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The Driver Family, is a family of race car drivers that have lived in Sunset Valley since they arrived there in July 2013.

Family HistoryEdit

Jimmie and Danica Driver first lived in Strangetown. When they arrived there in October of 2010, they remained there until July 2013 when the decided to make a move to Pleasantview. At Strangetown, Danica worked as a Doctor and Jimmie was involved with the local Law Enforcement. The Driver Family quickly became very wealthy and were the talk of the town. They were also very popular with the people in the Downtown District and very rarely got to enjoy a nice meal or a game of bowling. Due to this, The Driver Family deciced to make a move to Sunset Valley in search of a better life. As soon as they arrived there, Danica became involved in the career of Journalism and Jimmie went for a job in the field of sports. Once agian, The Driver Family made a lot of money quickly and soon, began to take over the city. After become partners and owners of multiple local business, the family began to settle down and Danica soon learned that she was pregnant with their first child.