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Dr Seuss ZerpentosEdit

Dr Seuss Zerpentos was a mad scientist that lived in Bridgeport.

His sidekick was the evil Bob Carlstelton, who worked in the military until he was fired due to his previous assassination attempt on the mayor.

The two shared a mansion in the outskirts of the city, in a huge mansion that previously belonged to the undead family of The Mortinsons.


Zerpentos had black hair with yellow stripes, white eyes, and a permanent smile. He nearly always wore a scientist's coat, gloves and goggles. However, at special occasions (such as at parties), he would wear a white suit with a black tie and glasses. This revealed that his goggles also functioned as normal glasses.

The doctor was fit and possessed the power of super-strength. He and his minions all had a black sun-tattoo that represented their evil Organization on their necks.

Romantic LifeEdit

Despite being a douchbag most of the time, the doctor was very romantic. Unfortunately, he never succeeded. His first girlfriend (Sofia LeBranch) broke up and fell in love with Zerpentos' sidekick, Bob. After that, Dr Seuss kicked his ex-girlfriend and their adoptive son out of the mansion. After having a big fight with Bob, Dr Seuss moved to the city, closer to his job and evil allies. He lived a good life and eventually got a second girlfriend, with whom he got a real son: Seuss Jr II (as his first (adoptive) son was named Seuss Jr). They lived in an apartment building, until a fire This was after Dr Seuss' son had moved out of SimNation, and the doctor was once more alone. But a few years later, he found a girl he had missed since the day of his second girlfriend's death: the girl he had been in love with in high school. They fell in love and lived together for a few years, before his girlfried drowned in the rooftop pool. Now the doctor was old and never had any romances again.


The doctor was a homicidal maniac, and often started fires at purpouse when visiting his neighbors. He was known for carrying Seuss Jr I's teddy bear around the city and listening to classical music. He also telephone-pranked his sons' principal and kicked people's trash cans. He often fought against his nemesis, The Loo.

Death and LegacyEdit

Dr Seuss died in 2038, because he was ran over by his own grandson, when he was 63 years old.

His surviving girlfriend had at the time two children with Bob Carlstelton (Anna and Susie), who both became famous criminals around 2050-60.

The doctor's two sons, Seuss Jr I and Seuss Jr II (changed his name to Jack McCullough), both had children, Patricia and Carl (Seuss Jr I) and Bob (Jack McCullough).