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Doctor Who: The Cruciform Saga is a fanon by CrimsonAssassin. The series follows the Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, during his adventures as the Eighth Doctor. Drawing heavily from both the old and new series, the Cruciform Saga will include the Eighth Doctor's adventures through the amazing worlds of the Crucible, a massive computer world built by the Time Lords as a backup of the universe in case the Time War leads to the destruction of all things. It will answer many questions that have remained unanswered in both the Sims universe and the Doctor Who Universe as well as paint a portrait of the horrors of the Last Great Time War.



Currently in his Eighth Incarnation, the Doctor is an alien from a distant world. More specifically, the Doctor is a Time Lord, a wise race of beings from the planet Gallifrey. Time Lords are immensely intelligent and able to regenerate into new bodies after being subjected to injuries or conditions that would otherwise lead to death. This ability to regenerate allows the Time Lords to live for centuries, if not millennia. The Doctor has regenerated seven times already, placing him in his eighth life. The Doctor travels through space and time in a blue box known as the TARDIS; Time and Relative Dimension in Space. The box is bigger on the inside and capable of going just about anywhere.

Ever since the start of the Time War, a mighty war fought between the Time Lords and a warlike race known as the Daleks, the Doctor has been running around the universe, trying to negate its effects. He has saved entire planets at the cost of countless other races. As the Time War burns across space and time, the prospect of the universe looks grim. To prevent the deaths of his closest companions, the Doctor travels alone, haunted by the deaths of other companions such as C'rizz, Tamsin, and Lucie as well as the death of his great grandson, Alex Campbell.

Now, accompanied only by his TARDIS and his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor is responding to a Time Lord signal beckoning him through the TARDIS. The Doctor has seen many adventures and done many impossible things. Nothing, however, could have prepared him for the Cruciform. Tricked by a rogue Time Lord, the Doctor is trapped in the digital copy of the universe. He must enlist the help of the denizens of this universe to break free before more Time Lords are drawn into the Cruciform, unable to stop the wave of destruction unleashed by the mighty Dalek Empire.

A young girl in the Cruciform, Bella was born to the modest Bachelor family in Sunset Valley. Up until now, he life has been relatively normal. Her parents Simis and Jocasta work to provide a living for the family, not that they are in any danger of becoming destitute. Her brother, Michael, copes with the hardships of being a teenager. The family lives in a modest home in a modest part of Sunset Valley. The only thing not modest about Bella is her social circle; Bella and Mortimer Goth, heir to the massive Goth fortune, are the greatest of friends despite the climate of social and economic change in Sunset Valley. This friendship proves to be unending and wonderful, both friends unaware of their futures together.

Bella has no idea how much her life is about to change. When a blue box appears outside of a SimMart, the fate of Sunset Valley will be changed forever.

Mortimer Goth is on the fast track to inheriting his powerful family's possessions thanks to his position as sole heir to the Goth fortune. The Goth family could be described as the very soul of Sunset Valley. Generations of Goths have nurtured the town despite the poisonous influence of the Landgraabs. When the Altos, a powerful family from Bridgeport, arrives in Sunset Valley, the cozy-quaint little town may, for the first time, be threatened. The Landgraab-Alto feud threatens the town even further. It may be time for the Goths to forge an alliance with one of the families to save the town.

Mortimer, however, is just a boy. While he has no say in these matters, this issue has his father acting more distant than ever and his mother doing what she can to play both sides of the feud. Mort's only friend is Bella Bachelor. While Gunther Goth may not approve of Mort's lack of connections this early in life, Mort is just happy to have an ear to talk to. Despite his differences from his parents, Mort is a learned boy with a penchant for old literature and fine art. In an era of change, the Goths remain stone-willed and traditional. When a blue box arrives outside of a planned SimMart, however, the Goths will soon learn the true meaning of 'change'.

Like the Doctor, Ryte is a Time Lord. One of the foremost minds in his field, Ryte is in the computer simulation business... and business is good. Before the Time War, Ryte was a humble designer of entertainment simulators. With the outbreak of the Time War and the murder of his family, Ryte has become focused on preserving those he cares about. Ryte has taken his work very seriously, however. The desire to preserve what was left of his city led to the desire to preserve Gallifrey itself in a computer simulation. Before long, Ryte had made it his mission to catalog every planet in the universe that had yet to be ravaged by the Time War.

To house this computer simulation, Ryte has built the Cruciform, a massive construct in deep space filled with massive servers. His quest to save the entire universe in this form has taken its toll on his mind. Sanity has given way to madness and Ryte desperately searches for people to test his simulation.

At the start of the Time War, the Time Lord war hero Andraste was called into action. With a fleet of battle TARDISes, Andraste has visited many places around the universe, saving them from the Daleks. Some would call her a saviour, a figure to look up to in battle. Others would call her cold and calculating, willing to make difficult choices too easily. Whatever the case may be, President Romana herself has placed her utmost trust in Andraste with the Second Battle TARDIS Fleet. Cunning and beautiful, Andraste has favour amongst the Time Lord Council and many connections on Gallifrey. Shortly after the Battle of the Cygnus Rim, Andraste disappeared without a trace.

Andraste has been presumed dead by the Gallifreyan High Council. Her disappearance is the source of many theories. In truth, Andraste was tricked into the Cruciform by Ryte, who sought to tap into her knowledge of the various places she has seen. Now trapped inside the Cruciform, Andraste has been living amongst the inhabitants of this construct as a woman named Anne. Desperately trying to break free from the simulation, it is only a matter of time before she runs into trouble while trying to escape... or will trouble find her?

The Cruciform has received funds from all over the universe. However, the man responsible for most of these funds is a Time Lord known as Klapaucius. Creator of the Cyberiad Shipyards, a massive construct capable of creating Time Lord ships and growing TARDISes, Klapaucius is wealthy, ambitious, and willing to do almost anything to ensure that the Daleks don't end existence itself. Of course, it's only to protect his assets, but Klapaucius nevertheless works tirelessly to save what he can from the impending Dalek invasion. Klapaucius sends pieces of the Cruciform from the Cyberiad every once in a while to fund the project.

Recently, however, Klapaucius has stopped funding the Cruciform, citing Ryte's instability as a reason. In an attempt to bring his good friend back to sanity, Klapaucius took a trip to the Cruciform. What started as a simple check-in, however, has turned into a nightmare, Klapaucius being trapped in the Cruciform as punishment for cutting off Ryte's funding.

Like Mortimer Goth, Holly is a member of one of the three most powerful families in Sunset Valley. However, unlike her parents, Holly is not a ruthless business woman or a superficial person. Instead, she is a normal teenage girl. Her strained relationship with her family has led to some wondering if she'll even inherit the family fortune... if she accepts it at all. Despite her attempts to have a normal life, she is constantly labeled as 'the Alto kid' and expected to act as such. Some believe it is an act to make her family appear better to the common people of Sunset Valley. Others believe it is genuine. Whatever the case may be, her modesty is well-known.

Holly knows that the fate of Sunset Valley hangs in the balance. What she doesn't know is how high the stakes truly are. And she's about to be caught in the middle of it.