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The Sixamian Imperial Calendar is the standard dating system used on the planet Sixam, as well as all other colonies and subject worlds pledging allegiance or under the rule or military protection of the Sixamian Grand Empire. It centres mainly on Sixam's orbit around its parent star, much like Earth's Gregorian calendar. A standard Imperial day is 25 Sixamian hours long, which is roughly equivalent to 18 Earth hours.

Days of the weekEdit

The Imperial calendar has 10-day weeks. This was calculated through the orbit of Sixam's closest moon, Xixxow. It took roughly 10 Sixamian days for Xixxow to cycle through its phases, which are similar to that of Earth's Moon. The days of the week are:

  • Ghreteg
  • Derleteg
  • Clierteg
  • Roiferteg
  • Minerteg
  • Xerloteg
  • Xawloteg
  • Arioteg
  • Mailiteg
  • Kixawteg

Since the year Juzakl 12 (around 1810 - 1811) the days Arioteg, Mailiteg and Kixawteg make up the Sixamian equivalent to the weekend (Tegkoland). During Tegkoland, like during the weekend, Sixamians are let off work and school.

However, many students attend weekend schools (Tegkoxar) that teach on Arioteg and Kixawteg. Mailiteg has always been considered a day of rest, and as such most facilities close on Mailitegs, except vital ones like hospitals, fire stations and police departments.


There are 10 months in a Sixamian year, each 42 days long. The months were calculated based on Sixam's outer moon, Xaxxor, which took 42 days to complete its phase cycle.

  • Denarix
  • Baetoz
  • Kixon
  • Erxon
  • Brinzius
  • Maronslix
  • Sranzor
  • Hralwis
  • Netnius
  • Excolumnis


Since the establishment of the North Sixamian Imperial Alliance in 1240 AD, years throughout Sixamian territories have been named based on the year of the incumbent Emperor's reign. Years are 420 Sixamian days long.

The first Emperor to use this system was the first leader of the North Sixamian Imperial Alliance, Chaxual. He reigned for 86 years, meaning that the last year labelled "Chaxual" was Chaxual 86. The next year was at first Chaxual 87, but after Chaxual died on 3 Sranzor, his successor Gazran was crowned, and the year was renamed Gazran 1.

The year at the beginning of Diary of a Young Alien is Xujjar 35, meaning the 35th year of the reign of Emperor Xujjar.