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This is a fantasy scene that takes place before the story happens.

Ella sighed as she looked at the aching bite on her arm. Of course, it had to be her that got bitten, right? Getting up from her chair, she watched as birds flew around a tree. Suddenly, Ella fell to the floor, with a bone-rattling pain in her side. "Mother, I've fallen and I've managed to end up on the floor!" Ella shrieked. Of course, Mrs. Adren came to Ella's side. "Ella. Get out of the house, NOW," a teary Mrs. Adren managed. Knowing that this must be her transformation, she ran out of her room, down the creaky stairs, out the door, and then she ran, ran until she forgot about life and everything in it.  Ella groaned as she saw green people with cut open heads hanging around a spot.  "Ella, you've joined us!" a zombie said in surprise. "Only zombies can see this clearing." "Oh my god, I've joined the freaks!" Ella thought. Stepping farther into what she now would recognize at home, she noticed one blonde-haired pale green beauty. "Lila," Ella thought. "Lila Adren, my own twin sister." "Ella! Oh my god!" Lila managed. "It's been 2 years! I'm sorry, I never told Mother and Andrew and you!" Ella just glared. She and Sheriff Kane had searched for one year for Lila, till they gave up. "Lila, I don't forgive you. You hurt Mother and I. Look at me. I have been bitten by one of your mates," Ella garbled. Lila looked at Ella. "See, this is why twins get bitten together. You are randomly garbling on, this is symptom one," Lila glared at Ella.  When Ella saw her final sight before she'd fall down in her zombie pain, she'd never forget it. The site of her sister running off in pure, utter, and clear hatred.