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Name: Darkwood
Genre: Horror/Mystery
Created by: DarthCookie Talk
Rating: Teen/Mature

Status: Under Construction

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Darkwood, a mysterious and secretive neighborhood, the inhabitants who have resided there for years are unique but weird. Darkwood is not your average neighborhood. If anything, its not ordinary at all, so many weird places in it.


This fanon is no where near complete. The storyline is still in development, the characters are still being created is CAS and their houses are still being built and re-built. I don't know how many chapters this fanon will have, but it will be more than 15.--DarthCookie Talk 23:28, September 13, 2011 (UTC)



In the town of Darkwood, people have disappeared, people have lost track of time while wandering around in the Incarnate Forest, people have moved in one house only to move out the next morning. The town of Darkwood was founded in 1693, around the time witches were still being hunted down and burned on the stake, it was a small, yet bustling town even back then. But then, more people were superstitious and believed in the supernatural. Back then, not as many people went missing, but the ones who did were believed to have been sent to the Devil's Playground, now known as the Incarnate Forest. In 1715, some of the local houses burned down in the night, when the heavy sleepers awoke, they saw nothing but burning blazes and bright infernos. They couldn't find the bodies of anyone who had been killed in the fire. They saw that the spirits still haunt the land on which new houses were built.

The main library located in the Cherryrot section of Darkwood holds much of the lands history, who owned the houses that didn't burn down, exactly when the houses were built and much more. But the council of the library refuses to release any of what they called "sensitive details". They say that its for privacy, but what can dead people do with privacy.

Many people have moved in and out of Darkwood over the years. Not many people stay, but the ones who do stay, they stay for 30 or more years. The locals say that if you stay in one of the houses past 2 days, the spell will suck you in and you will have to stay there. And the next chance you will get to leave is in another 30 years. That's why barely anyone stays for more than a couple of hours. Darkwood's history is a history that is buried by deceit, murders, lies and secrets. Secrets that were held by promises back in the 1900s. Secrets that have never been released to this day.

Present DayEdit

In our time now, a Sim with a mission that is unknown finally realizes her true self and gets started on her own path in Darkwood, moving there when she was 17. Her name is Mehanna, Mehanna L'Dawkins. Her past is mostly unknown by the people that reside in the town, one thing they notice off the top is her introvert personality and her tendency to avert certain people's eyes.

Note: Under construction.


Mehanna L'DawkinsEdit

Mehanna is the main character in the story of Darkwood, she is 19 years old and came to Darkwood when she was 17. She strives to uncover its buried history. Even against the threatening warnings of the inhabitants of Darkwood, Mehanna refuses to give up. Darkwood was the last place her mother lived in, and after that she never saw her mother again.

Carisia MakelleEdit

Carisia is Mehanna's best friend, they've been friends since Kindergarten. Carisia moved to Darkwood a couple of years before Mehanna did, she came to Darkwood when she was 18, Carisia knows some of the secrets they have hidden and locked away in Darkwood. But Carisia wants to know more before she presents all of it to Mehanna.

Malcolm KylenEdit

Malcolm is Carisia's co-worker, with whom she is having an affair with. Malcolm is 21 and moved to Darkwood when was 15. He's always hated the place, but something won't let him leave it. His mother and aunt brought him to Darkwood when they didn't want to live in the hideous Downtown area anymore. But now they wonder if it was a good idea bringing him here. The physical changes he is undergoing are nothing in comparison to the mental changes.

Alex CardingEdit

Alex is

==Brinna Luther--

Tyler JanosEdit

Varese IrisEdit


Brigher (bry-ger)Edit

The Brigher section of Darkwood is where the less fortunate people reside. It is not a poor area, nor is it a wealthy area. Just in between.


Cherryrot is the main area for action, entertainment and it is the life of the neighborhood. Cherryrot is the main attraction for newcomers or visitors to the little quaint town. Although, it is not the safest place around, just don't roam around this part after dark.

Red OakEdit

Red Oak has to be one of the wealthiest (if not the most wealthy) parts of Darkwood. All of the local celebrities and people having medium fortunes dwell in this part of Darkwood. Red Oak is the safest place in Darkwood.

Malice (may-lis)Edit

Malice is one of the creepiest and spookiest parts of Darkwood. Hence its name. This area is where the creepiest people reside. When you enter this area, its like you've entered a completely different dimension. Some people say if you hang around this area too long, you will become "a part of the darkness".

Incarnate ForestEdit

Before it was the Incarnate Forest, it was the Devil's Playground. No one dares to go into this area of town unless they are with a large group of people and then some. This area is the scariest place in Darkwood, people avoid it at all costs. The "citizens of the dark" linger in this area.