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 District Heights, (Also known as District Heights Blues) is a fanon by AnimeCupcakes. It's currently in the works on Chapter 4.
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District Heights Blues Cover


Sofia Archer wasn't really happy when her parents told her that they were moving into a bustling, crime magnet, crowded place like the city. It scared her to no end about the possibilities of what could happen. (which was normal for people who are as shy as she is) But, everything changed when she met Tobias. An obnoxious, silly lad that drives her crazy to no end with his antics of trying to befriend her. Little did she know, he might not be so annoying after all when she gets to know him a little better and start to get closer than ever before towards each other. But what happens when love and friendship are so strong, but at the same time so very weak?


Sofia Archer
Maggie Archer
Coby Archer