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Daniel's Delusions
Name: Daniel's Delusions
Genre: Romance/Drama
Created by: JasonThePlum
Rating: N/A
Number of chapters: 4

Original run: September 2013
Status: Evolve

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Daniel's Delusions is a fan-fiction fanon created and owned by JasonThePlum. The Fanon is based around Daniel Pleasant and his repetitive crushes and relationships.

Chapter 1: The Housekeeper Edit

Daniel had finished work at his new job at the business towers. As he opened the door, he seen his daughter Angela with her report card. She got an A+. Daniel gave her a great hug and smiled at Mary-Sue, who was cooking Angela and Daniel's all time favourite dinner - spaghetti with meatballs. Lilith wasn't so pleased with her sisters report as she got a D. Daniel and Mary-Sue didn't even dare to look at her report card. "Angie, Angie, well done. I knew you could do it." Daniel told Angela. "I've been arranging out this .. little present for you, but you can only have it when your 17." "Okay, Dad...

Later that evening, Daniel was sorting out Angela's surprise. Mary-Sue came to the door and asked him if he needed anything, he shook his head, and that's when it all turned true about what he'd said to Kaylynn...

"I love you so much Kaylynn. More than Mary-Sue. One day it will just be us - No more of Mary's nonsense"

"Daniel?! Daniel!! Wake up, wake up. What's the matter?" Daniel woke up and seen Mary shocked. "You've been dreaming for the last 6 minutes. Is there something wrong?"

"N-no I'm fine, I've just been dreaming.." Daniel said tiredly. "I think I'm gonna have to fire Kaylynn and get you a butler to look after you in the daytime, meanwhile you get medical health." "I JUST SAID I'M FINE ALRIGHT... *sigh* I'm sorry."

2 hours later Mary-Sue and Daniel wake up and head to the kitchen to make breakfast.

"Sit there darling, whilst I make you toast." Mary-Sue demanded Daniel in the nicest possible way. "Fine then, I'll rest.."

Chapter 2: Legitimate BusinessEdit

It has been a while now and Daniel has got a Psychiatrist to look after him and Mary-Sue has quit her job and opened up a Cake Store at home to look after Daniel.

"Hello." A customer said.

"Hi there, what would you like. There's Strawberry Pavlova, a Multi-Simmionare Cheesecake and my personal favourite Eton Mess," Mary-Sue greeted the tall lady, "Hang on.. I recognise you.."

"Name's Kaylynn, Kaylynn Langerak .. former maid . I would like to see Daniel. Kaylynn barged past Mary-Sue to get to Daniel.

"Hello Baby.." Daniel said, "Do you wanna hang out tonight?"

"Sure .. but .. how will we hang out without your wife knowing?" Kaylynn contradicted Daniel

"Easy. Me and Mary-Sue go to bed at 10:00. All I have to do is sneak out half-an-hour later. Daniel diabolically stated.

Chapter 3: Cheater!Edit

That night Daniel couldn't stop thinking about what time to get up at. It was already 10:23 and she wasn't asleep. The time came at 10:49. He left the house in a hurry and left the door unlocked. He met Kaylynn there.

She was wearing a long velvety gold dress with a purple flower in her hair. Her eyes were beautiful. Daniel could not stop thinking about her.

"Good evening" said the waiter "May I take your orders?"

"I would like a .. um .. I'll have Spaghetti with meatballs and sauce, please. Kaylynn replied to the waiter

"And I'll have a Chef Special.

Back at Daniel's house, Mary-Sue had woken up and saw that her husband wasn't there. She went into the bathroom, kitchen, Angela and Lilith's room and half-way down the street. She thought that he sleepwalked somewhere. Then suddenly she seen Daniel sitting down at the restaurant. She went to see him but she hadn't yet noticed Kaylynn behind the plant right next to the window.

"Daniel, Why in the heavens di- What's Kaylynn doing here?" Mary-Sue angrily snapped

"Um.." Daniel didn't know what to say, he only knew what not to say.

"YOU'VE BEEN CHEATING ON ME - WITH OUR FORMER MAID" Mary-Sue slapped her husband in a furious way.

"That's it. Get out of my Restaurant NOW. Before you cause any more trouble." The restaurant owner yelled.

By the next morning, Angela and Lilith found out, Daniel got kicked out and moved to Kaylynn's new house and Angela rarely visits her dad anymore.

Chapter 4: Mischievous behavior Edit

It has been 6 months ever since the affair happened. Kaylynn ended up breaking up with him and he is in a new home. Lilith and Angela were going to visit Daniel in his new home at Christmas with his new pregnant wife.

"Ding, Dong" the doorbell went, Daniel opened the door. Angela and Lilith were there. They gave their dad a huge embrace. They really missed their dad a lot more than they thought.

"DAD! It's been a LONG time ever since I've seen you!" Angela cried. "Can I see the baby's bedroom."

"Follow me.." He replied.

Angela looked up from the floor. She could see a beautiful canopy over a wooden crib. She thought it was fantastically designed. Lilith even thought it was pretty.

"Daniel, Angela, Lilith, 'Dinners ready" Nina shouted.

"Love, what did I say. I would do the dinner you need to relax!

They all sat down and ate their roast together. Angela had a text from Mary-Sue stating that you have to be out of their house by 2:00pm, Mary-Sue hated the children near him. She didn't reply..

It was 2:00pm Daniel said goodbye to the girls and kissed them on the cheek. They waved goodbye to Nina but they made the choice of not going home, and running away..

Chapter 5: The Homeless Man Edit

Angela and Lilith ran up the hills of Pleasantview and looked down at the wonderful view, Angela got out her phone and took a picture of the view and Lilith started to make the fire. They were camping there for the night.

"This wood won't light for some reason." Lilith groaned to Angela

"Geez, did you never take one of those nature lessons last year which Mr. Goth would teach us?" Angela replied

"I ended up staying in the girls' bathroom for the whole lesson. It was either that or fall asleep."

Angela started to collect heather for them to sleep on for the night. She was in luck and found some bracken as well. They ate some blueberries and raspberries and kept the fire going on until bedtime. They fell asleep and while they were asleep their mum kept on worrying about them. She eventually called the police but no news of her children being found were sent. Angela and Lilith were woken up by the sound of an old homeless man calling at 10.00pm.

Chapter 6: The CopsEdit

"Excuse me, but aren't you two a little young to be out here, all on your own? You might get caught by curfew." the stranger asked.

"We're 16 and a half to be exact, grandpa!" Lilith grumpily replied

"Sorry about her, she's grumpy once she's woken up by someone." Angela apologised to the man, Lilith gave a stern look at the old man.

"Oh crap, get down, GET DOWN!" the stranger whispered to them. the police were looking for the twins.

"Why are you telling us to duck down?" Angela asked

"Well.. I've had a bad history of kidnapping children so if they see me and you two near me. I'm bound to be sent to jail again" the man told them part of what happened in the story.

The police, FBI and CIA were looking for dead corpses around the area they went a bit further away from them luckily so they ran as fast as they could to the next bush. They managed to run all the way to Dustin's house and they stayed there for the night. Dirk was away so Lilith couldn't tell him the news. Dustin made the choice of going too. He didn't tell his mum even though it would put pressure on his mum. they both had an apple and the stranger had a cup of tea and talked to Brandi. They really liked each other, they kissed and slept together that night.

Chapter 7: The Car Accident Edit

Dustin, Angela and Lilith woke up after hearing a large bang. It was the police, FBI and CIA who'd knocked down the door. Brandi woke up and persuaded the police that they weren't here. Meanwhile, Dustin, Angela and Lilith jumped out of the window and escaped. The Police opened the door and there was not a human in sight. A fellow chief asked,

"Didn't you used to have a teen son?"

"Uhm, yeah, but... he ran away as well you see. I've been worrying about him all night" Brandi stated

"Well we'll be looking for him too, and... Sorry about your door, we'll get someone to fix it," the chief said, apologetically, "Goodbye."

The stranger jumped out of bed, Brandi was paranoid about her son gone missing. Meanwhile at Daniel's house Nina went missing.

"Nina, love, where are you," Daniel was calling out on the streets. She had 3 unanswered calls and 10 unanswered texts Daniel started to worry. Daniel walked across the Pleasantview Bridge and looked for her there, from a distant height. Then he walked up the hills of Pleasantview and it led him to a road with a wrecked car with a lorry which collided with it. The car looked like his Jalopy. He approached the car and seen his wife in the car and with blood all over her, he also seen Angela and Lilith in the back. Lilith had a large bruise on her head and Angela had a broken arm.

"LILITH. ANGELA, WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!" Daniel shouted which was continued with sobs and tears. He called 123 (The emergency crew) and they rushed to the wrecked car. They cut the roof open and then Daniel seen Mary-Sue running over, she hugged Daniel and cried into Daniel's winter sweater. Then Daniel seen another family run over. It was the lorry driver's family. They bursted with tears once the Paramedic found out that he didn't make it, Daniel felt sorry for them... Suddenly a gunshot was heard from a couple of yards down the road. The police ran over to see what had happened. The wife of the lorry driver had shot herself in the head. The police closed the roads off and cleaned up the dead corpses. Angela, Lilith and Nina were rushed to hospital and people started to come out of their homes and see Daniel and Mary-Sue and cheer them up.