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His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor Leon Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire.

Emperor Leon Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire

HIM Emperor Leon Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire


Born Week 502 (before Common Sims Era) to the Comte and Comtesse of SimItaly, Leon Simaparte was destined for a life of military service.

As soon as he became a young adult, he was shipped off to SimParis, the capital city of SimFrance, to serve the SimFrench King Gaston in his war against the Mummy Hordes of Dong Hou. At his initiation ceremony, where he was required to meet the Royal Family of SimFrance, he set eyes on the adolescent Princess Marie-Jose, and immediately fell in love.

Before leaving for his post in SimChina, where Dong Hou had conquered Shang Simla, his regiment was redirected to SimGermany, as the Mummy Hordes had already landed there. Unfortunately, the Mummy Hordes had led a second surprise attack and also landed in SimItaly, where they had an undefended channel straight to SimFrance. In a matter of days, Dong Hou had conquered SimItaly, then SimPoland, and then finally made it to SimFrance.

Leon and his regiment banded togethor with the SimGerman army, and he led an all out assault on the Mummy Hordes, slowly retaking SimPoland, SimItaly, and then SimFrance.

As thanks for his bravery in battle, the people of the four nations demanded Leon become there ruler, and keeping in with Medieval tradition, the ruler of four nations becomes an Emperor.

And so began the rule of HIM Emperor Leon Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire, on Week 495, day 7.


As part of his agreement with the Monarchs of the four countries, he ruled jointly with the already existing Kings. He chose Champ les Sims as his Imperial Capital, and worked closely with King Gaston Simbon of SimFrance.

This close friendship resulted in his marriage to the King's daughter, a now fully grown Princess Marie-Jose.
Princess Marie-Jose Simbon of SimFrance, Empress of the SimFrench Empire

Princess Marie-Jose Simbon of SimFrance, Empress of the SimFrench Empire

She happily accepted, excited about life as an Empress.

Soon enough, she produced for Emperor Leon two healthy heirs, twins Crown Prince Leon II, and Princess Josephine, Week 494, day 3.

Unfortunately, the Emperor and Empress's happy marriage was not to last. When their twins were children, SimPoland was attacked by the Mummy Hordes.

Emperor Leon realised that the immortal Dong Hou would not stop until he had retaken SimEurope. Emperor Leon turned to the SimEmpire, a massive group of countries ruled by His Imperial Majesty, the Supreme Emperor Trentham the Handsome of All Sims.

As was custom at the time, in order to secure an alliance between the two Empires, Emperor Trentham offered Leon his daughter, Princess Imperial Marie-Louise of All Sims, hand in marriage.
Princess Marie-Louise of All Sims, Queen of SimFrance, Grand Duchess of SimItaly

Princess Imperial Marie-Louise of All Sims, former Duchess of Hidden Springs, former Empress of the SimFrench Empire, current Grand Duchess of SimItaly

Emperor Leon and Empress Marie-Jose were divorced soon after, and she left the Champ les Sims Castle with Princess Josephine to live with her brother, now the King Remelle Simbon.

Princess Imperial Marie-Louise moved into the Castle, bringing along her daughter, Duchess Herbertine Vanderburg of Hidden Springs and All Sims (with her ex-husband Duke Francisco Vanderburg of Hidden Springs).

Three days later, on Week 493, Day 7, Princess Wilhelmine Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire, Duchess of All Sims was born.

Emperor Leon set about arranging a marriage for his son, Leon II. His search led to Duchess Jayangola of All Sims, the daughter of Duke Theodore of All Sims and his wife Princess Marie-Sophie Simbon of SimFrance, and granddaughter of Supreme Emperor Trentham of All Sims.