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Don's conquests
Name: Don's conquests
Genre: Drama/romantic

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Don's conquests is a fan faction written by FluffBall.It's about Don Lothario and the many women in his life.

Chapter I: Smart,flirty Don!Edit

Don was coming home from Mary-Sue's office where he had just placed an important document in her stash of paper work and, knowing Mary-Sue and her perfectionist personality, he knew she wouldn't resist correcting parts of it and that she would later get fired. This was all part of his master plan to get her to discover that  her husband was wooing the maid, Kaylynn, one of Don's lovers.

"No one flirts with ANY of my girls." He thought. But what he did not know is that Kaylynn and Daniel were having an affair, and that instead of Mary-Sue catching her partner doing some innocent yet unloyal flirting with a beautiful maid, she caught them in the middle of having not so innocent woohoo.

But Don really needed to get home, because he had invited Dina, the beautiful blond girl who was managing to resist Don's charms. Well, she was managing quite well, for they had shared a kiss, but what Don wanted was much more than a kiss.

Dina arrived around 6 O'clock.She was wearing her usual black dress with a large clevage, but she had a beautiful pearl necklace around her neck. She looked magnificent. He invited her inside and attempted to seduce her, and she fell for his advances. The two sharedn woohoo and midnight rang, so Dina headed home, and Don went to bed with a proud smile.

The next morning Don was woken up by a phone call, it was Kaylynn, she called to say that she couldn't come tomorrow, so she asked if she could come today at 5. But as much as Don liked being in a woman's company sooner rather than later, he already had a date with Nina, so he invented an excuse that he was busy.

"Work, you understand" he said.

She asked him to call her back when he wasn't busy, he agreed and immediately hung up.

But you see, Don said it was work, but he only had to go to the hospital if there was an emergency, and there wasn't, so what he was actually planning to do was attempt to seduce Ivy Copur, the beautiful dark skinned, blue eyed woman who came into town everyday, and he was looking for a new lover. So he headed to the park, and sat down next to her.

"Beautiful morning, isn't it?"He said

"Yes, it is."She replied, while reading her book.

"I couldn't help but notice you have beautiful eyes."

"'Uhm...Thank you...I guess..."she said, while trying to hide her blushing cheeks.

"Would you mind joining me for dinner, say...9 O'clock?" He asked flirtatiously.

'"'Uhm, well, I usually eat earlier, but I suppose I could make an exeption."She said

"Great, it's a date."He said while giving her his address."Meet you tonight."

Chapter II: Dates by the dozenEdit

Don headed home around 2 PM. He ate lunch and emmediately started preparing for his big date with Nina: cleaning up, cooking dinner, spreading rose petals, lighting candels...

Nina arrived just on time, with a beautiful green dress wich she bought for the occasion, matching her eyes and making her hair look twice as beautiful. Don invited her inside and emmediately invited her up to the hot tub, the two made out, wich quickly lead to woohooing. They then went down to have dinner.

Nina was Don's highschool girlfriend and he was fonder of her than he was than any of his other lovers. He loved her more than Cassandra, his fiancee, for he only thought of her as a challenge. He had never been serious about his relationship with Kaylynn and thought of it more like a fun fling,the reason he dissaproved of her affair with Daniel was because he felt insulted that she would even consider him while being in a relationship with Don. He thought of Dina as the woman about town, and that's what interested him. And Ivy was lovely, but she didn't have such an attaching personality as Nina. For a moment Don thought of abandoning his Don Juan lifestyle, but he snapped out of it right away.

what am I thinking? He thought. I love my life as it is!

But looking into Nina's big green eyes made him wonder.

They had a romantic dinner conversation and Nina went home around quarter to 9, which didn't leave Don much time to prepare for his next date, but the romantic setting was already there, so all Don had to do was clean up so that Ivy wouldn't guess that he had an other date just before.

Ivy arrived a few minutes late, but Don didn't mind, as long as it wasn't one hour late, like Cassandra once did. He invited her in and they started dinner. Don didn't stop flirting with her for the whole meal.

Once they were finished eating he invited her up to the terrace, which was his usual move. They watched the stars and Don tried to kiss her, and just as there lips were about to touch, she pushed him away.

You'll have to try much harder than that if you want to seduce me! she said.

Well, I don't mind a challenge! He replied with a flirty tone.

I'll be going now. She said as she grabbed her coat and walked out the door.

Call me so that we can see each other again. He said while as he waited for a taxi with her. The taxi arrived and just as she was about to close the door she said: I will!

Don waited until the taxi disappeared and he walked back into his house.

Pff! She doesn't think I can seduce her, well she hasn't met Don Lothario. He mumbled to himself as he got himself a drink.

Chapter III: Wedding preparationsEdit