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Don's Affair's
Don and Dina Caliente
Genre: Drama/Romance
Created by: Fangirl4545
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: Unknown

Status: N/A

Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: N/A

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Don's Affair's was made by Fangirl4545 and it is mostly about Don and all his different girlfriends and all the conflict that happens.

Chapter I:Woohoo DayEdit

"Hmmm...." said Don thinking about all his loves in his hot-tub. His upcoming marriage with Cassandra Goth his two lovers Kaylynn Langerak, and Nina Caliente. Not to mention his one crush Dina Caliente.

"Hey sweetheart." said Nina in a flirty way.

"Hey honey." said Don back in a flirty way also.

"Oh Donny, You are always in your hot tub." said Nina.

"Well you know, Its been a hard week and then the love of my life comes to visit me. Oh how lucky i am." Said Don while grabbing Nina into the tub.

"It's hard for me to make commitment to someone when there are plenty of girls out there. Hmmm.... said Don in his mind.

And before you knew it Don was Woohooing with Nina and both fell asleep together while holding each other.

The next day Don woke up finding Nina gone he got up and went on with his everyday life. And ALSO before he knew it Kaylynn was there but she was frowning.

"Sweetheart? whats wrong?" said Don.

"Don.... I'm pregnant."

"Really? So its my child?" said Don.

Kaylynn knew that the child wasn't Don's. It was Danial's.

Right when Don was going to walk away Kaylynn grab Don's hand "Don...?" "Yes?" said Don. "Nevermind"

Kaylynn was going to tell Don that it was Danial's child but then backed-up on it.

After Kaylynn did all her cleaning she went home and then Cassandra was ringing the door bell. Don took a peak and saw it was Cassandra he didn't open up and then Cassandra walked away. Don is thinking of leaving Cassandra at the altar.

Chapter II:Left At The AltarEdit

The day of the marriage. Don feels so nervous should he leave Cassandra? Or stick with her? "Leave her!" said Don. At the day of the wedding Don never showed up. Mortimer knew he was a nobody and he also knew that he would pull something like that. Cassandra was devastated. But Don was so happy that he was a free man once again.

Ding-Dong! A knock on the door Don saw it was his good friend Darren Dreamer. So he opened up.

"Hey Darren!" said Don.

"Hey Don! Aren't you suppose to be at your wedding?" said Darren.

Don had no choice but to lie.

"Yeah about that Well.... Cassandra called it off. She said we weren't meant to be." Said Don.

"Oh, Sorry man." said Darren having pity on Don.

"Its okay there are plenty of fishes under the sea" Said Don. Yeah plenty of fishes under the sea is right.

"So, Mind if i come in?" said Darren.

"Yeah sure." said Don.

"So, How is young Dirk doing?" said Don.

"Hes doing okay. Hes on his date with his girlfriend." said Darren.

"You mean that Gothic girl from the Pleasant family!? Haha!" said Don laughing.

"Yeah i think he is getting bad influence from that girl he been sneaking out at 1:00 in the middle of the night the cops would come having him cuffed up. I know it is usually the guys who give the girls the bad influence but this is pretty bad if you ask me." said Darren.

Don was shocked he had his jaws wide open, his eyes wide open, because he saw Dirk before he was a gentlemen.

"Oh, Sorry Don but i gotta get going home now. It was nice talking with you."

"Okay then Darren see ya!"

"See ya too Don!"

After the door closed Don went to take a little nap.

Chapter III:Dina's Marriage And Mortimer's DeathEdit

One rainy day Don was reading a book then news came on Don's TV saying that Mortimer Goth died! Then they showed Mortimer's newly married wife Dina Caliente. Who is now a widow.

"Mrs. Goth, How do you feel that your husband who you married just a day ago died?" said one of the news reporters.

Dina was faking tears "Well.... I loved that man i cant believe he died!" said Dina sobbing away. (Faking)

After that Don saw Dina in the background running away he saw that she was heading Don's direction.


Don opened up and saw that it was Dina.

"Dina!" said Don.

"Don!" said Dina.

"W-what happen? You married Mortimer Goth!?" said Don he was about to get very, very, angry with Dina.

"Wait Donnie, let me explain. I just married that old fool for his money so that you and i can live a wonderful life together." said Dina explaining.

"Wait...? What?" said a very confused Don.

"And you wanna know how much Simoleon's i got?" said Dina.

"How much?"

"§100,000,000" said Dina.

"Oh my gosh..." said Don. "Well... Lets have a little party well honey?" said Don.

"Oh Don, You always had a way with words." said Dina

After that Don and Dina had woohoo and then went to sleep together till sun light. When Dina and Don did a little goodbye kiss.

Chapter IV:Nina's QuestionEdit

Nina and Don were in the hot-tub passionately making-out then Nina wanted to ask Don something.

"Don, I wanted to ask you something." said Nina laying in Don's arms.

"Yes sweetheart." responded Don.

"D-do you love me?" said Nina.

"Yes! Why would you ask such a thing?" said Don.

"Do you want to marry me?" said Nina.

"Ummm... Well...." Don knew that if he married Nina, Nina would tell Dina. And Don doesn't want that. He was planing on marrying Dina due to her money.

"Don... You do know that... I'm pregnant." said Nina.

"WHAT!!?" said Don in shock. That would mean he has to abandon Kaylynn.

After that Nina looked at her belly and started rubbing it. After Nina rubbed it Don rubbed it also. "Hey there little gal or pal." said Don. "Guess who this is? Your dad!" said Don in a childish tone.

"Sweetheart i think you have to go home rest for the baby." said Don.

"Okay. Goodbye." said Nina.

Don had to think it is ether Kaylynn, Dina, or Nina.

Chapter V:Making ChoicesEdit

"Oh, come on! Think! Think!" said Don trying to figure out a way to marry Nina without Dina knowing. There has to be a way! Don found out a way. He was going to marry Nina but quickly move out of town afterward. "Its brilliant!" said Don. After that Don invites Nina over after buying a new ring.

"Hey Nina i have something very urgent to tell you. Get over here right now." said Don in a very serious way.

"Okay honey-bunch but don't get cranky about it jeezs" said Nina.

Right when Nina walks right into the door Dons said... "Will you marry me!?" said Don.

Nina was in shock. "Yes!!! I will marry you!!" said Nina in such a happy way. After that they both kissed and Don put the ring on her finger.

"Nina! Lets move away!" said Don.

Nina was in the heat-of-the-moment so she said yes.

Chapter VI:Back And ForthEdit

"Okay Don, are you ready to move to Veronaville?" said Nina. "Yeah. I'm ready." said Don. Don Doesn't really like to go back and forth but he loves 3 women's at the same time but its worth it to Don.

They left at the brink of dawn. Without anyone knowing. They were driving there when Don just made a sudden stop in the forest.

"Don, Why did you stop?" said Nina.

Don wanted to do woohoo with Nina so after that Nina found out and they had a little fun doing woohoo in the car... After that they made it to Veronaville.

"Well Donnie, We are finally here!"

After that Don and Nina went into their new house. Made themselves at home and did some more woohoo.

Don went to get a job so he got a job in the Law Enforcement Career. "Okay Mr. Lothario, You start your job tomorrow morning 6:00 sharp." said one of the police men. "Why so early?" said Don. "Oh, yes. The first rule is DON'T QUESTION YOUR COMMANDING OFFICER!" said the police man. "Yes sir." replied Don. Don then went home and told Nina.

"Nina, I got a job in the Law Enforcement Career. I gotta get up at 6:00 sharp." said Don.

"Oh honey, Why don't you stay with me?" said Nina. Don knew that Nina was sweet talking him but he knew that so he refused.

"No Nina, I have to do this if i can care for you and the baby." said Don.

"Okay sweetheart." said Nina.

Chapter VII:From Kaylynn To DinaEdit

soon to be edit...