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DoTS: Desolation
Name: DoTS: Desolation
Genre: Horror
Created by: ColinThePanda, AsherÉire
Number of chapters: TBA

Original run: August 5th 2013
Status: Under construction

Preceded by: Dawn of The Sims (page 5)

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DoTS (Dawn of The Sims): Desolation is the sequel to Dawn of The Sims. It takes place right after the events of Dawn of The Sims. The survivor's helicopter crashes into an island and they must survive. On their journey many secrets will uncovered.

Unlike Dawn of The Sims, Desolation will be in present tense and will instead be the characters' thoughts and not on a blog. Like last time, anyone can participate to this fanon. However, only a maximum of 6 people can play a character (3/6 taken). Message me on my talk page if you are interested in playing a character (more characters will be introduced).


September 17th, around 4:23am, RippEdit

'Wha... what's going on?' I think to myself as I my eyes open to the sight of a blurry, dancing orange light. My body feels frozen and any attempt I even make to move end up with me being in soaring pain.

"You're awake." Says a familiar voice. I use the very little energy I have to twist my neck to look at the opposite direction. My neck appears to be the only part of my body I can move without feeling unbearable pain. For a minute, all I can see is a blurry, disfigured face but then the face becomes clear. Agela. "Everyone thought that maybe you didn't make it... but I knew you would!" She giggled. All I felt was confusion. Where am I? I turn around again to see what that light was.

It's a flame. Sitting right there is a burning helicopter. My memory quickly comes back to me. Jason... Heather... everyone else! What's going on!? Our helicopter crashed... and we thought we were so close to safety but we were wrong! Heather... she turned. I inspect the helicopter again to find the pilot, bloody and lifeless.

"Don't worry..." I hear Angela say, "Everyone else is fine. We're in a jungle it seems." I see her pull out something from her pocket. It appears to a handful of berries. "Here, you must be hungry," she says with a smile on her face, "I've read about these berries. They should be safe to consume. I'm just so happy to see that you're alright..." Angela then had a sudden outburst of tears. I felt so worthless... I'm too shocked by this situaton to even say anything. I manage to lift my arm put it over her. "Your injured, you shouldn't move," she reacts.

I finally gain the strength to sit up. However, I feel terrible pain in my left leg. I look at it to find my jeans ripped and blood everywhere. I just don't know what to do anymore... we're lost. I see the remaining survivors sitting around a fire a few meters away. What are we going to do now?

September 17th, 5.02 am, AngelaEdit

You know, under the most normal of circumstances, the act of Ripp tripping over and face planting the sand would be funny.

Not this time around. I don't think anyone's in the mood to laugh about anything now.

It was all fine... until Heather started acting weird. Really weird. She gradually got more and more distant, but none of us noticed. I should've, really. That girl really would not shut up when we were driving to SimCity, yet once we were leaving, she shuts her trap.

I'm such an idiot. I really should have noticed beforehand. Next thing, she goes up front and takes out the pilot. I can still see her turn towards the rest of us... she had that look in her eye. The look of infection, if that makes any sense.

The crash was certainly something. I felt deafened for about 3 minutes. Crawling out the wreckage was no fun, after all, I still screwed up my knee. And the taste of sand isn't pleasant either, for the record.

I can still remember turning around and seeing Ripp trip over, only to noticed Heather's hand grab his ankle and drag him back.

If it wasn't for Lucy, he'd be dead by now. Goodness knows what Heather would've done to him.

As for Heather, she's dead, Lucy ensured that. Quite ironic how a little girl to take out her own parents, yet I can do nothing. I just have that gut feeling thing's aren't going to get an easier.

Now that I think of it, Castor may have been her reason for infection. Again, I'm irritated that I didn't notice that.

But for now, I should just feel lucky that I'm still breathing, and I'm still in Ripp's arms, and that my only cousin and sister are still alive. After all, they're all I've got left.

But for how long for?

September 17th, 10:16am, RippEdit

After a few hours, I finally feel myself again and can actually grasp onto things. We're stranded on what appears to an uncharted tropical island, which has got me thinking... what if this is our safe haven? What if everywhere is infested and no where is safe? Surely there can't be any of those things here, it's so desolate. I can even see normal animals. Coco doesn't seem to be too fond of them though, she's constantly barking at them.

One thing I've noticed is how bitter Lucy's became. She looks so angry all the time, not sad, angry. We can't even talk to her. She must be devastated so I don't blame her. In fact, we all are. I don't even think this is real, it can't be can it? He was a good person and I just can't believe that's happened to him. It should've been me, I should've sacrificed myself. Jason was a much better person than I am, he would've helped more than I ever could. I'm just hopeless. I just can't believe he's gone... He was a better dad to me than my own dad was, and Jason's not even my dad!

Everyone's quiet. It's rather frightening. We've ventured into the jungle many times and we've found many exotic fruits and such so we're not starving or anything. We have everything we need. Is this really how it's going to be from now on?

I suggest that we make a start on building some form of shelter. Everyone looks up at me with dull expressions on their face as if saying "Is now really the time?" I sit back down and forget I said anything. This silence... this coldness towards each other... I can't stand it. It feels weird to say this but I genuinely wish that things were they way they were before. Not pre-apocalypse, although that'd be amazing as well, I want things to be like what they were back with Jason. When we were all together and were actually able to smile.

September 17th, 3:55pm, AngelaEdit

Y'know, after some thinking, I know why everyone's glum; there's no unity at all. I know that's stating the obvious, but the point I'm trying to make is that we need some kind of leadership.

But who can replace Jason? I would be biased if I said Ripp would be the most likely candidate. I mean, sure, he's brave, but he's reckless. I mean, I found him with a bullet in his foot... come on, who would actually be able to manage that? Just imagine if he did that with the rest of us...  not sure I want to chance that.

I think I should pipe up. "Guys... I know this may be a really bad time to spring this up, but..." 


"We've got to have some kind of leader... I mean, ever since we lost Jason, things have been a mess."

I get this glare from Dina. Well, that's my brief moment of confidence out of the window...

"Look, Angela," Lilith starts, "Now's not a great time, just look at everyone, we're a mess."

"So that's it, you're just going to give up?" I say this harsher than I meant to, and my voice is choked with tears. My vision goes all blurry.

"Hey, who even said that's what I meant?" She yells back.

"You know what?" I scream, "Forget this, I tried, and we've given up before we can even get back to our feet!"

And, without even thinking, I get up and run.

September 17th, 3:56pm, RippEdit

Angela! No! Why would she do that!? Oh no I have to do something! I quickly get onto my feet and chase after her into the jungle. Nothing. I soon become lost and begin to panic. All I can hear is my deep breaths but other than that there's nothing but silence.

The silence is soon broken by a shrill scream. Angela! I follow the sound and I quickly stumble across Angela. She's lying on the ground. I quickly run down to her and hug her as tight as I could.

"Angela! Please nev-" I hesitate before being interrupted.

"RIPP! BEHIND YOU!" Angela cries. However, there I didn't need to turn around to know what was behind me. Those groans... I will never be able to forget them. A walker. We're not safe. This... place. It's not safe.

I turn around to get a glimpse of the monster. What!? It's clothing... they're modern! It's also got a camera... this island must not be as abandoned and isolated as we thought!

I soon realise the current situation I'm in. Angela and I are unarmed... we have to be resourceful. Nothing I'm not used to. Before I can do anything, I am greeted by the ugly face of the monster and I fall to the ground.

Is this is? Is this... the end?

September 17, 3.57pm, DinaEdit

I found some paper in the wreck of the plane along with a couple of pens not long after Ripp and Angela ran into the jungle. Ugh... I don't understand Angela sometimes, Jason and Heather have literally just died in front of us and all she cares about is who's going to be the next leader. Like we need a leader right now, all we need at this current moment in time is some proper food, shelter and first aid kits. And Ripp just follows her around like a puppy, like she's a piece of meat. It's frustrating.

Anyway, when Ripp followed Angela into the jungle, Lilith began to cry due to a hormone craze or whatever Angela said the other night. Me, being nice, hugged her and reassured her that everything was going to be alright. Through her sniffles and emotions, she managed to utter a few words to me.

"I can't believe the group is falling apart. Like this."

Now, I'm not a girl who shows her emotions, I mean, I'm Dina Caliente for crying out loud! But what Lilith said, well, it kind of hurt. You know, I can't help but blame Angela for this whole situation. If she never suggested us electing a leader, then we wouldn't be in this mess.

I'm also having problems of my own, Jill and Lucy are being quite, not telling me anything. The girls are just keeping to themselves, and I don't like that. I've also been getting cravings, cravings for food we don't even have!

Angela and Ripp better come back with something good. If not, then I may just have to do something about it myself.

September 17th, 3:59pm, AngelaEdit

An intense feeling of dread fills my body, and my stomach ties itself in knots. This is it; everything just repeats itself, first Dustin, now Ripp... this is just too much for me to take, so I close my eyes.

There's nothing I can do, absolutely nothing. Ripp's cursing and the monster's snarls fill my head... I just can't take this any more! I can feel tears burning my eyes.

Then... nothing. No shouting, nothing. Then the world comes back to me; I can hear Ripp panting, then shouting. I look up immediately to see him covered in blood, gagging.

And a decapitated walker. Its head is only a few metres from my feet. A wave of nausea over came me, and I tell myself; calm yourself, there's nothing to lose your head over.

I'm so funny.

"Not my cleanest kill, but who's complaining?" A masculine voice says. I look up to see a young man, not much older than myself, holding a bloodied machete.

"Not your cleanest is an understatement." Ripp pipes up. He looks a right state. "I practically drank six litres of  blood!"

I panic, but Ripp notices the look in my eyes. "I didn't mean it that way Angie, just a huge exaggeration."

"It'd better be, goodness knows how much trouble that would cause." I hug him.

The other guy groans. "May I introduce myself now?" he says irritably. The wave of relief that came across me has turned my legs to jelly... I'm not really in the mood for new faces right now.

"Sure." Ripp says quietly.

September 17th, 4:02pm, RippEdit

"Name's Justin Cleveland," the boy said, "I've been camping out in this jungle for quite some time now. I thought I was the only one smart enough to actually steer away from areas that were previously bursting with civilisation but I guess I was wrong!"

Angela glared at Justin.

"Wait... so this island is as deserted as we initially thought?" asked Angie.

Justin began laughing. Angie and I looked at each other in confusion. What's so funny?

"What do you mean? Did you expect a popular holiday destination to be empty during the summer?" Justin chuckled.

"Holiday destination!?" I barge in, "What are you on about!?"

Justin's laughing came to a halt.

"Oh..." Justin sighed, "Are you guys lost or something?"

"I suppose you could say that," replied Angie, "Look, we're not going through the best of times just now. We've set up a camp not far from here so do you mind if we walk and explain?"

Justin nodded and with a little help from Angela I get back up onto my feet. I totally forgot about how much leg hurt, I guess I was just too worried and Angie to even care or notice. I really hope she doesn't try and do anything like that again.

We begin to walk through the jungle. However, we seem to have fallen quiet once again.

"So uh..." Justin says, trying to break the silence ", how did you guys even get here? Do you even know what island this is?"

"No," Angie and i said in unision.

"Well..." Justin spoke, "Welcome to Twikkii Island!"

September 17th, 4.06pm, AngelaEdit

This is just getting stupid, seriously. Out of every place we could've crashed, we end up here, not just on a holiday island, but an infected one at that.

Perfect timing really, we're going to end up dead if we can't get out.

Well, considering this boy's been stuck here for a while, we're not getting out of here.

"Well this sucks." Ripp pipes up, having seemlingly read my mind. He runs his hand through his hair before continuing. "I guess it would've been too good to be true that we'd get out of that mess in SimCity, let alone get out with everyone else."

"Don't say that..." I whimper "... we're all getting out of here, I promise."

But I'm doubting that. What if he's right, what if it is too good to be true? No no, I can't doubt our capabilities now, considering we've gone so far together.

"I know Angie," he interrupts my thoughts "but you're going to have a tough time trying to convince the others that"


"Yeah, exactly"

"Uh... yeah, hi, can you maybe explain what you're on about?" Justin asks impatiently.

"Later, right now we've got to get back to camp" I say before catching his glare. "Fine... he was a friend who we lost on the way, he was like the figure of authority in the group. Without him we can't get anyone motivated to continue."

Justin sighed. "Well, I guess some motivation from an outsider may help, it might get some sense into their heads knowing no bias is going to included. Sometimes reason gets to people more than kind-hearted words."

"Sounds like a plan, the spotlight's all yours" I reply. This had better work, or we're all screwed.

September 17th, 4:06pm, RippEdit

Before we know it, we find ourselves back at our base. Already I can see the others glaring at Justin.

"And who might THIS be?" Dina snaps.

"His name's Justin," I reply, "He kinda saved my life so yeah."

"RIPP!" Dina screams with blatant fury, "We can't afford another person with us! Do you ever think of anyone other than yourself!? We have just lost someone very dear to us and all you and your precious little girlfriend care about is-"

"Hey, hey, hey, settle down folks," Justin interrupts, "I understand that times may be difficult for you all at the moment, but now really isn't the time to be fighting. The only way you guys are ever going to make it out alive is by sticking together."

Justin continues with a huge speech that causes and uproar and lots of arguing. I block it all out though and I sit down on the sand, Dina's harsh words cycling through my head. She's right. I've just been in so much pain and so determined to prevent any further deaths that I haven't even had time to reflect and grieve Jason's death. He was a great man. I don't even think I'd be alive if it weren't for him... and he saved my precious Angie.

"WHY DON'T YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP!" Little Lucy stands up with an angered expression, bringing all the arguing and noise to a halt. How odd... I've never seen her act this way before. "We're already dead! There's no point in even trying anymore..."

Lucy sits back down and everyone remains quiet. What has she become? This is just not like her at all. We spend the next few minutes in silence.

"We WILL make it through this," Angie breaks the silence, "I know we will. I made a promise that we'd get out of here and I'm going to stick to that, no matter what. So yeah, I'll become the stupid leader."

Oh, so now even Angela's opening up a new side of her that I've never seen before. I've never known her to be so determined and confident. For some reason, I feel safer and more relaxed knowing that the group's in her hands.

Justin begins to clap.

"Welp, looks like I won't be needed anymore," He says, getting read to leave.

"No, wait!" I shout, "We could use anothe fighter for the group... and someone who can actually navigate the island. So please, stay with us. Surely you'd stand a higher chance of surviving when with others."

"Well..." he replies, "Count me in!"