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His Imperial Majesty, the Supreme Emperor Trentham the Handsome of All Sims, King of Sunset Valley, Merchant Prince of Bridgeport, Smithmaster of Twinbrook, Pirate King of Barnacle Bay, Master Builder of Riverview, High Priest of Starlight Shores, Mercenary Lord of Appaloosa Plains and TimeLord of Moonlight Falls.
Emperor Trentham the Handsome of All Sims

Emperor Trentham the Handsome of All Sims, Ruler of the SimEmpire


The future Supreme Emperor Trentham was born as a lowly Lord of the small Province named the Valley du Soleil, which had been occupied by the SimFrench until they left after using up all local resources, around Week 506, Day 1 (before Common Sims Era). As Monarch and ruler of the small Province, Lord Trentham would listen to his subjects in his throne room, and pass edicts that would aid the lives of his Provinces small population.

Slowly, but steadily, he used his charismatic charm to win over the Merchant Princess of Tredony, and Smithmaster of Crafthole, forming a beneficial alliance between the three Provinces. He was then offered into a diplomatic marriage with the Elf Lord of Effenmont's daughter, which secured another alliance with Effenmont. The marriage didn't last though, as the Elf Princess fed herself to the Pit.
Empress Consort Ceciltina of All Sims

Princess Ceciltina Greenewood of Burdley, Empress of All Sims

Wishing for an heir, the now King Trentham sent word for the most beautiful Princess in all of the known world. His call was received by the Master Builder of Burdley's only daughter, Princess Ceciltina. Unbeknownst to King Trentham, Princess Ceciltina was actually a Genie.

By the time of their first daughter, Princess Supreme Merrywythyr of All Sims (later Queen Consort of Remelle of SimFrance), on Week 503, Day 7, Supreme Emperor Trentham had realised that his wife was able to make the house spotless and sparkly in seconds, and sometimes autonomously levitated. She revealed she was a Genie, and presented her husband with an elixir, one thet would make him a Genie as well. He happily accepted, as Merrywythyr was also a Genie, and when Crown Prince Supreme Trent of All Sims was born Week 502, Day 3, the entire Imperial family was made up of Genies.
Prince Theodore of All Sims, Merchant Prince of Bridgeport

The Prince Supreme Theodore of All Sims, Duke of All Sims and later Merchant Prince or Tredony

Supreme Emperor Trentham and Supreme Empress Ceciltina would have two more children.

Prince Supreme Theodore, Duke of All Sims


Princess Supreme Marie Louise of All Sims (later Duchess of Francisco of Hidden Springs, Empress Consort of Leon Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire, and finally Grand Duchess of Beunharais Simaparte of SimItaly)

Princess Supreme Merrywythyr was married off to Crown Prince Remelle Simbon of SimFrance, and moved to his palace in SimParis. She bore him a son the future King Gaston Simbon of SimFrance, Week 495, day 3, and a daughter, Princess Royal Marie-Alix, the future Empress of All Sims, week 495, day 6.

Princess Marie-Louise of All Sims, Queen of SimFrance, Grand Duchess of SimItaly

Princess Supreme Marie-Louise of All Sims, former Duchess of Hidden Springs, former Empress of the SimFrench Empire, current Grand Duchess of SimItaly

Princess Supreme Marie-Louise was easily recognisable as the most beautiful Princess in all the known SimWorld, and Supreme Emperor Trentham knew that she would be sought after as the bride of many noblesims. She was first married to Duke Francisco Vanderburg of Hidden Springs, nephew of King Sebastian I Vanderburg of Hidden Springs, with whom she bore one daughter, Duchess Herbertine Vanderburg of Hidden Springs and All Sims, week 494, day 4.

The Supreme Emperor then had Marie-Louise divorced from Duke Francisco and sent to live in Champ les Sims as the second wife of Emperor Leon Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire, week 493, day 1. With him she had another daughter, the Princess Imperial Wilhelmine Simaparte, later Queen of Hidden Springs, Week 493, day 7.