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Wonda Crosby resides alone in Riverview. She lives on 750 Old Farm Road. She only has two friends outside of her family: George Dean (her friend) and Fatima Simovitch (her best friend). She has three skill points in both cooking and fishing, two in charisma and painting, and one in gardening and athletic. She has a great relationship with all of her family members. Her bio states that she misses her "youth years," which in result can be why she wears old-fashioned clothes and lives in an older house, which she built up with help from Fatima, when they both became grown-ups. Wonda doesn't visit Fatima as much as she did in there childhood and teen years, but they still try to keep in contact and visit once in a while. It is possible that Wonda will became romantically interested or have a marital relationship with George Dean. This may be in result of them being friends. Wonda has no known grandparents. Her parents are Nelli Kiki and Guss Crosby, whom Wonda gets along with well. Her and her family aren't related to Odin or Heather Crosby, as can be proven by looking at the family tree in-game. One last fact is Wonda will later change her name to Wonda Kiki-Norm-Crosby, which she does in her late adult years to mid elder years. It is unknown if someone she knows has the last name Norm or she just wants a name change.