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Dawn of The Sims
Name: Dawn of The Sims
Genre: Horror
Created by: ColinThePanda, AsherÉire
Number of chapters: 28 entries

Original run: August 18th 2012
Status: Finished

Preceded by: Dawn of The Sims (page 3)
Succeeded by: Dawn of The Sims (page 5)

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Dawn of The Sims is a fan fiction created by ColinThePanda. This is the fourth page of Dawn of The Sims. This story is supposed to be like a blog by the sim who goes by the name Jason. Jason is a survivor of a recent zombie outbreak that has infected the whole of Simnation! Jason will meet other survivors, who can also add stuff on to Jason's "blog".Jason will be telling stories about Jason's travels through Pleasantview and his expirences.

Rules of adding a new blogEdit

  • Only add a new blog once a new survivor has been introduced.
  • Only one person per survivor.
  • You must ask me before adding a part

Known SurvivorsEdit

Week 4, Day 5, 16:32 DinaEdit

I'm not really sick, it was just an escuse to leave, to find Nina. I was going to leave but then I saw Jason crying .

I really like him . I thought he liked Nina, they did have a date together .

I dicided to stay. But I will find Nina ! She is my sister and I love her, but I also think I love Jason And I can't leave him .

I'm on my way to tell them now. I hope they will understand.

Wish me luck ! Dina.

Week 4, Day 6, 04:56, September 3rd, AngelaEdit

I've just about lost all hope. I've busted my knee, and I can't help anyone. Lilith's finding everything hard. She's sick with worry, and I don't think Dirk's going to make it. I haven't told her, but it's pretty obvious he won't survive.

So, young Lilith and Angela can't do anything -we're the useless Pleasants.

Ripp's being super supportive. Newcomer Romeo's been a bit of an idiot lately. He's selfish, and I'm resisting the urge to rip him to shreds. He's girlfriend's missing, and he's already hitting on me?!? That's disrespectful.

You may call me a hypocrite for doing the same thing. Dustin's gone, I've fallen in love with Ripp. That's different.

If I hadn't met Ripp two years ago, our chemistry would be nowhere near this strong.

We were made for each other.

~Angela <3

Week 4, Day 6, 09:18, September 3rd, JasonEdit

So this is it. It's been over a month since this apocalypse has started. I can't believe I've made it this far. I don't think Dirk will be with us long though, he looks dead. Seriously, he looks like a walker with the amount of blood over him.

Dina told us about how she might leave to go look for her sister. I had to break the news to her about how Nina is now dead. She began to cry on my shoulder. Seems like she's forgotten how Nina left her for dead! Oh well. I told her that I'll always be there for her. I wiped the tears off her face and then she pecked me on the cheek. I think I'm starting to love again.

We've taken refuge in some sort of farm house in the middle of nowhere. We'll have to leave and get some food though. Maybe some parts of Veronaville won't be destroyed. Maybe we'll find some burned food. I don't mind eating burned food, it'll be just like my mothers cooking! My dad always cooked our dinner but occasionally when my dad was unable to cook then my mum would. Man, she set the house on fire! Those were the days.

Maybe we could go back to Veronaville, at least there'd be no walkers. We're still scarce on food supplies. Romeo's not helping. Everyone he knew is dead and all he can do is eat. He's becoming really fat. At least we're not all as hungry ass him, or we would've starved to death ages ago.

Everyone is sleeping right now but I can hear someone getting up. Uh oh, I can hear Lilith starting to scream. What's going on? She's waking everyone up now! I better go see what's going on. -Jason

Week 4, Day 6, 08:43, September 3rd, RippEdit

Dirk is officially dying. He's passed out a few times which alarmed us.

Gosh I hate Romeo. He is my mortal enemy. I'm considering encouraging Jaosn and Angela to leave him here. He eats like an absolute pig. He's the fattest person you could ever meet, and he flirts as much as Don Lothario.

Angela is vey serious about our relationship; and so am I. We took a vow today, which was to stay together and never abandon one another.

I see Dina and Jason are getting closer. Apparently, Dina kissed him! Everyone's gone all lovey-dovey, and no-one's really focusing on the task at hand - surviving the walker apocalypse.

Corcra moncaí miasniteoir"


Week 4, Day 6, 09:26, September 3rd, DinaEdit

Bad news : Dirk is dying !

Lillith started screaming this morning and then I saw Dirk Colapsed on the floor.This is the worst day of my life! Dirk is dying and turn's out Nina is dead! Why am I alive when she's dead ?! Nothing makes sense anymore.

I needed some alone time and I went out .I sat down and started to think and then I heard someone crying.I turned around and I saw a young girl with blond hair. At first I didn't know what to think, then I asked her her name . She looked at me, wiped the tears off her face and said "My name is Sandra Roth."

She didn't have any bite marks so I brought her back to the house .


Week 4, Day 6, 11:35, Spertember 3rd, JasonEdit

Well this great. We've got ANOTHER kid with us! A girl called Sandra. Dina found her outside. We've got Dirk to take care os right now and Romeo is completely stuffing his face with food!

Dirk is still alive, barely. The scream Lilith done earlier was because she thought his pulse had stopped. His heart is beating really slowly. He's a walking time bomb. He's to young to be victimised by this, no one deserves to go thorugh this.

Sandra duscussed her story. She came from a town I've never heard of before, Riverblossom Hills. She said that it's a peaceful little town that's not very populated, the virus wasn't even existent there! Apparently they're still broadcasting stuff on the news about the virus. I'd like to go the place they're broadcasting, it must be safe and full food. Mmm, food. Anyways, she said that she was relaxing in the outer areas of her town. She explained how serene and peaceful the countryside is. As she was laying down in the grass, she heard veryloud bangs. She stood up to see the worst thing possible. Riverblossom Hills was burning down. Everyone she knew and love dying in front of her eyes. the walkers weren't even there for crying out loud!

This is terrible. The army can't just blow up SimNation! There HAS to be some more safe areas! There has to. This is just wrong. We must keep travelling. We have to find another car, maybe an RV? There's a lot of stuff I will do. Getting out of here will be one of them. That's it, I'm going. I've made my mind up and I'm going to go out and see if anything survived Veronaville. Remember to survive! -Jason

Week 4 , Day 6 , 12:06, September 3rd,DinaEdit

Jason went out to find more supplies in Veronaville. I hope he'll be okay.

Sandra took off her jacket and 5 viles fell out of her pocket .She said that she took them from the father of her enemy's lab, apparently he's a science teacher there .She said she was looking for her boyfriend there . As soon as she mentioned her boyfrind she started crying.

There were labels on the viles : 3 of them said flue, 1 said walker cure and the other one vamparism cure! That's it ! The cure for Dirk!

When Jason come's back I'll I show him the viles first thing. I'm going to go try and cure Dirk!

I hope this works !


Week 4, Day 6, 15:34, September 3rd, JasonEdit

No, no, no, no, no!! Why did this happen! I promised... I promised that we'd all make it. He was so young. He never deserved to die.

R.I.P Dirk Dreamer, you will not be forgotten.

I came home to find everyone in Dirk's room. They were all crowded around his bed and people were crying. He was dead. He was just about get cured! Why did this young soul be taken from us way to early? Especially when his pain was about to be over. He didn't even get to meet his child!

Dina had found a cure for vampirism, the cure he needed. When dina walked in, he wasn't responding. Dirk had passed away. The cure fell out of the new girls jacket. There was also a walker cure. Maybe that could be the end of this? Maybe if we can find a way to get this cure into the air we breathe.

I found a car near Veronaville. A big RV, just like I wanted. Yay. I don't even care about my find. I even found a diner that was on the outskirts of Veronaville so it wasn't touched. I managed to get a lot of food but I doubt it'll last long with Romeo. I'm just to depressed.

I'm just going to tell everyone that we should go soon. Maybe to the capital, SimCity. It might actually be safe there. We'll probably bury Dirk first. I will get revenge on these monsters, -Jason

Week 4, Day 6, 20:54, September 3rd, AngelaEdit

Just when things were going to be OK, Dirk died.

Ripp was badly affected. Those two were like brothers. Romeo said something to him and Ripp kicked the living daylights out of that so-and-so.

Lilith was affected the worst. I had to support them both. I finally gave Lilith's iPod back. She asked where I got it from, and I said Dirk gave it to me when she was missing. That iPod's going to be a bit of a comfort blanket for her from now on.

I noticed that Lilith was the only person who hadn't changed when this whole virus started. She has now. She won't talk to anyone.

We gave Dirk a proper burial. Lilith kept his jacket, and it had a little something inside. A small, slightly crumpled, picture of the two when they first went steady. They looked so cute together.

Poor Lilith. If it wasn't for me or the baby, she would have killed herself a few hours ago. Dirk left a huge gap in her life, and that will never be filled.


Week 4, Day 6, 20:56, September 3rd, SandraEdit

As soon as they saw the viles I had in my pocket they laid off my back, good, i needed to think .

They are so many things I know today that i didn't know yesterday :

I know that my home is destroyed, i know that Jacob,my boyfriend made it away with my arch enemy, Jules, I know that she would try to steel him from me, I know that they are survivors from the virus, I know that my mother's dead, my father's dead, my brother is ... wait a minute ; my brother was with me at the time, he was climbing a tree, I ... I left him there .

What am I gonna do ?

my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of people crying .

What's going on around here ???


Week 4, Day 7, 04:01, September 4th, DinaEdit

I can't sleep.

Dirk died. If...if only I cured Dirk a bit earlier he wouldn't be dead.

I've bin awake since midnight . Jason couldn't sleep either . I was crying and he tried to console me.He was being so nice to me that I kissed him.

We both acted really awkward after . Jason said he had to go get more food and he went off


Week 4, Day 7, 11:09, September 4th, Lilith Edit

I want to die.

If it wasn't for this baby inside of me I would be dead right now. At least then I would be with Dirk. I used to believe in an afterlife but now I'm not so sure. Right now I feel like all the life has been drained from me. I hope Dirk is happy where he is. I can't imagine life without him. Before he died I had told myself he would be cured. I'd convinced myself that he wouldn't die. I concocted an imaginary world where everything would be okay. But life isn't like that. Nothing is never okay...


Week 4, Day 7, 22:54, September 4th, AngelaEdit

I've just about lost all hope for the union of our group. Lilith won't talk to anyone anymore, Ripp will only stick with me, Jason and Dina are one, Jill and Lucy are being looked after by Sandra, and Romeo's being a complete pain.

I think Ripp has deliberately kept me away from any guns because of that idiot. I swear, he is the only person I couldn't care less about.

I haven't punched him yet, so that's a bit of an achievement. I don't know how long I can keep this up. The group is no longer as close as it used to be. The additional survivors haven't helped, and the recent loss has mucked everything up.

I'm going to check on Lilith.

See yas.

~Angela <3

Week 5 , Day 1 , 10:08,september 5th,SandraEdit

Lucy and Jill are really sweet and they really seem to like me, I guess they just need someone to take care of them, with evrything that has been happening it's understandable .

We were just playing tag outside when I heard barking, I turned around and saw a little puppy ! everybody immediately loved it ! We decided to keep her ( yes, it's a she ) and named her Coco Pops ( Jill came up with it ) Everybody immediately seemed happier, except Lilith, she said it reminded her of Dirk ( how does a dog remind her of her boyfriend ? ),at first Jason didn't like the idea of feeding another person but Dina convinced him ( the fact that the dog had huge enormous puppydog eyes helped too ).

Jill and Lucy emmediately adopted her, so I was left alone .I came across Lilith crying . I helped her feel a little better and we continued talking for hours and hours . I finally have a friend here !


Week 5, Day 1, 17:39, September 5th, AngelaEdit

Great... Sandra brought back a puppy. Nearly everyone loved it- except Lilith and I. There was one time where Dirk got a new puppy, and the two would spend all day with it. Small puppies remind her of Dirk, she's not going to talk to anyone now. Nice one, Sandra.

At least it will keep Lucy and Jill happy, and for people their age, I guess that's what matters the most.

I'm just annoyed because we can't keep taking in everyone. We're now struggling with sleeping arrangements, so I've had to camp with Ripp, Sandra and Lilith. With Sandra with us, things are a bit awkward between Ripp and I. Lucy and Jill would always fall alseep first, leaving Ripp and I to talk about everything. We can't do that now, because out privacy has been invaded.

A couple of hours ago, Ripp was outside, excersising, so Lilith and I listened to some music. None of it really cheered her up, but the funky riff at the beginning of Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? by Fall Out Boy brought a big smile to her face. Nearly every other song she had listened to with Dirk, except this one.

This was when we were looking around some shops a few years ago, and that song came on in the background, and it was really catchy. Later on, Lilith had bought a CD and it had the very same song on it. When I heard it from the living room, I darted inside from the garden and asked if it was the same song from earlier, which it was. We just laughed.

Lilith has a really nice smile. I know we're twins and stuff, so we should have identical smiles, but her smile is more confident than mine. It's more of a I-couldn't-care-less-what-you-think-because-I'm-having-a-blast smile. Mine's a more shy smile.

What wouldn't I give to have my old sister back? The old Lilith. The Lilith who would laugh off any playful insult.

Things aren't going to be the same after this, I can tell.

Still travelling, still suffering, still resisiting the urge to punch Romeo's lights out.

~Angela <3

Week 5, Day 1, 18:02, September 5th, JasonEdit

I know I haven't posted in a few days, but it's because I've been busy driving you see. I've just been so exhausted recently and just haven't been bothered to add to this. I asked Dina to drive right now though, so I can relax right now.

We've been driving for a few days. We've passed many bombed towns and many walker infested areas. I doubt there's still a safe place standing.


I remember hearing about an island on the internet... what was it? Twikilile island or something? Anyways, if that place can't be infected! It's an island, so how could the infection spread there? I must notify everyone. That could be our ticket to safety.

In other news, we have a new person in our crew! Sort of. A puppy! I wasn't to pleased about it at first, but it's beady eyes and Dina's soothing voice proved me otherwise. At least the puppy makes Jill and Lucy happy.

Lilith has been very upset recently, I don't blame her. I swear I could have saw a nice grin on her face today. That is good. Also, the new girl Sandra told us something. She said we must go to Riverblossom hills. I didn't know why she wanted to go back to a pile the pile of ash at first, but then she told me about her little brother Xander. Riverblossom Hills is our current destination.

Passing through all of the cities had made me realise how far Sandra has come. There's no way she got to Veronaville on foot, or on her own. I've come to the conclusioon that she was with other survivors and that they all died, apart from her of course. She was covered in blood and really depressed when she first arrived. I'll have to ask her about it, I do think I should get to know the survivors more. Apart from Romeo. There's nothing more to know about Romeo than the fact that he's a fat pig. I think we may accidently leave him behind.

Anyways, we've taken a break and now it's my turn to drive again. Until next time. -Jason

Week 5, Day 2, 11:23, September 6th, DinaEdit

We're going to Riverblossom Hills.We've been driving for days! It may be hard to believe but Lillith seems happier! She and Sandra have become friends.The dog is a bit too hyper in the car. There are no walkers around and we found more food! Lillith is having a lot of morning sickness and Romeo is car-sick. I hope we get there soon!


Week 5, Day 2, 12:32, September 6th, LucyEdit


I'm so sorry!!!! I lost you, I'm very very very sorry.

I'm being interrupted by 2 people throwing up. I'll explain what's going on very quickly.

We got 2 new survivors, Romeo, who Lucy and I don't like because he eats everything, and Sandra, who is a teenager from a place called Riverblossom Hills, mommy and daddy took me there 2 years ago for a vacation, it's very pretty there. We are going there right now.

As I write this I'm starting to cry, Dirk died. Lilith is very sad. I want to cheer her up. So, I'm going to give her my most precious thing, as a gift for the baby. At least Dirk is with his mommy and daddy now.

Jill and I had a water fight. It was so much fun!

Jason wants to adopt me and so do Angie and Ripp. I'm not being adopted by anyone unless Jill is coming with me. We are a packaged deal! We also want to take Coco with us, she's our new puppy!

I will write ASAP, I mean it this time!


Week 5, Day 2, 15:45, September 6th, AngelaEdit

Lilith is so upset. She won't talk to me anymore. In fact, no one will talk to me anymore, aside Ripp.

We all confronted Romeo about his eating habits. He didn't care, so we told him to get lost in the most explicit fashion available. He then got angry and said he didn't need the abuse, and got out the car. Nobody stopped him.

Lilith won't smile anymore, but I can tell by her eyes she was happy Romeo left. They had a bit of a sparkle in them.

We should be arriving in Riverblossom Hills in a few hours, so I'll update you on our finds later.

~Angela <3

Week 5, Day 2, 16:00, September 6th, RippEdit

Romeo's left, thank the Watcher!

I feel our lives rapidly changing. Dirk's died, Romeo's left and Dina was considering leaving. I have a feeling a survivor here is going to leave or die, like Angela or Lilith.

I feel that Lucy and Jill are drifting apart. Lucy is spending less time with Jill and more time with Jason, and Jill is spending less time with Lucy and more time with Dina instead.


Week 5, Day 2, 19:24, September 6th, DinaEdit

We arrived in Riverblossom Hills and we started looking fo Xander. We're taking a break for dinner now. It actually feels good to eat without Romeo around !

Lillith and Sandra are eating together . At least she has a friend ! Now everyone has someone on their side :

  • Angela and Ripp
  • Sandra and Lillith
  • Lucy and Jill ( but now jill hangs out more with me and Lucy with Jason )
  • Me and Jason

The break is finishing now . Bye!


Week 5, Day 2, 22:37, September 6th, AngelaEdit

No luck. We didn't find little Xander.

Three people have been affected by the loss of Dirk: Lilith, Ripp and Jason.

Lilith is grieving for him, but she's starting to lighten up a bit. Ripp and Dirk had a lot in common and were like brothers. Jason believes it's all his fault.

Lilith decided to confront him in the Pleasant fashion and tell him it wasn't his fault. She also told him she was grateful for Jason trying to protect him.

So that meant Lilith was prepared to move on and stop sulking. At least, that's what she told me.

So I'm now the useless Pleasant. Busted knee and I can barely walk.

Why is it always me?

Anyways, they're heading off again, so I'm a loner.

Jill and Lucy have drifted apart. They're no longer best friends for life anymore- at least, that's how it appears. Coco the puppy is... well, she's chewing my shoe now, and I'm getting annoyed.

I've just remembered about the picture of me and Dustin I picked up a few weeks ago. I've cut it in half. The half of me goes to Ripp, and the half of Dustin is for me, to remember a good friend I used to have.

I know this may be a horrible thing to say, but I don't think things would have worked out between us. I'm sure we would have stayed as friends though.

And they're coming back, and we've got another newcomer.


Week 5, Day 2, 23:30, September 6th, RippEdit

Unfortunately, we can't find Xander. I feel so sorry for Sandra.

Whenever Angela isn't around, I just stare at her picture forever.

We have so many people (and teddies and dogs) here. We have Jason, Lucy, Jill, Angela, Lilith, formerly Dirk, formerly Romeo, Sandra and Dina.

I'm getting sick of all of us here. Coco has been harder on all of us too.


Week 5, day 3, 5:23, September 7th, JasonEdit

It's really early in the morning but everyone's awake, we've already hit the road! I feel kind of depressed, looking at Riverblossom Blossom hills. To think that that used to be a nice, serene, calming and quiet little neighbourhood with happy people living there, then suddenly this infection comes out of nowhere and ruins it. It wasn't even infected.

A young soul was lost. Sandra's little brother Xander. Things aren't going well. Dirk's dead, Lucy and Jill are losing their friendship and now a young soul is missing. I'm just so fed up. At least we don't have to worry about Romeo bothering us anymore. Yup, he left the group thankfully. I kind of feel bad about it though, he was only a kid. Then I think about his greed and selfishness.

I wonder why Jill and Lucy aren't as close as they used to be. I'll go ask what's up, Lucy's lying on my shoulder right now.

I asked what was up. Apparently, Jill was playing with Lucy's teddy, Thea, then because of us rushing things Jill left her behind. I told Lucy that it's a silly reason. She didn't seem to happy at me saying that. I promised her that we would go back and look for Thea. She was happy to hear that though. So it's back to the farmhouse to get Thea!


We just met a group of survivors, 7 people. They're not coming with us though, we just offered them a drive. They were heading to Veronaville. I told them about how it's just a pile of ash now. They didn't seem to care, they must want something in Veronaville. They offered us food if we took them down so I wasn't refusing. There was a child in there group. Jill and Lucy hung about with them. It was a little girl with tan skin, short hair, a green shirt with a flower on it and a red skirt. She seems pretty friendly. Unlike Sandra, she's being quite grouchy recently. I don't blame her, she lost her little brother.

Ok, I think I should take the wheel for now. As usual, remember to survive! -Jason

Week 5, Day 7, 10:45, September 11th , DinaEdit

Hi, Sorry I didn't post anything for a few days but we've been going back to the farmehouse to get Lucy's teddy and not much happened .

We arrived at the farmhouse yesterday at about 10 pm, and by the time we found it we were all really tired so we went to bed .

Jason just called for breakfast so I have to go .


Week 5, Day 7, 19:27, September 11th, AngelaEdit

To say I'm angry right now is an understatement. I'm livid. We had to go all the way back for some teddy bear? Even better- we're lost. I'm gonna kill whoever thought of this idea. We ran into a couple of walkers, so that meant an intense shoot-out. Jason made it very clear that those with good aim would use a gun, so that meant me, Lilith, Jason and Ripp. If only we still had Dirk. He was the only person with an aim better than Ripp, and that's saying something. The whole good-aim-thing is just to conserve ammunition.

I still can't walk. I can't but any weight on my knee without my eyes flooding with tears. So Ripp has to help me out with everything- he has to carry me from Point A to Point B.

I know he's the one. Right now, we need to focus on the task at hand- fixing this whole mess.

I know I keep referencing different films and games, but they are quite relevant. I remember my dad had this one game called Area 51. This mutant virus broke out underground, in the research labs. Only one guy, out of hundreds survived. And to make things worse, the whole of Area 51 blew up, destroying that virus, and killing all the men in the base, including the ones on the surface.

I hope that doesn't happen to us.

~Angela <3

Week 5, Day 7, 20:20, September 11th, RippEdit

We're lost which is terrible. I can't stand this. I just want a normal life!

Ever since Angela broke her knee, I've had to carry her EVERYWHERE which is very hard on me though I don't want to tell her because she'll think I'm a total wimp.

We did find the teddy bear, which is good, as Lucy would kill us if we didn't find it. Everyone keeps saying that travelling all that way was a total waste of time, but I know how much that teddy means to her, so I don't think it was a waste of time.

I've been missing mum a lot recently, a lot more than usual, for some reason. She was lovely. It was sad how she died. If Angela and I had a daughter, (I'm getting ahead of myself here) I'd like to name her Lyla.

Angela is in severe pain. She sometimes screams and cries for no apparent reason at all. I comfort her, which she appreciates.


Week 6,Day 1, 12:36, September 12th, DinaEdit

We're lost !!!!

Lost In the middle of nowhere. We're staying in a Shopping center we found. What is shopping center doing in the middle of nowhere is what I want to know. I suppose it's better than nowhere, I mean there is a furniture store so that we can sleep in. It's so big, everyone has their own place:

  • Angela and Ripp have tons of fun in the video game and DVD place ( Lillith and Sandra won't approache the video games, they say it remind's them to much of their boyfriens)
  • Lucy and Jill spend all their time in the toy store.
  • Lillith and Sandra adore the clothes store.
  • the dog just run's around the place.
  • And as for me, well I just feel deprest so I don't do much. all this is just, well, depressing. And Jason just tries to cheer me up <3

Jason is really sweet, I really am starting to really like him, but is this the right time to fall in love ? I mean I never felt like this before :

  • I loved Micheal (Bachelore) but there was always a gap between us (I did not marry him for his money)
  • Mortimer flirted with me, not the other way around and I did not do anything to my sister in law Bella !
  • Don was just a fling.

I have to go now, but you will hear from me soon !


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