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Poor Unfortunate Souls

It was 10:30am on a Saturday. 

"MOM!" Dustin yelled. 

"Yes?" Brandi went into his room. She told him that he had to get up and eat breakfast. 

Beau was in a high chair and Brandi was feeding a bottle to Skippy, Dustin's newborn brother. 

"MOMMA!" Beau yelled to Brandi. 

"What do you need, sweetie?" Brandi replied. Beau threw a handful of baby food at her. 

"Hey!" she yelled. "You'd better be eating that. We won't be able to afford to feed Dustin and I  if you keep wasting food like this."

"Dustin," she said politely. "I have some errands to run. Do you mind watching your brothers for me?"

Dustin sighed. "I guess. But for how long?"

"About an hour. Maybe two."

"Okay, Mom," Dustin said. "But can Angela come over to help?"

"Of course," Brandi was happy to get "help" around the house for free.

After Brandi left, Dustin called Angela. Angela was happy to help with Beau and Skippy, they were "so cute" in her opinion. 

When Angela got to the Broke house, Dustin greeted her with a kiss.

"I'm so happy to see you," Angela smiled. Dustin smiled back. 

Angela was teaching Beau some Nursery Rhymes, while Dustin was playing with Skippy. It was almost naptime. 

Skippy slept in the crib in the hallway, while Beau played with his xylophone in Dustin's room. Dustin sold his game machine and bought a portable game instead. It was also nice to have more space in his room. 

Because Angela and Dustin didn't need to tend to the kids at the moment, they finally got to relax for a while. They cuddled, chatted, kissed, and even made out. The moment was ruined by Lilith, who was calling Angela on her cell phone.

"Angela!" Lilith yelled into the phone that she got for her sixteenth birthday, "Where are you?"

"Dustin's house," Angela happily replied, "Why?"

"Mom got fired from her job," Lilith cried, "and she was sent home early because of it!"

"So what if she is home early?" Angela asked. "It's just a stupid job. She can always get a new one."

"She is crying," Lilith said. She didn't feel that bad because her parents neglected her. 

"Why is she crying?" Dustin asked, taking the phone out of Angela's hand. 

"She saw Dad making out with the maid on the couch," Lilith said.

"Okay," Angela said. "I'll be right there."

"Bye, Angela," Dustin kissed her on the cheek.

"Goodbye, Dustin," she blew him a kiss.

A Not-So Pleasant Day

Mary-Sue and Daniel were fighting when Angela got home. Kaylynn was told to leave. 

"Daniel not-so Pleasant," Mary-Sue threw a drink in his face. "How could you cheat on me like this?"

"It's not my fault that–" he said. 

"That what?" Mary-Sue asked, cutting him off. 

"She is," he continued, "much prettier than you." 

"Excuse me?" Mary-Sue snapped. "I'm your wife, she's the maid." 

"She has a better personality, too," Daniel muttered. Angela and Lilith watched their parents argue, slap each other, and break up.

At our wedding,  Daniel thought, I should've said "I don't."

Mary-Sue slapped Daniel. Then, she packed her bags and left.

A Wedding Gone Wrong

Cassandra and Don waited for the final guests to arrive before they started the wedding. It was nearing 12:30pm and Darren and Mary-Sue still hadn't arrived.Mary-Sue called Cassandra.

"Hello," Mary-Sue said, "Daniel just kicked me out of the house and now I have nowhere to stay."

"You can move in with my family," Cassandra may be shy, but she is a nice young lady. 

"Okay," Mary-Sue was happy to have a roof over her head again. She went to the wedding.

Darren had arrived two and a half minutes later. "Sorry I'm late," he said. "I brought a gift for you." he pulled out a painted canvas. It was a painting of Cassandra.

"Did you do this yourself?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, " it took about 16 hours to paint."

"It's beautiful," she said. "Thank you, Darren." And with that, the wedding started. 

Cassandra started off by putting the ring on his finger. She smiled. He nervously smiled back. "I love you," she looked in his eyes. Don didn't know what to do. 

As he was putting the ring on her finger, his fear of commitment kicked in. His hand started to shake and he wasn't ready for a committed relationship for the rest of his life. He ran away, leaving Cassandra at the altar. The guests were furious, but not as furious as Cassandra was. Mortimer saw his only daughter crying and went to comfort her. 

"Dad," Cassandra said. "Will I ever find love, again? 

Darren looked at her. She's the girl of my dreams, Darren thought, and she doesn't even know it.

"I'm sure you will, Cassandra," Mortimer said, instilling her with confidence. 

I might still have a chance, Darren thought.

The Condo of Love

Don was home in his condo, relaxing in the hot tub. His love, Kaylynn was there with him. 

"Don?" Kaylynn asked, feeling guilty. 

"Yes, babe?"

 He called me a babe, Kaylynn thought. How do I let him down easily?

"Kaylynn?" Don saw her thinking, but what about? 

"Don," she said, regretting her decision, "I don't wanna do this but it's for your own good. I love you but I need to leave you." she cried softly.

"Why?" he asked. 

"Because," she said reluctantly, "I'm getting married."

"To who?" Don didn't want to lose another girl. He never really loved Cassandra, he only wanted her mother. And what kind of Casanova only has two loves? 

"I'm marrying a man named Daniel," Kaylynn had heard about Don's cheating. "He loves me so much, that he cheated on his wife with me. His own wife!"

"Well," Don said, "if that's how you're going to be, then leave."