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Don's Love(s)
Name: Don's Love(s)
Series: Pleasantview Stories
Written by: SebasV96
Release date: July 6, 2012

Previous chapter: Anticipation
Next chapter: Pleasant Days

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Don's Love(s) is the second episode of the first season of the sereis Pleasantview Stories, written by SebasV96. Despite the name, Don is not the episode's only focus, as the Caliente sisters aer also heavily involved in this episode.


"Oh, Don, no," Kaylynn moaned as Don smothered her with kisses. "Don, please! You invited me here to clean up..."

"Oh, you maids and your 'professionalism'", Don scoffed coquettishly.

"Oh, 'professional'?" Kaylynn said. "How's this for professional?" she asked, giving Don a huge, passionate kiss.

"Come," Don, said. "let's go take a dip in the Hot Tub."

"You have a Hot Tub?!"

"Yeah, it's on the second-floor deck," Don stated. "You didn't know?"

"Well, I don't have a bathing suit," Kaylynn said. She began to strip down until she was wearing nothing but a bra and panties. "Will this work as a swimsuit?" she asked flirtatiously.

Don laughed and picked her up, carrying the giggling maid up onto his deck adn tossing her in the Hot Tub, then climbing in after her.

They began cuddling and watching the stars over them, but that cuddling quickly turned into kissing, which turned into a passionate make out, which turned into a wild WooHoo. Hot Tub WooHoo.

"Oh, Don," Kaylynn sighede as she resurfaced, sweating from the heat of the Tub and their love. "That was so... steamy!"

"Well, it's getting late now," Don said, kissing her on the lips. "But I'll see you tomorrow, right?"

Kaylynn smiled as she stepped out of the Tub. Don followed her downstairs, where she began picking up her clothes.

"I'm cleaning someone else's house tomorrow. But I'll see you the day after," she said.

Don laughed. "Alright, I'll see you then, love."

He watched as she left, and once he was sure she was gone he called up Nina Caliente to invite her over. She succumbed to him very quickly, and the two found themselves WooHooing way faster than Don had expected.

"Don, you are amazing," Nina sighed dreamily.

"And I'm all yours," Don lied charismatically.

Nina smiled. "Listen, what are you doing tomorrow?"

Don had a date with Nina's twin sister Dina tomorrow. "Uh, late hours at the hospital for my medical internship. Why?"

"Oh, well I was going to invite on a date in Downtown, but I see you're bust. Maybe the next day?"

Don was marrying Cassandra Goth the next day. He figured he might as well come clean about that, since it wouldn't sound so bad if he explained himself. So he spoke, and told Nina everything. Well, not everything. He revealed that he had proposed to Cassandra Goth, which was true. He also revealed he was due to marry her the day after tomorrow, which was also true. He told Nina it was purely for her money, since he was broke and in debt, which was not true.

Originally, Don had gone after the strict, somber, and morally-superior Cassandra for a bit of a challenge, and he won. Now he was marrying her for her money to pay off a debt, but it wasn't originally about that. He also said the debt was piled up from medical school, which was partly true. Med school had cost him a hefty sum of Simoleons, but he also piled up debts from his countless expensive dates with numerous women. But Nina didn't need to know that part.

"Well, I guess I understand," Nina said. "I mean, you're not the only one going after people for their money. I'll see you later, Don."

The two said their goodbyes and Nina started making her way home. A cop car pulled up next to her. "What's a pretty girl like you doing out so late?" the cop asked.

Nina giggled. "I was just going home, officer.

"Well, why don't I give you a ride?" he offered."

"Really? Oh, thank you!" Nina gushed flirtatiously.

"What's the address?" he asked.

"170 Main Street."

"Well, I'm going there right now!" he said. "There was a robbery at that place. A few other policemen are already there.""What?!"

The cop quickly drove Nina over to her condo, where numerous other officers were going in and out. Nina's twin Dina stood outside in her nightgown.

"Oh, Nina, it was awful!" she cried once she saw her sister. "They stole the stereo, and some of the vases and decor, and the hot tub! Seriously, how do you steal a hot tub?!"

"We're sorry, ladies," one of the policemen said. "Looks like he got away."

"We'll never afford to buy all that stuff again!" Dina bellowed. Nina hushed her sister.

"Calm down, Dina," she soothed.

"We don't have any money!" Dina cried.

"Yes we do," Nina reassured. "And his name is Mortimer Goth. Dina, we're running out of time. If you really want to get rich, you're going to have to seduce Morty a little bit quicker."

"But, he's old," Dina said.

"It doesn't matter. Find a way to get him to propose. If not, I'm going to have to take over this operation. We went through a lot of trouble to get him; we have to act before we lose him."

Dina sighed. "Alright then. I guess you're right."

"Great!" Nina laughed. "If we play our cards right, the Goth fortune can be in our hands in months!"

"The only thing in our way," Dina stated, "are his children.