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Chapter 1: Electra HeartEdit

9:33 pm, Tuesday night.

Electranine Heart, a beautiful baby, was born.

Her mother took a quick look as she yelled to the nurse.

'This baby is ugly. Take it away at once!'

The nurse insisted she keep the baby, for the sake of mentality.

'Mrs. Danley, you'd want to keep that beautiful bouncing baby! It's as bright as a city light!'

Oh, the mother.

Jelinine Heart. The Heart family of Ireland kept the "nine" suffix in their name. Always. Mispronounced as 9, it's actually neen.

Hernine, Salvanine, Ovaline, Shenine. Heck, the babys without the "nine" in the name were given up for adoption!

'I mus'nt keep the baby; I insist. You take 'er! Send the ghoul to Sixam. Aha.'

The light chuckle changed the nurse's life.

14 years laterEdit

'Oh, darling, Electra. You must put on a coat. It does get somewhat chilly outside!'

'Then get the crackers!'

Only Electranine. Smart remarks were her schtick.

'You're such a primadonna!'

'Oh, mother dear, I know! That's just me, ol' Primalectra.'

The both share a chuckle.

'But mom, I know your secrets.'

This frightened Nurse Plaiwit Mievag. Electranine's voice got lower as she talked.

Nicki Minaj emerged from the corner, singing Anaconda.

Anaconda snakes come out of Electra's eyes as a fake Australian accent talking about the outback echoes through Plaiwit's soul.

'Woah! That was so surreal.'

Max Caulfield says, as she is in the classroom, awoken from a dream.