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Name: Darling
Genre: Horror
Rating: Mature
Number of chapters: Unknown

Status: In Production

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So, I don't plan on starting this yet, but I may as well begin explaining my idea for this Fanon now, and I will appreciate any comments that you leave. Anything is helpful!

Main CharactersEdit

Agnes Crumplebottom: A lonely young woman, Agnes worries that she will never find another man after Erik died. She longs to feel affection for someone, to find true love. But how is it that she still longs with every fiber in her body to be with Erik Darling. She is stunning and charming, many a man have been attracted to her. But soon enough she realizes that Erik can't be replaced by anyone in Sunset Valley. Could this lead to a somewhat... deadly consequence?

Erik Darling: Erik drowned on his honeymoon with Agnes... the only thing is that his death wasn't an accident. He speaks to Agnes in her sleep, laying down beside her every night as she sleeps, listening to her heart beat, listening to her breathe. He worries that she might be taking things too far when he tells her to move on. Is it possible for his young bride to get over him?

Holly Alto: Holly Alto is a young, ambitious woman, who dreams to become famous working as a Forensic Analyst. She is just out of her teen years, but she can't wait to start working. She just wishes her parents would see the light... Her artistic talent may just lead her to an amazing destiny, something she hopes to achieve with her best friend, roommate, and partner Bebe. Is it pure coincidence that the two girls' first case has to deal with the murders and disappearances of men around town? Or has the boss just put two expendable officers in a position that might risk their security?

Bebe Hart: Bebe is an extremely talented girl who dreams of one day becoming an amazing Agent. She doesn't appreciate all the technology that comes with her profession, but so is life. Her awesome best friend, Holly, joined as well to prove that she won't be all bad because she's the daughter of a two corrupt tycoons. Bebe as well wants to prove that she won't be just like her parents. Lucky enough they got to be partners, right? But will these girls have it rough now that their first case together is enough to pull their hair out?