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Dawn of The Sims
Name: Dawn of The Sims
Genre: Horror
Created by: ColinThePanda, AsherÉire
Number of chapters: 24 entries

Original run: August 13th 2012
Status: Finished

Preceded by: Dawn of The Sims (page 2)
Succeeded by: Dawn of The Sims (page 4)

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Dawn of The Sims is a fan fiction created by ColinThePanda. This is the third page of Dawn of The Sims. This story is supposed to be like a blog by the sim who goes by the name Jason. Jason is a survivor of a recent zombie outbreak that has infected the whole of Simnation! Jason will meet other survivors, who can also add stuff on to Jason's "blog".Jason will be telling stories about Jason's travels through Pleasantview and his expirences.

Rules of adding a new blogEdit

  • Only add a new blog once a new survivor has been introduced.
  • Only one person per survivor.
  • You must ask me before adding a part

Known SurvivorsEdit

Week 3, Day 4, 12:32, August 25th, AngelaEdit


I'm here with Jill and Lucy. All the others are out, scavenging. And I can't stop thinking about him... I don't want him to go like Dustin did. That would kill me completely.

I'm quite worried about Lilith. She doesn't seem the same. I don't know what's up. I feel Dirk's feeling the same way about it- extremely anxious. No one knows what going on...

Lucy and Jill are like best friends for life now. They're too innocent to be exposed to this violence.

I was talking to Ripp last night, and he said he saw someone decapitated right before his eyes. He says he hasn't felt the same since. I told him I used to faint at the sight of blood. Now I have to live with it.

3 weeks, and we're all different people. I've become more violent, more prone to hit someone if they have a go at me. Before, I used to negotiate in the most non-violent way possible.

I've already punched Jason and Dirk, and kicked a wall so hard I made a hole in it.

Using my hand is now manageable. I've been given a gun, and my accuracy isn't half bad.

I can't figure out how Jill managed to survive 3 weeks on her own.

I really am struggling to keep my mind off Ripp. I wonder if he feels the same way.

Only time will tell.

~Angela <3

Week 3, Day 4, 15:10, August 25th, JasonEdit

NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!!! Why!? We were going to be safe! I promised everyone that no one will turn but I broke that promise!!

We were out scavenging, it was just the usual! This couldn't have happened. Ripp was right. The walkers here, they're much tougher and much more intelligent! Why... this is all my fault. I shouldn't have let Dirk go on his own. He should have stayed with us! He shouldn't have wandered, he just shouldn't. Those things were hiding . Waiting. Just like at the clothes store, except that this one was very well hidden. I was so mad that I killed it with my bare hands. Ripp had to stop me from mashing it's brain into pieces. I should've continued.

Lucy and Jill are frightened. We've brought him home. Maybe we can fix him? We must! He's just a kid, he doesn't deserve this. I can't take this anymore. This is horrible, but I must survive. For Lucy, and now Jill. Speaking of Jill, her parents couldn't come back. The aliens won't return until this virus is completely iradicated. I can imagine how Jill's parents must have felt. I would be devastated. It'd be much worse than having a friend bitten from this...

...BUT WAIT. I'm a vampire... I'm immune! I could help him! But he might not be a daywalker like me, but at least he'd be a not as bad monster. Should I bite him!? What will I do!?!? -Jason

Week 3, Day 4, 16:01, August 25th, AngelaEdit

I can't believe how stupid this is! Dirk got savaged and there's a chance he could turn. Jason started going on about this theory of turning him into a vampire, but Ripp pointed out walkers aren't affected by vamps.

Then Ripp pointed out that, for more serious transformations, if two different types of blood made contact, the new blood would take over.

So, if Jason cut himself with a knife and smeared the blood onto Dirk's wounds, the walker process should reverse...

Ripp told me he would develop vampire-like powers, such as enhanced vision and increased reaction times, but nothing more, since the walker elements will cancel out the fangs and the agility.

Basically, his powers would be similar to those of Spider-Man. Without the webs of course.

When we dragged Dirk back, Lilith was flipping out big time.

I told her about our new theory. Of course, she was sitting there, smoothing his matted hair whilst Jason got ready. She whispered something I only just managed to catch.

"Stay strong, Dirk. Stay strong for our baby." I choked on my water. So, Lilith was pregnant. I was overjoyed for those two.

Then Ripp decided to rain on our parade.

Dirk's new state would be a Sim-walker-vampire hybrid, with the vampire genes restraining the walker genes, but there was a catch.

Finding a cure for the vampirism would neutralise the walker virus as well as the vampire curse.

However, if we don't find a cure for vampirism in an unknown amount of time, Dirk's body will just pack up and die.

This is so messed up.

~Angela <3

Week 3, Day 4, 19:32, August 25th, JasonEdit

I did it. I done what had to be done. I'vr got a big cut along my arm now, but Angela stitched it up. Dirk is safe, for now. The treatment was like a painkiller, it will only last a short while. Dirk must be so frightened. He's got so much going on in his life now.

Angela told me about how Lilith is pregnant. He's lucky that he's going to be a father, but unlucky because this stuff is going on and that he is so young. Maybe by nine months this will all be gone. I sure hope so. Or maybe when we get to Veronaville we will all be OK.

We're packing up for Veronaville right now. We can't stay here for long. The virus is deadly strong that I'm to scared to breathe the air! And I'm immune! I think we'll have to find the Gypsy Matchmaker first though, for Dirk. I've heard about her. She has cures for vampirism or so I've heard.

I've told Dirk about daywalker abilities we may or may not have. Daywalkers are not as powerful as regular vampires. We're still allergic to garlic. We have really sharp fingernails that are like claws. Daywalkers also have hidden fangs. We are still super fast. Finally, we have excellent hearing, strength and scent. I hope Dirk manages to cope. Who knows how long he has before he drops dead.

Lucy and Jill are getting along perfectly. Jill is a bit traumatized though. We will make her survive until the end and return her to her parents. I find it really interesting how she is half alien. She looks 100% human!

I better go now. I think we're heading to the Downtown of Strangetown to see if we can find the lair of the Gypsy Matchmaker. Bye! -Jason

Week 3, Day 4, 19:43, August 25th, Lilith Edit

Being pregnant during a time like this is just about the worst thing possible. I'll be happy with the baby, though.

Jill and Lucy look like good friends and I love children, so it might be nice to have a baby. I'm just worried that the baby will get the virus or something.

I'm frightened for Dirk. He might die and that would leave me alone in a walker-infested SimNation with a baby. I love Dirk. He's fun to be with, though his personality fluctuates a bit. One minute he's happy, then he's angry, then he's quiet.

I miss my family. I miss dad, mum, grandpa Herb and grandma Coral, even Kaylynn! There's so much death going on everywhere, so much violence and horror. I feel sorry for the poor souls that died in this horrifying ordeal.

About an hour ago, I saw Lucy and Jill playing together with their toys. Those girls are lovely. I can't wait to have my baby.

Week 3, Day 5, 16:59, August 16th, AngelaEdit

I've figured out how Jill survived for three weeks on her own... >:-)

She has a secret ability to set fire to anyone she wishes . She is terrified to have this power, but it may explain how she survived.

Everyone's relationship with Jason has soured.

He got really mad about Lilith and her baby, so he had a go at her. And by "get mad", it was like the rage came out of nowhere. It was really strange...

She burst into tears, which is really unlike her.

Why would someone have a rant about something they already knew about? Jason was OK at the time...

I stepped in and told him very calmly to leave Lilith alone. I said it literally one word at a time, like: "Leave. Her. Alone."

Jason then started on me, but I stood my ground.

Then I lost it and started shouted, but I didn't punch him this time.. I felt my eyes starting to tear up, and I think Ripp saw this. He dragged Jason away and really gave it to him, telling him to actually help us, rather than have a go at the smallest thing.

Then Jason said something like: "The smallest thing? This girl is pregnant, and that is the LAST thing we need right now!"

Ripp then backed off and headed back to our room.

I later confronted Lilith to see how she was doing. She had never been so stressed in her life, so I decided to turn the topic into the past.

I asked how long she has been pregnant. She said 3 months. I shot her "when?" look. She told me it was before the outbreak.

It's all so weird right now.

~Angela <3

Week 3, Day 5, 17:11, August 26th, JasonEdit

Ugh, what is the point in me even being here anymore? Everyone hates me! I don't even know why I try. I was happy for Lilith at first, but then I looked up something really sick.

This disease! That baby has a high chaance of being a walker! They just wouldn't listen to me and I lost my patience. I overreacted. I just hope that her baby isn't one of those things, but there has been many cases. It's something to do with a weak toxin from the virus in the air which an under-developed zygote cannot handle! We must leave Strangetown now or the baby will definitely become one of those, and then it'll probably start eating its own mother while in the womb. The kids won't listen to me though. Even Dina was annoyed at me! There goes my chance for romance...

Unfortunately, we never did find the Gypsy Matchmaker. I don't even think there is one in Strangetown. The military has tried to fight back, we found many army veihicles. Most of the force is dead. Such as Ripp's father. I'm really fed up. We just got to leave right now! I don't want that baby to turn. Such a waste of life. We were meant to leave Strangetown ages ago but certain things have been holding us back. We also must find a Gypsy Matchmaker in Veronaville for Dirk! He is prone to death and could collapse at any moment. I don't want anyone else to die.

I'm going to try my luck with everyone again. I might end up with a concussion but it's they're own fault if they don't listen or don't believe me. Wish me luck! -Jason

Week 3, Day 6, 20:48, August 27th, AngelaEdit

I had the weirdest dream last night. I walked into my local CD shop, and they didn't have any Evanescence albums. Then this woman can up to me and said, "You must find Mambo Loa . She has everything you need."

I Googled her. She does exist. Weird. I tried again later. No results. Then she materialised beside me. And fell off my chair in fright!

She said she could help out our situation, but only with one sentence.

I took a deep breath and said:

"Dirk Dreamer will find a vampirism cure, and Lilith Pleasant's child will be unharmed by the virus."

"Consider it done." she said in the most mysterious way possible.

Then I blacked out. When I arose, everyone was completely freaked out. It had gone pitch black outside.

Everyone was soiling themselves. I ran into the living room where Dirk was camped out on the sofa.

He was sitting up.

Was this Mambo Loa stuff real?

I'm not too sure... it might be.

~Angela O.o

Week 3, Day 6, 21:19, August 27th, LucyEdit

Dear Didi,

I'm very scared. It's so dark. Jill is crying and I'm trying to stay strong for mommy and daddy. I have Thea with me, so that's a little better.

Jason has been kind of mean to everyone. I'm afraid to talk to him. Dina has been like a mommy to me.

Lilith has a baby in her belly. Dina told Jill and me that it is called being pregnant. Jill's mommy was a doctor and she taught her how to tell if it's a boy or girl. We have't asked Lilith yet, but we are betting a cookie. If it's a girl Jill and Princess Patty get the cookie. If it's a boy, Thea and I get the cookie. I really have started to become friends with Lilith.

We told Dina, but she said not to waste the cookie on Thea or Princess Patty.

It's hard to write and I hope it gets brighter outside. I'll update you better when it becomes light again.


Week 3, Day 6, 21:22, August 27th, DirkEdit

It is hard to keep up with this blog, both parents are dead, if I die, my family will be history, things are tough, Jill is going to cry her eyes out.

Lilith is going to give birth...that is a start...but I am getting nervous, with Dad gone I feel like nothing....

I need to keep this blog short....for the quietness.-DD (Dirk Dreamer)

Week 3, Day 6, 23:49, August 27th, (Week 28, Day 6, 23:49, March 27th???), AngelaEdit

Okay, something really weird is going on! I woke up and check the date for today. It said 27th March!

What happened to the past 7 months?!?! I punched Ripp in the arm to wake him up, and showed him the date. He freaked out.

We then heard screams from Lilith. Ripp and I burst into the room. She now looked pregnant, and she was giving birth. I told Ripp to stay and ran upstairs to Jason and Dina, screaming "Lilith's giving birth!"

Jason was really confused. "Hasn't it only been two months?"

I shook my head frantically. "It's March 27th- we've skipped ahead 7 months!"

Jason's eyes widened and he ran to Lilith.

We were all so confused!

Lilith gave birth to a little healthy boy with dark blue eyes. They decided to call him Daniel Darren Pleasant-Dreamer, after their fathers. Or simply Danny.

I thought back to Mambo Loa. Maybe she sped up the time to save the baby? Bizarre. We now need to find a cure for Dirk.

At midnight, Ripp and I were just chilling, trying to figure out what the heck just happened. We lost 7 months of our lives, yet, we may not have lived to see the end of August, let alone the end of March.

It went quiet, and I felt my stomach tie itself into knots. I slipped my hand into Ripp's. He was caught off-guard, but his smile said that he was OK with.

Then we shared our first kiss. It was angelic (no pun intended!). I guess I really do live up to my name.

~Angela <33333

Week 3, Day 7, August 28th 09:28Edit

Well that was insane. Angela woke up this morning in an overly happy mood. It's a bit, odd there's nothing to be happy about. She then enthuesiastically went up to Ripp and said "Good morning sunshine!" and pecked him on the cheek. He began to blush a little. Then another strange thing came out of her mouth. "How's Danny?". Everyone looked at her like who? Her sister asked if she was OK and if she needs any help. After that, the cheesy grin on her face slid away.

She told us about a dream, no, a vision, that she had. She said it was so real and now she's confused. She told us about how everything's going to be perfectly fine and how Lilith's baby will be a boy. This is so Strange. Maybe it's the heat of the desert starting to play with her mind? I hope what she says is true. Everyone will survive to see the birth of Lilth's child. One other freaky thing she mentioned was that Dina said during Lilith's birth, "Imagine what'll be like once ours is born," I actually felt quite gleeful from hearing that, in fact so did Dina! I really want to be a father. Now I can't keep my eyes off Dina.

Angela then realised something. Someone was missing in her vision. It was Jill and Lucy! NO! I will never let anyone harm them! They will live to see the child of Lilith Pleasant and Dirk Dreamer! I've made a promise and I will even kill myself if that's what it takes to save them!

Anyways, I should be packing up the last few things for Veronaville. We're heading today for sure! If we wait any longer, that place could become infested! I don't think we have enough seats in the car though so We'll have to squish up a little. Anything for our safety I guess. I think Ripp said that he'll be driving. I guess I could sit next Dina and maybe talk to her a little, get to know her. Until next time! -Jason


I feel like such an idiot right now.

I pecked Ripp on the cheek, and I asked about Danny.


Everyone probably thinks I mental, but I'm 100% sure that was a reading.

Memories of my vision are fading quicker than a normal dream but...

The previous blog post of mine... how? Why is it there?

I can't show it to the others! Jason doesn't think I post, yet...

Holy Spider-Man's toothbrush, how am I going to cope?

I think I'm going insane!

{C Later on, I was holding a sponge, and I got so angry I chucked it across the room. It hit Ripp, and he did the funniest thing I ever seen!

He caught it and acted like it was attacking him. He then collapsed to the floor, where I completely lost it!

It was so funny, even Dirk started laughing. He has a really nice laugh- it will brighten up anyone's day.

I went to help Ripp up, and we made eye contact.

Be still, my heart...

~Angela <3

Week 3, Day 7, 21:20, August 28th, AngelaEdit

I've only just noticed how focused an individual Ripp is. He's very serious, and, when he's not scavenging, he's working out. I love watching the amount of concentration and effort he puts into everything.

Dustin was a bit of a slacker, and would always procrastinate.

I found a little notebook earlier, belonging to Lucy.

I haven't opened it yet, so this should be interesting.

I don't believe this. Lucy is quite bright for her age. And I found out Dad was having an affair.

After this entry, we should be in Veronaville. Ripp will be driving and I'm definitely bagging shotgun.

And it's really hot outside... hint?

~Angela <3

Week 3, Day 7, 22:37, August 28thEdit

Crap. Not good. Our car is out of fuel and we're in the middle of nowhere. It's pitch black! My laptop is running low on charge so I'll have to type this quick. I'm sure we got enough fuel back at Strangetown though, strange.

Lucy and Jill are a bit frightened right now. I remember finding a flashligh, I could raid the bags and try to find it. We could use it to find a gas station. Gas stations are always found in the middle of nowhere, aren't they not? I think we're fairly close to Veronaville. We're in a more grassy area and out of the desert.

We decided to clean the car today. Just for something fun to do. We even had a water fight! Jill and Lucy were having a blast! It's always good to do stuff that'll take your mind away from what crazy stuff is actually going on. It's a shame that those young minds will have these horrible sights scarred in their brain for the rest of their life. Everyone here will go grown up and start a family! The will!

Maybe we could all just snuggle up and sleep here. Ir's a rather big spacious car. I think I'll just sleep anyway! I'm really tired right now. I've slept in worst conditions before, so this shouldn't be so bad. So goodnight all, I hope that you don't run into situations like these. -Jason

Week 4, Day 1, 01:06, August 29th, AngelaEdit

So this is me writing on a scrap piece of paper.

You won't believe this- Ripp held my hand! I was just sitting with him, and he brought up the very awkward situation of me kissing him on the cheek. He said he felt relieved that I felt the same way about him. I said that I was glad the feeling was mutual all along.

Then he held my left hand, and my right is still kind of sore to the touch. It was the best night ever.

I though of Dustin briefly, and started to sniffle a bit. When Ripp asked what was wrong, I told him all about Dustin, which I shouldn't have, really. He looked down at his feet, feeling slightly awkward about me having a boyfriend before.

His grip on my hand started to loosen, so before I even thought about what I was going to do, I kissed him.

Again, it was angelic...

He's so cute. I don't know where I would be without him.

I just woke up from a brief dream. About Lucy and Jill. It was in a grassy field, and there was a flash of bright, blinding light. Then those two had vanished, and we saw a sparkle in the sky.

Wait.... grassy field?

This is it! Those two are getting out of here!

~Angela <3

Week 4, Day 1, 2:01, August 29th, RippEdit

Everyone's getting really anxious about this walker stuff. I can't blame them for being afraid though.

I'm not really worried about Buck, he's safe with the aliens. He wants to be a pet stylist, so he wouldn't last 5 seconds with the rest of us.

In other news, I'm trying to get Angela's attention by learning Irish. Actually, a while ago, I tried to say something, though it turned out I said "purple monkey dishwasher" instead. She seemed amused by me making an idiot of myself.

Angela's an amazing girl, and I feel really sorry for her, with her boyfriend being killed. I think I might be able to woo her if I really tried. Everyone here has their own personal problem now, that some don't talk about.

See you soon, -Ripp.

Week 4, Day 1, 07:34, August 29th, JasonEdit

Ugh, I just woke up. My neck is agony. I thought I had slept in even worse conditions but I was wrong. That definitely wasn't good for me. It'll be much easier to go. Everyones still sleeping. I managed to get out of the car without waking anyone up.

It's so peaceful out here. You wouldn't be able to tell that all this stuff is going on. We'll probably need to walk to Veronaville. I've got a map, so we won't get lost, hopefully. It should only be a few miles. I just want to be safe. I can't take this anymore, it's really driving me insane. I hope the thing about Veronaville is actually true.

I'm really beginning to get hungry, we can only eat snacks such as crisps and stuff right now. We'll have to get moving soon. I think everyone is starting to wake up right now anyway. Everyone except from Dirk that is. In fact, Dirk looks really pale. Is he OK? He looks quite pale.

Anyways, we really should head to Veronaville, or even find a gas station. My legs hurt from sleeping in sucj uncomfortable conditions! -Jason

Week 4, Day 1, 13:56, August 29th, AngelaEdit

Road trip...

"Corcra moncaí miasniteoir" is Ripp and I's special phrase now. Ripp trying be fancy with his Irish dialect. He said "purple monkey dishwasher".

Facepalm, much?

I swear Dirk's looking worse by the day. It's horrible, because he's got a bit of a time bomb, slowly ticking away the seconds of his life. We need to find that cure. I need to be the big sister who will do anything for their younger sister.

No one deserves to go through this.

Go dtí an chéad uair eile.

~Angela <3

Week 4, Day 2, 18:34, August 30th, Ripp Edit

Dia duit!

I've befriended Dirk, and I feel extremely sorry for him. He's inching toward death every second.

I think "Corcra moncaí miasniteoir" is a regular greeting between Angela and I now. Whever we pass each other, we say that!

Dirk dying is hard on all of us. We've all been quiet recently and we hardly ever say anything to each other. Just me and Angie, and Jill and Lucy are the only people who talk to one another.

I wonder what mum would think of all this. I miss her. I miss dad. I miss Tank. I miss Buck.

Le meas, ó Ripp. (I think that's right...)

Week 4, Day 3, 13:32, August 31st, AngelaEdit

Not good. Without a car, we've only managed to cover 6 miles out of 80. And we've had to create a makeshift stretcher for Dirk. Poor guy can't even walk.

Whilst we were resting, I was coming up with some quick calculations to see how long Dirk may have to live. I showed Ripp, and he was surprised with my answer. He was shocked rather than surprised that Dirk would have three years to live. He said I had added another 0 to 300, making it 3000.

So I'd got it wrong. He gave it back to me, and I re-did the answer. I gave it back to him to check, and he took the pencil and quickly wrote something. "Now it's right." he said. Dirk now had three months left... and Ripp had left a little extra at the bottom.

This is what he'd written at the bottom:

Tá grá agam duit, Angela.

He's fast learner, that one. I just simply snuggled up to him. Lilith's been looking really pale lately. I don't blame her. She's sick with worry, and that's not too healthy for her.

I just hope Dirk will make it.

~Angela <3

Week 4, Day 3, 15:09, August 31st, Ripp Edit

6 miles out of 80. We have to go without a car which is very hard on our legs. We've been keeping together and supporting each other. We're all fantastic friends.

Angela and I are really close now. I think she feels the same way about me that she did about Dustin now.

Dirk is getting worse. He can't even walk, and helping him is very hard now.

Our food is getting low. I'm really worried. There's a lot of survivors now, which isn't good for our food supply.



Dagnubbit. ANOTHER survivor. This Veronavillian kid who was going to Pleasantview, Romeo Monty. He was trying to see if Pleasantview had no walkers, but alas that was not the case. He hasn't been bitten. Our food is getting really low. Romeo eats a lot, and he's been flirting with Angela. I screamed at him before.


Week 4, Day 3, 16:32, August 31st, JasonEdit

We've just received the worst news ever. First things first, we've been walking for days. Not a single gas station in sight, and our walk has been for nothing!

Our food supply is scarce. Which is a terrible thing since we've got a new person, a kid called Romeo. He said that he was out of town with his girlfriend and then some crazy things happened. He woke up on the street to find his girlfriend impaled by a sharp fence pole. He was also surrounded by walkers and other dead bodies. Someone must have thought that his girlfriend was one of those, or maybe she was actually one of those.

He didn't know what was going on, but he knew that he must leave Veronaville. I asked if he had any mysterious bites but he didn't know. He was covered in cuts. When he was leaving Veronaville he heard a form of aircraft fly over and drop bombs down on Veronaville. That's right, Veronaville is a bomb site, literally! When the bombs dropped and exploded a bunch of glass shards came flying to him. Angela's cleaning him up. I don't really trust him. He's quite shady. He seems really shaked up by this all.

I've lost hope for any other survivors. The government are planning to bomb all infected areas, which could be all of SimNation. I don't feel so bad. All of my family are dead. Although, I don't think the others will be happy. They could still have other living family. I've never really discussed it. It's a shame and it's just wrong.

Dirk's getting worse. He's even beginning to cough up blood. Angela said that he had 3 months, but for some reason I doubt that. Dina's beginning to flirt with me. I was told that she only likes wealthy mean, so I think she genuinely likes me. I kind of like her to. Maybe if we get out of this we can adopt Lucy and live a normal family life.

Uh oh, I better go! Dirk is coughing up more blood! Poor kid, I better go aid him. So, remember to evacuate your towns. The army may be blowing it up. -Jason

Week 4, Day 4, 19:21, September 1st, RippEdit

I just received horrifying news. Dina is thinking of leaving. There's more bad news too. Angie's broken her knee. She was playing with Jill and Lucy when she collapsed and shattered her left knee. She can't even walk now.

The reason Dina is thinking of leaving is because she's become sick and doesn't want to infect the rest of us; along with the fact that she met anither survivor and they're starting a group like ours. Jason was crying before.

Angie can't get out of bed and all she does now is communicate with me in Irish. We really love each other. She said that after this is all over, she wants to marry me and adopt and raise Lucy. I like the plan, but she's getting ahead of herself. And Jason wants to adopt Lucy.

Please stay alive. Please. Please. -Ripp

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