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Dina's Life

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This is a fanon by Salammbo, about Dina Caliente and the rest of pleasantview. I have a bad habbit of starting a fanon and then abandonning it but I will try not to this time. Any comments will be appreciated.

Chapter 1: A wedding.Edit

It was a quiet spring morning. The sky was blue and the birds were singing. Dina was in Mortimer's car listening to What a wonderful world by Sam Cooke. Driving the car was her "boyfriend", Mortimer. They were driving to the church for a very special occasion: Don Lothario and Cassandra Groth's wedding. Dina wasn't too happy with this, but she promised herself she would try not to think about the affair: she and Don had had a fling the year before, but when her husband died she started mourning and wouldn't even talk to Don. She had since found comfort in the arms of Mortimer, he too having lost a loved one, but not exactly in the same way. She wouldn't have gone to wedding if it wasn't for the fact that the future Madame Lothario was in fact Mortimers daughter. The car stopped and they silently walked into the church. Dina sat next to her sister Nina and Mortimer sat next to his son Alexander.

Cassandra's brides maid was her best friend Mary-Sue. Don didn't really know any guys so his best man was Darren Dreamer. But Darren didn't really like Don and had a secret crush on Cassandra. "Will you, Don Lathario, take Cassandra Goth as your lawfly weded wife?" Said the priest. Dina noticed that her sister looked away. She was surprised; Nina and Don had history but as far as she was convinced it was over. What Dina didn't know was that Don and Nina had continued to see each other. In fact Don pretty much had an affair with half Pleasantview, even his maid!

Don was hesitating; he loved his Don Juan life and didn't wantto abandon it, but he couldn't say no, not after all the work Cassandra had put to make the perfect wedding. And he refused to be one of these husbands that cheat on their wives with younger women, like Daniel, Mary-Sue's husband.

"Will you?" Asked the priest.