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Publisher(s) Bhind45
Series The Sims
Engine The Sims 3 Engine
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Ratings Any Ages
Media YouTube
Creature Cybermen
Weeping Angels
The Master

For the series created by Manyfestation, see Fanon:Doctor Who : Sims 3 Adventures.

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Doctor Who: The Sims 3 (Stylized as Doctor Who: The Sims III) is a Science Fiction YouTube web-series created by Bhind45. The series (like the TV show) follows a Humanoid-Alien known as The Doctor traveling around the universe in a Time-Machine known as the TARDIS. He is accompanioned by a constant companion that travels with him. Through these adventures he faces a variety of enemies.


Two trailers were revealed prior to the beginning of the series. The series was first uploaded on July 14th 2012, with "Part One" of The Destruction of the TARDIS, "Part One" was than followed by "Part Two", "Part Three" and "Part Four", bringing The Destruction of the TARDIS to an end on the 5th of August. The next serial The Labyrinth of Time began on September the 2nd.
For a list of episodes see List of Doctor Who: The Sims 3 episodes

Main CharactersEdit

The DoctorEdit

A Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who explores time and space in an unreliable time machine, the "TARDIS" which notably appears much larger on the inside than on the outside. As a Time Lord, the Doctor has the ability to regenerate his body when near death. The Doctor has fully gone through this process and its resulting after-effects on ten occasions, with each of his incarnations having their own quirks and abilities but otherwise sharing the consciousness, memories, experience and basic personality of the previous incarnations. The Doctor that appears in this series, is an unknown incarnation. The Doctor appears in all episodes of Season 1.

Katarina JonesEdit

Katarina is the companion of the Doctor and a regular in the series. Most of Katarina's background is unknown, even the situation in which she joined the Doctor is unknown. Katarina appeared in 6 stories (15 episodes) and is absent in 5 of those 20 episodes in Season 1.

Charles SiringoEdit

Charles is the last known survivor from his western town after it was attacked by a soul Dalek. Charles joins the Doctor after they encounter each other in the Catacombs of the town ("Catacomb"). Charles becomes a regular 1 episode after in "Astray" and stays a regular to the end of the Season. Charles appeared in 5 stories (16 episodes) and is absent in 4 of those 20 episodes in Season 1.

Roger Delgado as the MasterEdit

A would-be universal conqueror, with an objective of eliminating and/or hurting the Doctor. The original (and most common before 1996) look of the character was similar to that of the classic Svengali character; a black Nehru outfit with a beard and moustache. The Master becomes a regular in "Nemesis", 2 episodes after his first appearance. The Master is a recurring villain for half of Season 1 of the Doctor Who: Sims 3 series. The Master appeared in 4 stories (10 episodes) and is absent in 10 of those 20 episodes of Season 1.

Past HistoryEdit

The DoctorEdit

Past Doctors have made frequent cameos throughout the series, such as;

  • Patrick Troughton (Catacomb & Astray)
  • Jon Pertwee (Catacomb & Astray)
  • Sylvester McCoy (Catacomb)
  • William Hartnell (Catacomb)
  • Tom Baker (Catacomb & Astray)
  • Matt Smith (Catacomb)
  • David Tennant (Astray)
  • Paul McGann (Astray)
  • Christopher Eccleston (The Destruction of the TARDIS: Part One & Astray)

Peter Davison and Colin Baker are the only Doctors not to appear in the series yet.




TARDIS Mark III as seen in Enigma of the Dead.

Like the normal series, the TARDIS is featured. The Mark I and II interior of the TARDIS is based on the TARDIS's used by Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy, and like the TV show, the TARDIS uses the original materialising sound. However, the Mark III TARDIS is not based on any TARDIS seen in the normal show.

Sonic ScrewdriverEdit

The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver has the same features as the one in the normal show. However, the appearance of it is unlike any seen in the show. The sound effect is the same one used in the New series.

Villians and MonstersEdit

Like the TV show, The Sims 3 series features enemies from the original show, such as the Cybermen (The Destruction of the TARDIS), Daleks (The Labyrinth of Time), the Weeping Angels (The Labyrinth of Time and The Angels Who Cried Wolf), and the Master (Enigma of the Dead).

Opening Title SequenceEdit

Like many TV shows, this one also features an Opening Sequence. To date there has been two completely different Opening Sequences, The first Opening Sequence features the theme song from 1986, and has the names float in, than the title card, than the title name, and than who it is by. This Opening Sequence was used from The Destruction of the TARDIS, "Part One" to "Part Three".

The second opening sequence is completely different and features a completely new theme song, a slightly updated title card, and no longer has the serial title in it. This Opening Sequence was used from "Part Four" of The Destruction of the TARDIS to "Catacomb"

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