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Dean Frio


Dean Frio was born in the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital in Sunset Valley to the town's greatest kitchenchef's Molly French and Jared Frio.

Childhood Edit

Dean spends his freetime mostly at the outside playing soccer or swinging on a swing. Once in a while he visits his parents at the work and observe them working. Dean dreams, that when he grows up, he will be like his parents and maybe manages their Bistro, when they retire. Dean has an older Stepsister named Sandi, which Molly had with a barkeeper of Bridgeport, but after he found out she was pregnant he didn't want to know anything about it. Dean and Sandi's relationship is quite good, yet, but they usually get in a fight, when it's about watching TV.

Preteenhood Edit

Dean is visiting the Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley and is in the same class as Johnny Furtado and Jordan Keaton. Jordan is a good friend to Dean and Johnny is his seat mate in his class.

Teenhood Edit

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