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Developmental Hell
Name: Developmental Hell
Genre: Fan Fiction, Development Story
Created by: Mathetesalexandrou
Number of chapters: There are no chapters, only substories.

Original run: 2 February 2013 - TBA
Status: Active

Preceded by: New Homeland

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Developmental Hell is a subset storyline of Time Paradox, and it is the succeeding chapter of New Homeland. Developmental Hell is focused on the developmental process of Hekatonschoinos.


Chapter 1: ReconstructionEdit

The Big 6 could no longer tolerate the horrid continual problems that exist in their capital, and gather around to convene on the specifics of the improvement works to do.

Hypatia: As we are all too painfully aware, our capital is in a huge need of renovation. We have finally gotten the tools we need to properly align the roads to the lots. The question is, are we to completely overhaul the system, or simply fix the worst offenders?

Kallisto: To this, I shall recommend complete redoing of all the lots and roads. The unaligned roads pose too much a problem to work around, and there are too many unnecessary curves for me to be comfortable with. In addition, It would allow for a better grid-based system, in top of more dense regions.

Stratonike: Indeed. Frankly I don't have problems with roads. The real problem is the messy lot placements, which can be solved best by a wholescale overhaul. I'm pertty sure the shorter connection to roads will do many of the employees much good. Lysistrata for one complained about this as well, as the distance between the road and the hospital tends to be inconveniently long.

Eurydike: So, it's settled very quickly, eh? But we should also review the aesthetic and geological appeals of our capital as well.

Kallisto: Indeed. Our capital is rich in mineral resource, and that's a good thing...

Hypatia: I presume Eurydike isn't speaking minerals in this case...

Kallistrata: Hmm, when we visited Sunlit Tides, we saw a good island with great aesthetically appealing geography.

Hypatia: Your point?

Kallistrata: Namely the blue beaches provided by the low depths of the surrounding oceans have turned Sunlit Tides into an aesthetically pleasing location. Henceforth, I first recommend the lowering of depths of most of Hekatonschoinos's waters, asides from the region needed for the boats. Secondly, the bridge that connects the Asian Enclaves to the Military Islet gets in the way of boats, hence I recommend fixing that as well. Lastly, the Military Islet is painfully underdeveloped. I suggest making room for lots.

Kallisto: Specific, eh? I like it. Now, I'd also like to accommodate for the lower classes as well.

Hypatia: Yes indeed, given the housing prices on our capital is usually high. Have you any plans for mid-priced houses?

Kallisto: Oh yes. Most definitely I have them, and I shall also design them in a Hellenic way like a BAWS. Also, more community lots. In fact, I suggest using the space that may be generated from the reduction of depth work that may allow us to make new grounds. I think the Attalids might enjoy a bit of company.

Hypatia: I'd also like to add complete rework of the Aigyptian Nome. Seems that needs a lot of love.

Kallisto: Ah, taking care of your roots in Alexandreia, eh?

Hypatia: Ah, Kallisto, you with your silly sayings.

Chapter 2: AkademiaEdit

As reconstruction progresses, the Ecclesiarchy set up a basic framework for the reconstructed Hekatonschoinos. With new roads, new lots, and new spaces, Ecclesiarchy looks at the reworking capital with pride, knowing that with some more efforts they could get themselves a proper capital. However, as they plan for their new Library at the Arabio-Aigyptos Nome as well as development of the Taxila Islet, a visitor arrives.

"Mascot rings the bell"

Kallistrata: Greetings, what business... By holy Pella, Sim University folk? What tidings does the university bring  to the Papal State?

Mascot: Yeah, you must be one of them Papal people. You guys are still antiquated in your diction choices, eh?

Kallistrata: Not antiquated. Flamboyant choice of words perhaps, but not antiquated. We don't go around saying "what doth this lively commotion," do we? Kallisto, we'z got ourselves one Sim University folk!

Kallisto: Indeed? So, what business do you have...

Mascot: Ah screw it, here, some promotional materials and placement tests.

Kallisto: Excellent. All adult faithful gather and take the test!

Stratonike: Ah, a test?

Lysistrata: Sounds fun, I'm in!

Everyone takes test, resulting in 2400/2400 for Kallisto, Kallistrata, Hypatia, Lysistrata, and Eurydike. Stratonike receives 2370/2400, missing 30 points in Communication, and Jessica receives 2200+.

Kallisto: Quite surprising, Stratonike.

Stratonike: Bah, pitiful communication. It still doesn't prevent me from receiving full scholarship.

Kallisto: I'd think that shouldn't be even considered a possibility. Nevertheless, this gives us a great opportunity to scout the University, and hopefully subvert negative stereotypes of the Papal State. Hypatia, are you in?

Hypatia: Ah, yes. I do believe we could get some PR improvements there. I'm very sure the nerd types will love us.

Kallistrata: It's settled, then. Pi!

Pi: Yes?

Kallistrata: We shall be going to college, and hence you'll be entrusted to the Sunset Valley Chapter. Thankfully, they happened to visit us in our work, so you shouldn't have any troubles.

Pi: Well... ok. So, can I have some purple?

Kallistrata: Hmm... I don't have purple. Do you accept Aigai?

Pi: I don't know... What's an Aigai?

Kallistrata: Technically an old town in Central Macedonia. In our case, it's everything that is good, interchangeably used with Pella.