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Cristina Culver (neé Dark) is an elder currently living in Riverview (Though she was born in Isla Paradiso and lived in Setra for a short time). She is the daughter of Joel and Audrina Dark, mother of Emerson Culver, and sister of Zeke and Buster Dark. (She, like her brother, were named after famous Youtubers iPodZeke and LifeSimmer , although the creator has not watched most of Zeke's videos.)


Early LifeEdit

As a child, Audrina Dark moved alongside her family to Isla Paradiso from Moonlight Falls. After a short time there, she became romantically involved with Joel Vidal. Shortly after becoming an adult, Audrina became pregnant. She gave birth to twins: Zeke and Cristina. Due to space concerns, Audrina moved to a bigger house, taking Ocean (her aunt), Claudio (her cousin), and her two children. 

Childhood to Teenage YearsEdit

When Cristina was a child, her father got engaged to her mother. After giving birth to their third child, Buster, the two got married. However, Joel began to have several affairs, giving birth to three other children in the process. After Cristina found out he was cheating on his wife, she told her mother. After a physical altercation, the two divorced. Joel would move into Florita Hernandez's house. At this point, Cristina met another teenager named Wilfred Culver. The two became romantically involved with eachother, although Wilfred was several days older than her.


Shortly after becoming an adult, Cristina and Zeke moved out of the house and moved into a houseboat. Cristina would go off to Sims University and get her degree in Business. While there, she, like her father, had several affairs while still dating Wilfred. After getting an A degree, she returned to Isla Paradiso, where she broke up with Wilfred to date another sim. However, she would eventually dump that sim after witnessing him cheating on her. After pursuing a Criminal career, she rekindled her romance with Wilfred.

While this was happening, Zeke became involved with a man named Kurtis Cunningham. The two would be engaged. Cristina found Kurtis important: She was going to use him to assist in murdering her father.

Murder of Joel DarkEdit

Cristina had decided to lock Joel in her house and attack him in revenge for his actions against her mother. However, Cristina and Zeke were unable to lure him into their house. After Kurtis moved in, he began to socialize with Joel. He successfully attracted him to the house, where he was locked in a room. After getting attacked by her daughter, he was left in the room without food or water for a couple days. The plan had to be accelerated when Cristina would get arrested at her job. She had a fire started at the lot, and Joel died in the blaze. 

Cristina and Wilfred would later move out the house and get married. Shortly before moving to Setra, they would concieve their only child, Emerson.

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