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Dawn of The Sims
Name: Dawn of The Sims
Genre: Horror
Created by: ColinThePanda, AsherÉire
Number of chapters: 15 entries

Original run: August 12th 2012
Status: Finished

Preceded by: Dawn of The Sims
Succeeded by: Dawn of The Sims (page 3)

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Dawn of The Sims is a fan fiction created by ColinThePanda. This is the second page of Dawn of The Sims. This story is supposed to be like a blog by the sim who goes by the name Jason. Jason is a survivor of a recent zombie outbreak that has infected the whole of Simnation! Jason will meet other survivors, who can also add stuff on to Jason's "blog".Jason will be telling stories about Jason's travels through Pleasantview and his expirences.

Rules of adding a new blogEdit

  • Only add a new blog once a new survivor has been introduced.
  • Only one person per survivor.
  • You must ask me before adding a part

Known SurvivorsEdit

Week 2, Day 6, 16:23, August 19th, JasonEdit

Some crazy stuff happened yesterday. Lilith talked about how dirty and worn our clothes are getting, so we all decided to head out over to 330 Main Street. They had recently built a toy store there so I thought that we could even get nice toy to keep Lucy entertained.

Nothing to bad happened on the way there. We all thought that these things were getting dumber and slower. I guarded Lucy but I also had my pistol ready. Angela's wrist still wasn't perfect. We all got there ok, we only had to kill about 2 of those things. I really think I should give a name to them instead of calling the things. I'll call them walkers. It makes sense right? They walk about and stuff.

We finally arrived at the clothes store and got some nice, fresh clothes. The shop seemed pretty empty. We were about to walk over to a the toy shop but Lucy already spotted a teddy bear she wanted. She told me her parents were going to get her it when they had the time. It was a very cute bear, I think she named it Tiaha or something like that? Anyways, Angela was about to get the toy for her. It was high on a display shelf and Angela couldn't reach so she had to climb up the shelves. It made a feroucious creeking sound, it doesn't sound nor look very sturdy.

While waiting for Angela to get the bear, we all heard a chilling groaning noise. It wasn't human. We all stood still with the hairs on our neck up high. During this awkward silence, the shelves couldn't take it anymore and Angela landed straight on her backside. Then suddenly, a walker charged through a clothes rack! Liltih,Dirk and I started firing whilst Angela shielded little Lucy.

We all discussed how those things were getting smarter. We realised that we had to change our scavenging times. The walkers were beginning to realise our routine. We were so wrong about those things getting dumber.

So remember, don't always doubt in something, or it could come straight in your face and prove you otherwise, literally! -Jason

Week 3, Day 2, 21:53, August 22nd, AngelaEdit

People often have dim moments. Dirk had a very big dim moment. He had been up in the attic of our base and he found a guitar. Dirk is a guitarist, so he started playing. It was quite a heavy song, which I heard before. I asked him what it was called.

"Bodies, by Drowning Pool" he answered

"You idiot..." I said before storming off. I could tell he was thinking briefly, before I heard his response:

"Oh crap! Angie! I'm so sorry!" I just shook my head and left.

My hand's somewhat improving. I can use a fork and such, but I wouldn't be able to use a gun. The recoil could damage my hand further- and that's the last thing I need.

It's weird having Jason as a vampire- but I'm certain there's a cure. I heard there was a vampire in Deadtree, Strangetown. She had been dead since the 1850s, I think. It's a shame she couldn't have stayed as a vamp for a couple more weeks, before the virus broke out in Strangetown. She may have still been alive, and she may have helped Jason, if she made it to Pleasantview.

Everything is so empty. I told Jason I needed to go back to my place, just to collect something super important to me.

It was a picture of Dustin and I from last year, We looked so happy together. He didn't deserve to die that way.

No one deserves to die like this.


Week 3, Day 2, 22:09, August 22nd, JasonEdit

Lilith and Dirk began to explore the house a little. They discovered the attic and found some pretty neat stuff. However, I do regret having them explore the house.

Dirk found a guitar. Apparently he can play it. He plugged it into an amp and started playing loudly. I could here from all the way downstairs! Anyways, I think that was a terrible idea! The noise was too loud! I think it's attracted the walkers. I'm scared. I'll have to tell everyone to prepare. They may think I'm crazy but they will listen to me, the walkers are coming.

I've got a new weapon by the way. My nails have apparently grown into claws of sorts. Lilith told me it's part of being a daywalker vampire. It was finally revealed that I am actually a vampire! It's crazy! I'm immune to the walkers! If vampires are immune to the apocalypse then maybe there's a vampire base. Or maybe the walkers ate the vampires. Who knows?

Ok, so I'm going to prepare fro this horde. I know it's coming, I can feel the walkers march over to our base in my bones! -Jason

Week 3, Day 2, 22:11, August 22nd, DirkEdit

Well, this apocalypse is turning into one of those games my Dad and I played a lot to get my Mother's death out of my head, I think it was called Left 4 Dead 2....

Yeah, that's it, I loved that game, I always picked Ellis and my Dad picked Coach, and we would put it on Expert so we could see who can get to the Safe Room first, when we were near death and heard the Tank theme we nearly soiled our pants in fear! Haha! Those were the days!

But now, my Dad is dead, I am an orphan with no place to go, I knew this would happen ever since I saw my Mother burned in flames years ago! I can't even hold a Molotov because I am that freaked out by fire, Darleen Rose Dreamer....RIP Darleen, your son will fight for your love.

Well, I can hear the horde coming, I don't want to go out like my Father and die unprepared...-DD (Dirk Dreamer)

Week 3, Day 2, 22:15, August 22nd, AngelaEdit

Dirk got really freaked out earlier. It was Lilith dropping an old chair upstairs. I'm sure he nearly peed himself in fright.

The horde's still out there, hiding. Jason's agreed to be a decoy and run for the hills, allowing us to escape. They won't catch him. He's set a huge explosive trap in the Goth house. We scouted it out earlier and no one was home.

And I'm just sitting here, looking at the picture of Dustin and I and feeling nostalgic for those days.

What couldn't I give to see his cute smile again?

I feel colder- emotionless, even. I don't feel like the same Angela Pleasant who fainted at the sight of blood and did well in school. I feel like the Angela Pleasant who will try to avenge everyone, who couldn't care about the consequences anymore.

Just heard a crash next door. Dirk may have fell out of bed again. He keeps doing that. He's having quite a few nightmares lately. There are so many things that don't make sense at the moment oh my goodness the hordes outside crashing on the doors and walls im waking everyone up this is it we may die if this fails i have full confidence in everyone

Week 3, Day 2, 22:15, August 22, LucyEdit


I don't want to die, today is my birthday, I'm 9 in a couple of hours. I'm not scared though, I have Thea with me.

I'm with Angie and she's looking at a picture of some boy. I think his name is Dustin, I've seen him before, I think he's the brother of my old friend Beau. I hope he is ok. His mom just had a baby.

Oh! I think I heard a crash! Time to go.

I will write as soon as I can Didi, Thea and I will be ok, so will Angie, Jason, Dirk, and Lilith, I know it!


Week 3, Day 2, 22:19, August 22, JasonEdit

I'm prepared. There's loads of them out there, more than I ever expected. I never knew so many people lived in Pleasantview! Anyways, I better go and do this.


It's done! I'm safe. I don't know how I pulled it off! Everyone thought I was dead, but I'm alive and well! It's a shame to see the Goth house go down though, it would've made a good base, but Lucy is comfy here, but not for long.

I totally forgot! While out, I found another survivor. Dina Caliente. She was outside being mauled by walkers. She's beone of those by now if never popped the old mans head off. It's good to have another adult about. she told me how her sister didn't want to be with her anymore, how she just kicked her out of the house. How could one be so mean to their family? I wish I could've had a sibling. I was a really lonely child.

Anyways, I'm so glad it's over and that Lucy's safe. Well, not just Lucy, everyone! But we have one problem; we cannot stay here. The walkers know who we are and they know where we are. We have to move base. We have to leave town.

{C}You may be thinking "how?" Well, I got here via a car. A fully functional and working car! It can hold 7 people. I don't know I'll break to everyone, but we have to. We'll also have to armor the veihicle. We could take some metal household objects, such as the stove, and tear them up into scrap pieces to put on the car.

I should discuss how I did what I done. Well, I got all of the walker's attention. the suckers fell for it. I led them to the goth house. With my new found speed, I was getting impatient waiting for the walkers to walk towards the Goth house. Once they were there, I dashed away and pressed the button on the detonater. They all blew up and that's the problem. That explosion will attract walkers from miles!

Anyways, I'm going to pack right now and break the news to everyone. Dina seems to be getting along with the kids. She can relax now, and not have to worry. Everything will be fine. -Jason

Same day, AngelaEdit

Dia Duit (Irish, I've been learning a little, it means "hello")

Well, Jason's news didn't go down well with Lilith. She started shouting at everyone for coming up with a flawed plan. Dirk tried to calm her down but got hit in the mouth.

He didn't lose any teeth, but the look on his face and in his eyes made me die inside a little.

Poor guy, he legged it upstairs. Everyone followed. Lilith pushed me out of the way and I slipped down the stairs a little. I pulled the bannister off the wall.

Everyone stood back as Lilith wrapped her arms around Dirk. She whispered in his ear and the shock on his face was... really, well, shocking.

It must have been big. They didn't tell anyone else.

We've just finished packing up, so it's now bye-bye before we pack up this computer.

Slán agat.


Week 3, Day 3, 9:01, August 23, LucyEdit


We are all moving out of our base. I'm sad to leave here, but I know we will be safer away from here.

Angie is kinda scaring me because she's been saying things in pig Latin. She calls it Irish. Lilith is also scaring me, I know she's good, I just hope she doesn't have a baby in her belly. Daddy said when mommy had a baby in her belly, she would be mean sometimes. Mommy lost the baby a few months ago.

Jason brought a new person onto our group, Dina. My mommy told me about her and her sister. She sounds like Uncle Danny. Antie Mary Sue never found out about him and the maid. I told you I was smart Didi!

I tried to obey mommy by avoiding her, but she turns out to be really nice.

I hope we don't go too far from the toy store. Thea can talk to her other teddy friends using her special teddy mind powers.

I think Dirk might like like Dina a little.


PS: I'm 9 now.

Week 3, Day 3, 13:48, August 23, AngelaEdit

I hate road trips. I get travel sick. Dirk doesn't look too good. He looks like he's got a lot on his mind.

Dirk's not usually quiet. Something's really bugging him.

We've set up shop a few miles outside Strangetown. We're going to search for some more resources and continue further.

Try and find more survivors- if we can.

I miss my parents. I miss Dustin.

This virus has eradicated everyone I love.

I don't know how much more of this I can take.


Week 3, Day 3, 13:51, August 23rd, JasonEdit

We've finally had a break. My legs were killing me from sitting down for so long. Dina said that she would drive. Me and Lucy sat right at the back whilst Dirk, Angela and Lilith all sat in the middle. We're a few miles away from Strangetown. Our food is starting to go stale so it'd probably be a good idea for us to get more. We've still got enough alright food to last for a few days. We'll be fine.

While driving on the way here, Lucy told me something. It's her birthday. I was really quite upset. If only she could of told me sooner. I will try and find something for her today, maybe I'll find something in the houses of Strangetown. I don't think Strangetown will be that bad. It may have been the source of the virus but it's not a very populated town. Oh, and it's in the middle of nowhere!

We've gathered some resources from some wrecked things. Yes, things. I don't know what they are but I think they may be parts off of UFOs but that sounds crazy! I really should start believing in more supernatural stuff. I mean, I'm a vampire!

Maybe there'll be a kid in Strangetown. I think that'd be a good birthday present for her. A friend that's around the same age as her. Lucy's been quite lonely. Her only friend she can really relate to is Thea. I think she'd be really happy if she found a friend.

Right, I better go now. I have to do some stuff. Until next time. -Jason

Week 3, Day 3, 23:49, August 23rd, AngelaEdit

Well, this was different. Another survivor. And I knew him.

Ripp. He had shot himself in the foot. When we found him, he said he came back to find his older brother and father. No trace behind.

He said an alien family lived next door to him. He left his younger brother with them, and they were taken off the planet. That's good, because no more young lives will be taken anymore. He said his friend's family and girlfriend were evacuated before the virus was properly unleashed.

He's saying there's a high chance it was deliberate.

So, to sum up the our group:

Me, with the half broken hand.

Lilith, who is quite irritable now

Dirk, who has been really, really quiet lately

Jason, who's a vampire...

Lucy, who's far to young for this.

Dina, who I don't like.

And Ripp, who's clumsy enough to shoot himself in the foot.

But he's got some fighting spirit. It's amazing what he knows about this virus. He said the walkers in Pleasantview are actually weaker than the Strangetown walkers. He says the further the virus drifts from its source, the less effective it is.

He said he got to Veronaville. Practically no one even knew about the virus. Then he returned to find people. And he found us.

It's our only hope. Ripp is probably the only living person who knows all the technical details about this virus.

Ripp's camped out in the same room as Lucy and I. He's wimpering like a puppy in his sleep. Aww.

Slán agat.

~Angela <3

Week 3, Day 3, 23:54, August 23rd, JasonEdit

Why... WHY!? She's just a child! We have to help her! She was supposed to be saved! They forgot their own daughter! She's out there, screaming for them. We must help her! How could they forget her? We thought no more young souls would be harmed. We were wrong...

...We just brought her in. She's safe now. We won't forget about her. Now that that's over, I can tell you some more happy news. I found some nice toys for Lucy, even a cake. We even managed to throw a mini surprise party for her. She looked really happy. She looks even more happy now that shes got a friend.

The girls name is Jill. She is half alien. Lucy may be happy but Jill sure isn't. It's not right. How could they forget? She's telling her story right now. She was away, and her parents didn't make sure that everyone was there. We'll have to somehow send a signal to get them back here.

The new boy, Ripp, says there's an observatory. No crap, it's huge! I can see it from here. Maybe their space ship will be able to take little Lucy away as well, but do I really want to send her with some strangers? But she'd be safe! We'll prepare to go to the observatory in a few hours maybe. We'll see how it goes. I'm sure we'll be able to send the little girl back to her parents. I sure hope so. -Jason

Week 3, Day 4, 07:23, August 24th, AngelaEdit

Aw jeez. Ripp's been here less than 12 hours and he's already raging. His best friend left his younger sister behind. Who would do such a crappy thing?

He was so angry, he was shaking. I've noticed Ripp can only confide in me. He told me the aliens are a picky type, and they were reluctant to take Johnny's mom, Johnny's girlfriend, and Ripp's brother because they had no alien heritage. In the time Johnny's dad was trying to negotiate, Jill had run off and hidden. And that's how we found her.

The aliens won't come back. Not until every trace of the virus is gone. Unless we could go somewhere untouched by the disease.

Ripp and Dirk have bonded well. Ripp is like the brother Dirk never had, and vice versa. Ripp's older brother would always beat him up.

I just can't get Ripp off my mind, no matter how hard I try.

~Angela <3

Week 3, Day 4, 21: 42, August 24th, LucyEdit


Things have been going great! Except in the car, I got stuck in the middle of the between Angie, who was throwing her guts up, and Dina, who smells like expensive perfume that the ladys at the mall spray on you, at least it took away the smell from Angie's puke.

Thea found a toy store close enough to use her teddy mind powers and talk to other teddys.

We went to Strangetown and got 2 new people in the group! I will call us the Elive Eight! (I know you don't spell alive like that, but it looks better). A little girl named Jill joined the group. Her daddy is an alien, but she's not! So is her brother! She said she looks like her mommy. She's kinda quiet. Ripp also joined. He shot himself in the foot, Angie patched him up though. I think Angie might like like Ripp a little.

Jason got me cake for my birthday yesterday. He also found a new dress for Thea and a Princess Patty Dolley! Patty and Thea are getting along very well! I gave Jill Princess Patty, so we can have tea parties, it would be better if we found tea. Water works great too!

I get to share a room with Angie, Ripp and Jill! Jill and I share a bed with Princess Patty and Thea! It's so much fun!

We are heading off to a town called Veronaville. The walkers are supposed to be not as bad there.

I still hope Lillith doesn't have a baby in her belly.

I will write ASAP. It's thundering out now so it's hard to write.

Night, Night, Don't Let The Walkers Bite!


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