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Welcome to the Behind the Scenes of Diary of a Young Alien. This is basically a Q&A about this story's development.

Was there any inspiration for DYA?Edit

There was definitely an inspiration for me. In fact, the inspiration came from The Sims series itself. The Sims 4: Get to Work reintroduced aliens, and this version of them is one that I am particularly fond of, especially the introduction of an accessible homeworld, and that of disguises.

The concept of disguises absolutely fascinated me, but unfortunately at the time I couldn't get GTW (I do have it now, though), so then it hit me that I could create a substitute in The Sims 3 instead by writing a story! And that is how Xandria Kliper's adventure came to be.

How the heck did you have Xandria and Zrala get disguises?! #mindblownEdit

I actually just created two Sims to portray Xandria, and another two to represent Zrala. One of them is alien, the other human. I switch them around in accordance to which one is needed. For the picture in which Xandria is not wearing the 'head', I created another outfit exactly the same as Alexandria's everyday, and then added gloves and full-length stockings coloured exactly the same as Alexandria's skin. I did the same with Zrala/Sara, just in case I need it later. It took a little while, but the results were quite satisfying.

Furthermore, no cheats were used, with the exception of NRaas MasterController to change Xandria and Zrala's alien DNA percentage to 100%, making them fully alien, and to allow multiple accessories in one location to allow Xandria's socks to fit over her stockings in the 'headless' scene.

Ask a question!Edit

Please do ask a question in the comments section below, should you have any about how I created the story and anything else about Diary of a Young Alien's production! I will try my best to answer all questions! ―The Tim Man (Infinite HistoriesGalactic CruciblesThe Sims WikiHallows MaleficentWhy I'm here in the first place)

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