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Dawn of The Sims
Name: Dawn of The Sims
Genre: Horror
Created by: ColinThePanda, AsherÉire
Number of chapters: 20 entries

Original run: August 18th 2012
Status: Finished

Preceded by: Dawn of The Sims (page 4)

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Dawn of The Sims is a fan fiction created by ColinThePanda. This is the fifth page of Dawn of The Sims. This story is supposed to be like a blog by the sim who goes by the name Jason. Jason is a survivor of a recent zombie outbreak that has infected the whole of Simnation! Jason will meet other survivors, who can also add stuff on to Jason's "blog".Jason will be telling stories about Jason's travels through Pleasantview and his expirences.

Rules of adding a new blogEdit

  • Only add a new blog once a new survivor has been introduced.
  • Only one person per survivor.
  • You must ask me before adding a part

Known SurvivorsEdit

Week 6, Day 1, 19:21 September 12th, JasonEdit

Wow, I can't believe how far we've made it. Six weeks? I thought that I wouldn't survive one. We're currently lost now, I can feel our lives ticking away. We've dicided to take refuge in a shopping centre. Which reminds me of a film where characters were in a scenario like this and they stayed in a shopping centre, but I can't remember what it was called...

The weather has drastically changed. It was a nice warm Summer, now it's a freezing Autumn. I think it's because of the lack of human bodies producing heat. Maybe. We dropped the other survivors off at their destination. Lucy and Jill were kind of sad to see the little girl go. Speaking of Lucy and Jill, they're BFF's again, because we managed to get Thea back.

Everyone thought that it was ridiculous to go back for a teddy bear. It was a pretty bad idea, I must admit, but all I want is for Lucy to be happy and Thea means so much to her and so does her friendship with Jill. I just couldn't see them fall apart. No one should be falling apart in times like these, we must all stick together and trust one another.

I almost forgot to tell you! We found another survivor. Another kid! She said her name is Zoe. She told her about the story of how she's the only person here. Zoe worked here, her along with many survivors used to be here. I guess this place isn't as safe as I thought if everyone is dead apart from Zoe. I don't know how she managed to fight them off. Also, how come we haven't seen her around these past few days? We've scanned the whole entire centre.

I took a closer inspection to Zoe. For some reason I can't sense her blood and her heart (that's something vampires can do!) and she looks like a ghost! I think she might be a vampire, and not the daywalker kind like me. I might just be crazy but oh well.

Dina's been really upset rercently, but I've been there to console her. I really do think I'm in love, I don't know why I went for her sister!

I'm going to go now. We've got to do some things. It's so handy living in a shopping centre, there's so much to do! Until next time! -Jason

Week 6, Day 2, 16:55, September 13th, DinaEdit

Jason and I are really acting like a couple... Wait, are we a couple? I suppose we kinda are. I mean we really like each other and the more I think the more I know he's the one.

Anyway we have a new survivor who is called Zoe. At first she said that there wasn't any other survivors but when she was sure there wasn't any of us that were infected she addmited that there were two other survivors: Castor and Heather, the're both students. 3 survivors in one go !Good thing there's enough food and space here!


Week 6, Day 3, 10:54, September 13th, AngelaEdit

Well, looks like a killjoy joined the group. We're camped out in a shopping centre, so we can do anything we want, for the time being. Castor doesn't want to do anything.

Heather told me he's usually quite easy-going, but he's stressed out from all this. Well, how do I put this? I've always got a smile on my face and Dustin died, Dirk died, I'm supporting Lilith, I broke my strongest hand, and I can't walk.

If I can still smile, why can't he?

Ripp and I managed to coax Lilith into some of the shops. She's quite depressed and all, but she's trying to avoid being a killjoy.

Lilith and I were talking about Mum and Dad. When she mentioned Dad, I had this weird feeling, like he would still be alive. I don't know how to explain it. Trying to put it into words is like trying to describe what water tastes like.

He might be OK.

We're going to stick around for a few more days before we move. I decided no more than two days, because I've got a bad feeling about this place if we stay too long.

These walkers aren't stupid.

~Angela <3

Week 6, Day 3,11:30, September 13th,HeatherEdit

Well, we finally found other survivors ! yes !

Castor, my boyfriend, isn't taking it easely, i can't blame him . actually the only time I've seen him smile is when he and I,er,coupled up. Anyway, it's nice to havesome shoping buddies . Dina seems really friendly. Her and Jason where happy to have other adults here .


Week 6, Day 3, 14:34, September 14th, ZoeEdit

Jason told me about this Blog, so I'm gonna start writing on it. At first I was a bit skeptical about this group, but when I figured out they weren't infected, I told them about Castor and Heather. Today I showed them where we had been hiding for the last few weeks. Castor and Heather were still there. I think they're also going to join this group too.

The other day, I noticed Jason watching me. I think he's a vampire too, so it's only a matter of time until he notices.


Week 6, Day 4, 06:16, September 15th, AngelaEdit

So this is it- it's now our top priority to get out of here. We need to gather all the supplies we need and move. Jason can feel it too- something bad's going to happen.

I found out today that Heather and Castor are going out. I gagged. Castor, who's uber-smart, with Heather, the biggest pain I know. Literally, I already dislike her, so every little thing she does annoys me.

Ripp had a bit of a brain-wave and figured out where we are. I don't know how this happened, but we're about 3 miles away from Desiderata Valley. So we're heading there, see if it's safe. Ripp says it should be, and if we can get there quick enough, we could be able to contact the government for an evacuation.

Castor's chumming it up with Jason. So what if he's a few years older than us, he's still a kid, with no experience of the outside world. He's a bit smug, treating Ripp, Lilith, Sandra, Zoe and I like little kids.

Bottom line: we're leaving. Now.

~Angela <3

Week 6, Day 4, 09:01, September 15th, RippEdit

We're near Desiderata Valley, so were's going there. It's so sad this has all happened. If I didn't have Angela, I would have probably killed myself by now.

Castor and Jason are getting along. I HATE him.

Lucy and Jill are BFFs again, which is nice. Lucy said that we can't adopt her without Jill being adopted too. That shows commitment to a friendship. They have invented a language, called "Smurb" (a combination of their surnames, Smith and Burb) which has 32 words now and they talk to each other in it during dinner, which we can't understand.


Week 6, Day 4, 11:46, September 15th, DinaEdit

We're going to Desiderata Valley. We're all packed and ready to go now.

Castor and Jason seem pretty close and I'm quite good friends with Heather. Angela and Ripp don't seem to like them, I think they just need to get to know each other.

It's weird, I keep feeling sick and everyone says I'm having mood swings, but it's probably just stress and/or hormones. I'm also having cravings for chocolate, and strawberrys, but I suppose I didn't have some in a while, I should of tooken some from the grocery store.

We're going now so bye


Week 6,Day 4,11:53,September 15th,SandraEdit

Evrybody has a lover except me and the kids ( well lilith too ) I'm not a kid and I want a new boyfriend, NOW (the tantrum,usually works at home )!

anyway we're in the car now and like I was planning on studying drama in university, so heather 's kinda filling me in on what i'm missing, oh, and on fashion. She then turned to angela and started complimenting her hair, I think she felt that she didn't like her very much . so I decided to practice my new favorite hobby, trying to crack the "Smurb" code, but the dog's barking was too noisy .Then Dina suddenly got car sick . She never did that before, something's up .


Week 6, Day 4, 23:41, September 15th, AngelaEdit

Why is it I have a bad feeling about everything? I personally feel Dina and Jason shared a night of intimacy. It's good to see that they have mutual feelings for one another, but did they forget about the stress relating to Lilith?

We're about halfway to Desiderata Valley. Sandra's feeling a little left out because she's one of the only people without a partner. Well, Lilith's experienced the cons of having someone there beside her.

I'll make sure that never happens to anyone else. In a way, Lilith and I are in the same boat. Dustin was a nice guy, but looking back on it, things would have become awkward, and we would have drifted back to being friends.

It seems like everyone's forgotten about trying to get Jill and Lucy out of here. I'm going to remind him in the morning.

And Heather is really annoying me. I think Ripp can "read minds", because he told me not to start a fight with her.

Is he psychic? Awesome!

~Angela <3

Week 6, Day 5,6:54 September 16th, DinaEdit

Heather asked me why Angela doesn't like her, and I just said that it was just her impression, but then I told Angela to try to be nice to her anyway, Angela was ok with what I said, but I think it was Ripp that convinced her, they're a really sweet couple.

We'll be arriving to Desiderata Valley in a few hours.

After I got sick Lillith told me in a mysterious way "I had those symtoms too". Am I pregnant?! I can't be!! Not at a time like this!!! Oh no!!! I suppose Angela's vision was right.


Week 6, Day 5, 7:43, September 16th, JasonEdit

So, we've left the shopping mall. I don't know what I thought about that place, there was just an uneasy feeling, as if something bad was going to happen. Our current destination is Desiderata Valley. We heard on a radio in an electronics store that it hasn't been blown up and may not be blown up.

It was nice in the electronics store. We could chat with other survivors from around SimNation. We even heard from some girl named Jun from a city in Bridgeport. Apparently most people in Bridgeport were evacuated in a spaceship! How cool is that? I just wish I could've went to Bridgeport. Unfortunately, none of the survivors were near us. I kind of feel glad about it, there's no where near enough room in the RV.

We found a trailer park on the way to Desiderata Valley so that's where we stayed for the night. It was quite horrible. Lucy, Jill, Dina and I stayed in the RV though. Everyone's a bit shook up. There was a walker infestation last night. No one got bit, I think. I sure hope not.

Speaking of Lucy, Angela said that I'm spending to little time with her. It's true, I've been spending to much time with Lucy. I guess I'll play with her and Jill today, before everyone's ready to leave. I want to leave as soon as possible, it stinks! How people lived in these conditions I'll never know.

Dina has been quite ill recently, I'm worried. Maybe she was bit? No, that can't be. We made up a rule that is anyone got bit then they had to leave the group, no exceptions. They have to be 100% honest. Maybe she's just severely travel sick even though she's never really been travel sick before. She's also doing a Romeo. She's been stuffing her face with chocolate! At least it's not important food but it is annoying Lucy and Jill. I think Lucy lives on candy!

I kind of miss the shopping centre. When I was young I always wondered what it'd be like to do whatever you want in a shopping centre. I still consider it unfulfilled since I wad to worried about everything. However, me and Dina did have some drinks and some alone time. That was a good night since I stopped worrying about the world and could just relax with the woman I love. I just wish there could be more moments where I don't have to worry about the world and justr shove it all to the side.

I think Lucy and Jill are waking up now so I should go prepare some breakfast for them. Ciao! -Jason

Week 6, Day 5, 17:43, September 16th, ZoeEdit

This morning Jason confronted me about being a vampire.

I couldn't just lie, so I told him.

When I took a vacation with my family to Bridgeport, we went to the movies and a vampire bit me. I had been feeling nauseous and had a large blemish on my wrist when we got back to Belladonna Cove. Shortly after, I became a vampire.

Eventually, my parents died and I started working as a sales clerk. When this infection came, I tried to survive on my own, and met Heather and Castor. I went to get supplies since I was immune to the bites.

After I told Jason, he told me he was a daywalker. It's a relief I'm not the only unnatural one here.


Week 6, Day 6, 8:51, September 16th, Lilith Edit

Long time no talk.

Yesterday, we were attacked by walkers. Thank god I didn't get bit!

I think Dina's pregnant. She won't stop eating! I might follow in Angela's footsteps and start punching people. Everyone seems to be getting on my nerves recently. They're all so happy. How can they just forget about Dirk?! I'm finding it near impossible to move on. Sandra was moaning about being single the other day. I got so angry. It's like... I don't know. But she should really be more considerate. I don't know Angela moved on from Dustin, I'll have to ask her for some tips. That is if she's not with Ripp. She's around him a lot. I don't really like him that much to be honest. I think it's because I'm selfish and want Angela to myself for a bit. I'm starting to show now. I don't want to get really huge! I think it's going to be a boy. I wouldn't mind but if I had a boy he could be my Dirk...


Week 6 ,day 6,9:30,September 16th, SandraEdit

wait a minute : September 16th ?

Oh my god ! In a week it's my birthday !

In a week it's my birthday !!!

Week 6, Day 6, 14:58, September 16th, AngelaEdit

Lilith finally got to spend some time with me. She's feeling super-depressed because it would have been Dirk's birthday tomorrow. She's taking it all really hard. She started an argument with Sandra earlier, simply because Lilith didn't like her immature behaviour. She'd had enough of it. I can't remember how it went, but those two hate each other's guts.

Lilith mainly wanted to ask for some help on how I moved on from Dustin. Well, it just happened. Looking back on it, it wouldn't have worked out between Dustin and I. Lilith didn't look too happy with my answer.

It seems everybody hates everyone now. There was a bit of friction between Lilith and Ripp earlier. Compare the tensions between Heather and I, and that's what it was like. Not good, not good at all. There's nothing worse than being caught on two sides of a conflict.

If those two really start shouting at each other, I'll have to choose between my twin sister, or my sweetheart.

It seems everything Sandra does upsets Lilith. She was going on about her birthday in a week, and Lilith remembered about Dirk.

I still haven't forgot about Dirk. I don't think anyone has. We just prefer to avoid talking about him in case it upsets Lilith. In a situation like this, everyone needs to be on top form.

Peace out.

~Angela <3

Week 6, Day 6, 15:43, September 16th, DinaEdit

Jason made a big speech about how we should stick together even if we don't like each other, he made everyone apolagise to everyone and make friends with each other. So Sandra and Ripp apologized to Lillith, Angela to Hezather and vice versa.

In a week it's Sandra's birthday.


Week 6, Day 6, 16:32Edit

Looks like I was wrong. Someone WAS bitten. One of the new people, Castor. It appears that he never followed the rules of being honest if bitten. I couldn't care less really. He was a real grump and just made everyone in the group upset. Only one person is really affected by his death, Heather. She's devastated.

We've decided to stay in the trailer park for a few days because everyone has been to lazy to leave. I've decided that our next destination is SimCity. It'll probably be completely overrun by walkers but I'm positive that there'll be some help there, there has to be.

Back to Castor, we had to put him out of his misery. Heather tried to interfere so we accidently shot her in the hand. I feel really guilty about it. If we never killed him then we'd all be dead! He was so 2-Dimensional anyway, he had no character what so ever. At first I thought he'd be able to cheer everyone up but he's just a big grump and a waste of space.

I think I'm just going to go up to everyone and tell them that we must leave. I want to go to SimCity as soon as possible! It may be miles away but we just have to go, my instinct is telling me to go there. Everyone's probably travel sick by now, even the ones who don't get travel sick. We've been traveling for days and have taken many breaks but I think, in fact I KNOW, that SimCity will be our final stop (as in our ticket out of here!).

I'm going to go tell everyone now. I think they might throw up at the thought of traveling again but they'll just have to live, since it will be for the good. -Jason

The Final Destination, SimCity, Week 6, Day 6, 20:41, September 16th, AngelaEdit

This is it. We're approaching SimCity. The nerves have filled my body. I'm trembling, and Ripp has noticed. He's put an arm around me, but my mind is elsewhere.

We get out of the car and the deserted city is silent. It's so quiet, everyone turns to me because my teeth are chattering. I'm that nervous. We're all scanning our surroundings, trying to see where a helicopter would pick us up.

Suddenly I hear a sharp scream, and my head immediately turns to the sound. Walkers! One has got Lilith! Before I think about what I'm doing, I leap into action and get that thing off of her! When I'm finished decapitating that thing, I help her to her feet. "Are you OK Lils?" I asked, my voice barely audiable.

"I'm fine, Angie. It's OK, really." She's shocked from what just happened. We hear more snarls, and three more walkers are here. We all take our positions. I look over to Ripp. He nods and yells "For Dirk" before attacking.

I turn to Jason and tell him to take the others ahead, leaving Ripp and I to deal with this. He shakes his head furiously. "I'm not leaving you two behind!"

"You wouldn't be leaving us- just make sure the others are safe!" I pot off the last walker. Ripp runs towards me and sweeps me off my feet- I can't run on my ankle. We catch up with the others in no time. We do a head count. "Where's Sandra?" Ripp asks. A scream in the distance answers our question. Ripp is about to run off but I grab the back of his shirt. "No Ripp," I say with a brave voice. "She's gone. And it could be a trap."

He closes his eyes. I can tell he thinks he failed. "There's nothing we could do about it." Tears of frustration are filling his eyes. "We were so close..."

Jason's getting nervous. "Ripp, snap out of it, buddy! We're not there yet. We've still got the others!"

Zoe points to a helicopter landing strip about half a mile away. The next 20 minutes are sheer hell. We've had 7 near misses. Everyone looks exhausted. Zoe has a deep gash across her face, and I think Lucy has twisted her ankle. She's not saying so, but she's starting to limp.

We've reached a small set of stairs and everyone's slowly making their way up. Jill points to a small helicopter in the distance. Next minute we're shouting our heads off. This is it- we're getting out of here! We're trying to make as much noise as possible to get the helicopter. I turn towards Lilith and her face is sheet-white. Walkers... we must have attracted them with the noise we were making! This is not good. "RUN!" I yell. It's a mad scramble getting up the stairs, the helicopter is now landing. It seems to be taking forever. This is bad. I hear Lucy scream. Zoe pushes through us. Jason follows. Lucy tripped on the stairs, and she can't get up. There are about 5 walkers now! This is it... we're not going to make it... after all this... we've failed!

Zoe gets dragged away and what happened next has scarred me for life. Poor girl... she didn't deserve to go this way. The helicopter lands. and everyone boards. We're safe! Everyone's dancing, cheering. I kiss Ripp. We've now got our life together!

Some guy is sitting there. Ripp points to the device next to him. "That's a plastic explosive, isn't it?"

The man looks up at him. "Close. It is an explosive device which will desperse the cure across the whole of SimNation."

"Cure?" Lilith asks uncertainly. "You mean, we can end this business?"

"Exactly. However, we can only set a five-second-fuse before detonating. The walkers are getting smarter. They can defuse bombs now. Not only that, any uninfected being with a half-mile radius will be vaporised instantly."

Dina actually speaks up. "Surely this helicopter can't fly half a mile in five seconds, can it?"


Ripp wipes the sweat off of his face before speaking. "So you're saying that, in order to cure SimNation, one of us has to get off this helicopter, and set the thing off?"

Silence. It seems he has answered his own question. He looks down a his feet. "I'll do it." He says.

It takes me three seconds to register what he has just said. I leapt to my feet. "Ripp- you can't just leave me for this!" Tears are streaming down my face. "You can't just go and-"

"Angela, if you loved me, you would let me do this!" he shouts.

I'm stunned into silence. "You can't..." murmur.

"She's right Ripp. You can't do this." Jason has spoken. "You're just a kid. I can't let a kid risk his life to safe millions of others. Which is why, I'll do it."

Now it's Dina's turn to over-react. Most of what she said is hard to understand.

"If you truly loved me, you would understand why I have to do this." His voice is calm. I've never heard him speak like this. Dina slowly nods, accepting the fact that she won't be with him after this.

Jason shouts to the pilots: "Find a place to land!"

We finally land. Jason picks up the explosive and is about to leave. He and Dina have one last kiss, and he gives Lucy and Jill a final hug. "It was nice knowing you all." he says before stepping off the helicopter.

"Jason!" Lilith calls. He sticks his head back in. "Say hi to Dirk will you? Tell him I will always love him, OK?"

Jason smiles. "Of course."

As we're flying away, he shouts to Ripp. "Fire the flare gun when you're half a mile away."

Ripp shouts back. "Will do!"

We've travelled far enough. Ripp pull the trigger and sets off the flare gun, sending a ball of bright light into the sky. We can see Jason setting the bomb. I slowly count to five in my head.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

There's a blinding flash of white light, and I know Jason's gone. I shield my eyes, and quietly think about what Jason's done for us. He found me locked in a public toilet with a busted wrist. And now he has risked his life to save countless others.

To most people, he will just be a name in a history book.

But to me, and the others, he will always be Jason Cooke, the man who saved us all- from the beginning.


So, Ripp, Angela, Dina, Lucy, Jill, Heather and the puppy Coco all made it out of the situation. They are now scarred for the rest of their life. What they will do next is unknown but one thing they do know is that they are safe. The infection would be gone in a matter of hours.

They all glanced down at what was once SimCity, soon to be restored.

'We're safe,' they all thought, but what they have seen in the past few weeks will change who they are for the rest of their lives.

Angela - Found in a public bathroom, Angela was defenceless. She had lost her family and was on her own. She was told that the both she loved was killed. Soon after, she met he boy she knew she loved, Ripp.

Lilith - Lilith was saved by her sister. She stayed strong even after her boyfriend died. Lilith will be spending her life raising a baby and telling her child what a brave man it's father was.

Lucy - A child who was seen many deaths and even killed her own parents and has now wittnessed the death of one of her best friends, whom she had met from the very beginning of the apocalypse.

Jill - Abandoned. Soon she will reunite with her family and live her life the way she always has, unlike Lucy.

Ripp - The only Strangetown survivor (excluding Jill's family). Although his family were tough on him, Ripp is missing them very much. What'll he and Angela will do is unknown.

Dina - Abandoned by her sister, Dina was left alone with nothing to defend herself. Found hiding in a trashcan, she was saved by Jason and she thought she had found the one. Now she may be pregnant, only time will tell.

Heather - Found hiding in the cellar of the Shopping Centre, Heather was quiet. She managed to struggle through the walkers, even with a shot hand. She watched the man she loved be killed right in front of her eyes, she is still struggling to cope.

Coco Puff - Found alone, firghtened and starving, the survivors took her in and made her really happy. She became really attached to the survivors and helped them find supplies.

Although it was tough, they made it through the apocalypse. They were all proud to say that they lived happily ever after.


Heather!? HEATHER!?!? HEATHER NO!!!