teresa herself looked so full of charm and had very good manner.

"So, what I can do for you Ms. Luciano?" Trevor asked. Teresa then took something from her bag: a letter.

Trevor then took the letter, opened and read it. "Oh my God..." he said reading the letter, "It's a death threat".

"Ye-yes" Teresa said, "We received this letter three days ago. It looks like someone want to kill my father". "Is this the first time you guys got this kind of threat?" Trevor asked. "Well, a month ago someone sent us a package consisted a death mice in it" Teresa said, she begun to cried "We... *sob*, we really afraid that something terrible will happen to our family".

Trevor then stood up, he hug Teresa to comfort her. "It's okay" he said, "I will do my best to help you and your family". "You will?" Teresa asked, Trevor only nodded with smile. "Thank You Mr. McGarth" Teresa said again.

"Please, just call me Trevor" Trevor said again.

Chapter 2: InvestigationEdit

Trevor's investigation

Trevor reads some articles about Luciano from the internet

Later in the night, Trevor started investigating everyone who had relation with the Luciano family. He discovered that several people in the city had bad relationship with the billionaire Roberto Luciano.

There were three potential suspects: the blogger Caroline Custard, former musician Aria Trill, and movie director Alan Stanley. The three of them had personal vendetta against Luciano. Caroline blamed Luciano for her father's death since the latter didn't wanted to lend her some money for the medical treatment, Aria claimed that Luciano destroyed her reputation which led her into retirement from music industry, and Alan claimed that Luciano was tricking him when he did a business with the latter.

"I must conduct an investigation on these three people" Trevor said, "Even though there's also a possibility that this letter made by someone in Luciano house". Trevor then started to thinking. "Looks like I need to contact my informant Devin again" he said.

Next day, 06.00 A.M.

Trevor was still investigating. He read several articles from internet and old newspapers about more people who had relationship with the Luciano family. Trevor then stopped for a moment. He felt tired since he didn't sleep last night. "I think I need some rest" he thought "I hope Devin found something in his investigation".

Trevor then laid his body on his bed upstairs. He was almost fell asleep until he remembered that he forgot something. "Oh great, I haven't prepare a room for my daughter to sleep" he thought. He then looked at en empty room next to his. "Maybe we can use this room" he said, "I think I have enough money to buy a bed and cupboards".


Arrives in the City

2.30 P.M.

A teen girl was seen walking alone in the City. She stopped in front of a food truck and bought some foods and drink. She then took a seat and begun to eat. She looked at her surroundings. There was so many large buildings in this City, unlike her hometown, Hidden Springs.

"I think I will never find his apartment" she thought. "Where will you go miss?" the merchant asked. "Oh, I'm here to visit my father" she said, "he lived in apartment but I don't know which one. This is the first time I come here".

"I see..." the merchant said, "maybe I can help. Who is your father's name?". The girl then sighed, "It's McGarth" she said, "Trevor McGarth". The food merchant gasped, the Hot Dog on his hand fell to the ground. "Trevor McGarth? You mean detective McGarth!?" he asked in surprise "Detective McGarth has a daughter!?".

"Uh, yeah" the girl said, "Do you know my father?". "Off course! Everyone in this City know who he is! The Sherlock Holmes of Bridgeport!" he said. "Sherlock Holmes? Are you kidding?" she asked raising her left eyebrows, "Is my father really that great?".

"Sure" the food merchant said. "Here, I can give you his address, I know where he lives. Everyone in this City also know".

The food merchant then gave the girl an address to Trevor's apartment. "Oh, okay, thanks sir" she said.

"By the way I don't know your name yet" the merchant said, "What's your name?".

"Karin" the girl said, "Karin McGarth".

-To Be Continued-