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Daniel is a sim living in Riverview with his new wife Ruby and daughter Blanca.

He is my sim from my Legacy Challenge

Young AdultEdit

When Daniel become a YA he decided to start a new life. So he moved to Riverview to start his life.

When he moved he got a job in the Military Base and he started practising sports.

One day when he was going home from work he knew Ruby Broke, they deeply fall in love and 

they knew the have to get married, and so they do one week later.

Everyone who assisted was very happy for them


One day after the wedding Ruby told Daniel that she was pregnant, Daniel got very exited and he swear to Ruby that he will protect her and the baby.

3 days later Ruby went in labor while sleeping and Daniel started panicking. Ruby told him to calm down.

A couple of hours later, Ruby gave birth to a baby girl named Blanca.