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Elijah and Isaac
Name: Elijah and Isaac
Genre: Drama
Created by: DarkSuicune2000

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Elijah and Isaac is a story made by DarkSuicune2000.


Episode 1: The Rossum familyEdit

September 8th 2009

There were two families living on a street in Roaring Heights. One was the Rossum family, in middle class. The parents, Hank and Julia, had very traditional values. They like to do many outdoor activities. They had a 17 year old son named Rick and a 14 year old named Elijah.

Rick is the favorite. He is "redneck" like his father. They always will exercise, go fishing, go hunting, and whatever his parents wanted him to do. He plans to join the military just like his father.

Comparison rossum men

Left to right: Elijah, Rick, and Hank.

But Elijah is the black sheep of the family. He is skinny, unlike his thicker brother and father. He also is blonde and wears more stylish clothing, and he prefers art. He often gets ridiculed by Hank and Rick for being the different one.

Scene 1: Elijah walked into Roaring Heights High School with Rick.

"Rick, I can't believe this. I'm finally a high schooler!" Elijah said, and felt excited. "I feel so excited!"

"Listen Elijah, you can't be too excited." Rick said to him. "Also, when we're at school, don't talk to me or socialize with me. I have my reputation to keep and I don't want my dumb younger brother ruining it!"

"S-sorry, Rick," Elijah replied, a little surprised, "I only..."

"Get out of here!" He said back.

"God, okay, I will!" Elijah was annoyed by his attitude.

Suddenly, a guy with a hat walked up to him. It was his "friend" Joseph Morgan. They weren't really close, but Elijah hangs out with him to be more popular.

Joesph M and Elijah R

Joseph and Elijah

"Hey Elijah." Joseph said. "How was summer?"

"Oh, it was..." Elijah hated his summer but didn't want to be negative. "Great. Really great."

"Oh okay cool." Joseph looked at his schedule. "Well, I better head to Literature class with Mr. Capp. Bye!"

Isaac Fischer

Isaac in the hallway

"Bye Joe," Elijah said goodbye, then walked down the hallway, then his eyes lit up when he saw Isaac. Isaac was his real best friend. The one that he always counted on when they were kids. They pulled each other up when they were feeling down. He always had a close relationship with Isaac. Except for one problem.

Isaac was from the Fischer family. And Fischer parents do not get along with Rossum parents, since a long time ago. It was a family feud that began 20 years ago...

Scene 2: Parents, Julia and Hank Rossum walked down the magazine aisle of the Grocery Store.

"Well, I think I'm gunna buy me some magazines about trucks!" Hank said.

"Ooh, a cooking magazine!" Julia said, excited. She was the cook in the family. Hank and Julia put their magazines in the shopping cart.

"Well, I guess we have everything we need so let's..." Hank stopped, because he saw someone ahead. Someone he didn't like.

It was blonde man, with a blue jacket on, named Brandon Fischer. And there was his wife, a brown-haired woman with bangs, Caroline Fischer.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the phony "Fischer" family." Hank snarled.

"Phony? Huh?" Brandon said, confused.

"Don't you dare call my husband names!" Caroline said.

"You're last names are "Fischer" yet you aren't even real fishermen." Hank said. "heh, it's not the only thing that's wrong with you, you fatso!"

"I'm the fatso?" Brandon said, offended. "At least I'm not going bald!"

"Yeah, and at least I don't wear my hair like Hillary Clinton!" Caroline said, knowing how to push Julia's buttons.

In the store feud

The Rossums and The Fischers...


Soon, the two families got into a loud argument. And it clearly disturbed the other customers.

"Hey, calm down!" The owner of the store yelled. "Your family feud should not be making the other customers feel unsafe. And if I catch you fighting again, you'll be banned from my store! Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." The feuding parents said. Then they continued their shopping.

Scene 3: Back in the school, Elijah walked to Isaac. Isaac had medium length brown hair, glass, and wore a black shirt with a wolf on it. And then they began to chat.

"Elijah, it's so great to see you!" Isaac said.

"I missed you so much" Elijah said.

"Missed you too" Isaac said. "But my sister and I went to our grandparents for a months to visit them. My grandma is so sweet."

Isaac and Elijah chat

Isaac and Elijah meet again.

"That's great." Elijah said. "You know, it's too bad that our families have a feud. I really wanted to hang out with you this summer."

"I know, the only time we can talk is school." Isaac said. "So what class do you have?"

"I have math with Mr. Lawnsman." Elijah replied.

"Me too! I never expected to be in the same class with you!" Isaac replied. "Let's go now,"

As they walked to their respective class, Elijah looked at Isaac and sighed.

"I wish I could be free from my parents' rule to never see you..." He thought.

Scene 4: Elijah entered his last class, it was Language Arts with a female teacher. He saw Isaac sitting in the back.

"Hey Isaac, I'll sit with you!" Elijah said.

"Oh, come here Elijah!" Isaac said.

"I can't believe we have another class together," Elijah noticed. The two chatted a little but then the bell rang and the teacher walked to the front of the class.

"Okay class, my name is Mrs. Cruz. And welcome to my class. So today you'll be given your first project." she said.

"Ughhh" most of the class groaned.

"The project is to research one of the foreign countries; France, China, and Egypt, and do a report with a partner. So, the partners will be..." the teacher listed all the partners and one of the pairs were "Isaac Rossum and Isaac Fischer"

"Isaac, were partners, that's cool," Elijah said.

"Wait, what about our parents?" Isaac asked. "Our parents will never let us do a project together."

"Well, maybe near the end of the day at night you could sneak up on my balcony and we can do the project in my room over night." Elijah suggested. "When my dad and brother do yard work tonight, I'll 'accidentally' leave our ladder on the balcony."

"Well, great idea Elijah. We could do that." Isaac said. "Just text me when it's time."

Scene 5: The Rossum family was having macaroni and cheese in their dining room.

Rossum dinner time

The Rossums eat dinner.

"Kids, you'll never believe what happened today in the store," Julia said.

"What happen'd, ma?" Rick asked.

"Those Fischer parents were in the store today," Hank said. "Those snakes. I hate them so much. Especially their snobby kids."

"God I hate that family just like you!" Rick yelled. "If I see that son of theirs give me eye contact, I will punch his face in, and pull his dumb*ss hair out of his scalp!"

"Haha, nice son!" Hank said.

"Oh, don't be so harsh." Julia said. "He's only freshman, like your brother."

"Isaac Fischer is an ugly fat snake! Just like his ugly sister Rebecca! That snob! She thinks she's better than me just because she gets "good grades" Rick said.

"Ha, grades don't matter sons, just join the military and you'll get free college!" Hank said.

Elijah sighed. The dinner conversation took another ugly turn, just like it normally did.

Scene 6: The clock reads 9:10 PM. Elijah sat on the balcony, doing some homework at the table. It was such a peaceful night outside. All Elijah could see was the balcony, illuminated by the lights that hung above the door. He heard some crickets chirping. It was so serene. Until his dad walked out there.

"What are you doing out here?" Hank asked.

"Oh, I, uh, I'm just doing my homework." Elijah said. "It's such a peaceful night, don't you think?"

"Who cares about peaceful? I need to bring you to a monster truck show. That's some real excitement." He said.

"Uh, that's okay." Elijah didn't want to go there... "I think I'll just continue here."

"Fine, your mother and I are going to be in our rooms with the door locked for alone time. So don't bother us." He said.

"Don't worry dad, I'll stay right out here!" Elijah promised, "There's no way I'm walking in on THAT." He thought.

"Good." Then his dad slammed the door closed and went to his room.

Isaac was walking over to Elijah's home. It was hard to see, but easy to get to. The Rossum and Fischer homes were nest to each other, only separated by some thick trees and bushes.

Suddenly, he saw some light. It was from the balcony in the backyard. He entered the yard and looked up.

"Ah, my eyes... Strong lights are coming from that window..." He squinted through his glasses and looked up. He saw Elijah sitting on a chair on the computer

Isaac on balcony

Isaac on the computer.

"Ah, there he is." Isaac said, looking at him. "I need to get his attention... But make no sound because his family might hear me. Oh, I can text him." Isaac texted him. Elijah's cellphone vibrated and then he read the text.

"There you are Isaac!" Elijah pointed to a ladder. "I set up this ladder here, climb it."

Isaac climbed up the ladder, and onto the balcony.

"Hey, nice sweatshirt." Elijah said, noticing he was suddenly wearing a university sweater.

"Yeah, my older sister Rebecca was accepted into Sims University last month. After her senior year of high school, she'll go there, then I'll go there when I graduate."

"No, we'll go... together, we can be roommates!" Elijah said. "I've thought about it a little."

"I've actually thought about it a lot" Isaac thought. "So, want to begin our project on China?"

"Oh yeah, let's start." Elijah said. "Remember, be quiet!"

Elijah sat with his laptop and they began to create a PowerPoint presentation on it. He wrote "Shang Simla, China" on the title and their names in the subtitle.

Then, they looked for good facts, for the presentation, some pictures, then they even did some animations and finished it.

"Thanks for helping me, Isaac!" Elijah said. "When we work together, we always do a good job."

"Yeah, we sure do," Isaac replied. "So, should I leave now?"

"No, you don't have to leave." Elijah replied. "Sit on our bench, look at this peaceful night."

"Yeah, this is such a nice night." Isaac said. "Look at the stars too..."

"Listen to the crickets..." Elijah said. "I'm feeling sleepy..."

Suddenly Elijah fell asleep, and Isaac fell asleep on the bench...

Hank was wearing only underwear. He woke up and had to use the bathroom. After finishing his business, he walked over to his bedroom door, but suddenly his eyes looked at the window to the balcony.

"Is Elijah still out there?" He saw Elijah's head in the window. He was sleeping on the bench.

"Should I go wake him up and send him to his room?" He asked himself. "Nah, I'm too lazy. Plus I don't want to go outside only wearing underwear."

He went back to his bedroom.

Episode 2: Caught!Edit

Scene 1: It's about 6 in the morning. Elijah and Isaac are still sleeping on the balcony when someone wakes them up, his grandfather Scotty.

"Hey!" He said.

"Ah!" Elijah fell off the bench. Isaac woke up when Elijah fell.

"Grandpa?" Elijah said. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I came for a visit but nobody was awake. So I came out here."

"Oh my god, you can't tell anyone about this." Elijah said. "Especially mom and dad."

"Why?" Grandpa asked. "Weren't you just having sleepover?"

"Yeah but... this is someone from the Fischer family."

"Oh, your parents are still doing that stupid family fued?" Grandpa asked. "In that case, he needs to leave fast..."

"Here, go back home Isaac." Elijah picked up the ladder, and put it where Isaac could climb down.