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Chapter 2
Name: Chapter 2
Series: District Heights
Written by: AnimeCupcakes
Release date: June 29, 2013

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(Author's Note: Sorry for the delay. I got it finished at the tick toc of midnight and decided to post it at dawn. Once again, sorry for making you guys wait! ^^" -AnimeCupcakes)

     When we got to our apartment (suitcases and backpacks in hand) my parents were nearly shocked to

District Heights Blues Chapter 2 cover
have seen what they’ve found. Our apartment was fully furnished with luxurious furniture (there was even a grand piano sitting in the corner classically coated in black, waiting for a pianist’s touch.) and well done wooden floors. I was surprised too, but not as surprised as my parents for they had their mouths drop to the floor in amazement and surprise. “My…Sister never said that the apartment was going to be that well-furnished.” My mother slowly worded. The shock in her voice wasn’t hard to notice. “I wonder how she did it…” Said my dad who was also in as much shock as my mom was, and tagged along with her. The reason why I wasn’t as shock as they were was because I could have guessed that because my aunt Minny was the type to throw money at people like it was nothing and give to people who needed it the most like I said, to not only afford this giant space of an apartment, but to also furnish it with luxurious furniture and home décor. After looking around our new home (Which consisted of two bedrooms, a very beautiful kitchen, and somewhat of a bathroom) we unpacked our bags and lounged in for a while. I stayed in my room while my parents looked around some more. (my mom took off her shoes and rested on the couch afterwards, laptop in hand while my dad decided to go without us to explore a little of the environment of the city.) My room didn’t have a window unlike my parent’s bedroom and the only source of “entertainment” for me was a dollhouse and a toy chest. I sighed looking through the contents of the chest, finding a yo-yo, a Snugglesworth Teddy Bear that’s supposed to attract children from a range of 3 to 8 year olds even though my aunt has heard enough about me to know that I’m 11, and other junk that doesn’t and will never catch my attention. Staring at the Dollhouse, I picked up one of the dolls and tried to think of a scenario in my head to imagine and play around with like what little girls way younger than me do. After a few minutes of thinking of an idea to play with, I finally thought of a story to unravel with this dollhouse.

Diana sat in front of her family’s old piano. For years, this piano was passed down to generation after generation of famous pianists in her family. She had taken lessons at the age of three and was at first frustrated that she couldn’t remember the notes as clearly as her tutor, who was her aunt. Her aunt was a famous pianist from miles around and shortly after retiring decided to teach the younger youth who longed to learn the art of playing the piano. She taught a determined Diana piece by piece how to play after her niece’s sudden outburst of anger made her give up once. They practiced sunrise and sun down, causing Diana to grow tired and weary. After the third week, her aunt decided to let her rest for the next few weeks. She’d overworked her niece too much, and she wanted her to rest because if she kept going, it would be more like forcing her own loved one into continuing on the family name rather than her niece being more so determined to learn how to play than any of her students. It was a hard task to let her take a break, though. She’d sometimes sneak into the Drawing Room and practice by herself only to be caught by either her parents or even her aunt herself and be dismissed back into her room. Even when Diana begged and begged her parents and aunt to let her practice some more, they refused to let her. This kept going on and on and on, until her aunt’s patience grew thin. “You want to know why I told you to take a break?!” her aunt screeched at her only niece who’s face at this point was filled with fear. “It’s because I didn’t want you to be like me growing up! When I was your age, I never even got to even sleep for a few decent hours. I practiced day after day after day. They even punished me by hitting my hands with a ruler if I missed a single note and yelled at me to restart the whole piece again!” Her aunt’s voice grew stronger with anger and annoyance when finally she saw poor Diana shed a few tears. Her cheeks soaked with tears turning a flustered bright pink and eyes a puffy red. Realizing what she had done, she ran over to her sobbing niece, pulling her in quickly for a hug in an apologetic gesture, stroking her now messy dirty blonde hair to calm her down. Diana returned the hug, clinging tightly onto her relative and tutor sobbing into her shoulder’s sleeve soaking it in wet salty tears. “Shhh.” Her aunt cooed, now rubbing her back slowly, patting it every once in a while. “I apologize for my sudden angry outburst. Deep down I never intended to hurt you.”

     My door suddenly opened, my mother standing in its archway. “Hm, I see you’re playing with that old dollhouse. I thought you gave up on playing with those, saying you were ‘too old for baby toys.’” She teased making me blush in embarrassment. I knew I should have locked the door. “I-I-I was just bored from being cooped up in here and decided to look around! That’s all!” I stuttered in complete and utter embarrassment, my cheeks glowing more into a bright red making my mom let out a hearty chuckle. “Listen kiddo, your dad and I are going to soon enroll you into school and you’ll be able to make friends there. Don’t worry, we checked and we found that the school here has very friendly students and their academic teachings are great. You’ll love it.” My flustered red cheeks soon vanished a little after the word ‘school’. Ever since I was taken out of school because of being bullied over my good grades in school and homeschooled, I was more comfortable in being home where I was safe than be in some place filled with people who would most likely be like everyone else I’ve encountered about 99% of the time. Jerks. People who think I’m trying to get attention because I’m shy when really it was never in my intention to even want the attention people give out to me. I already knew straight up that this was not going to end well at all for me.