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"Enemies in Sunset Valley"
Name: "Enemies in Sunset Valley"
Series: "The Goth Story"
Written by: Funkey_Kong
Release date: 15.5.2014

(Updated: 7.5.2015)

Next chapter: "The angel and the goth"

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The GothsEdit

Gunther Goth - One of the main characters right now!

Cornelia Goth - Wife of Gunther and Mother of Mortimer

Mortimer Goth - One of the main characters, friends with Bella and.. Holly?

The AltosEdit

Nick Alto - Enemy of Gunther and Geoffrey! Wants a modern city!

Vita Alto - Wife of Nick and Mother of Holly. She is evil!

Holly Alto - Daughter of Nick. She questions her dad.

Other CharactersEdit

Geoffrey Landgraab - Friend of Gunther and enemy of The Altos

Bella Bachelor - The new girl in school. Mort has a crush on her!

Chapter One: Enemies in Sunset ValleyEdit

Chapter One: Enemies in Sunset Valley

It's evening in a peaceful Sunset Valley. But if you look really deep in all of the dark corners, you will see that under the perfect mask, Sunset Valley isn't quiet at all, and certainly not this night. "Everything was better before you moved here!" A tall man with facial hair and a big hat on his head says. It is Gunther Goth who's staring angry at the host. Nick Alto, which is the host of this dinner party look at the unwanted guests and leaves from the table enraged. "I think our dinner is over." He says and look the other way. Nick Alto is a quite large man but is always well dressed. "Sunset Valley is going to be what it always have been!" The third man says with anger in his voice. It is Geoffrey Landgraab the youngest but maybe the richest of the three men. "Allways talking about what you want, so typical you! Soon we will see what the citizens of Sunset Valley really want!" Nick says confident without looking at the two gentlemen at his table.

"The Landgraabs has always been mayors here! I don't think someone like you will change that!" Gunther says. "But this year Nick is going to candidate to be mayor" says Vita who just came in to the dining room. Vita Alto is Nick's wife, she is much thinner than her husband but she has some aura around her that makes her feel evil. Geoffrey look at the lady and then back to Nick. "Would you win over me?" Geoffrey says loudly. "The people wants a modern city Mr. Landgraab! See the truth! This is a fight you can't win!" Says Nick while he's doing a hand gesture to show the two men out of his house. "People want it to be as it always have bin, we live our life's after tradition here in Sunset Valley!" Gunther says before he stands up and walk up to the front door. "People don't want to live in some gothic city ruled by some gothic guy, don't you think Mr. Goth?" Nick says with a grin on his face."

Gunther leaves the house with Geoffrey soon after him. He's ready to drive home in his expensive car when he stops. Geoffrey looks nervous. "Do you think he's serious?" He finally says. "With what, becoming mayor?" Gunther says and laugh. "That Sunset Valley wants a more modern cityscape?" Gunther looks in to Geoffrey's eyes. "My father, Victor Goth founded this city. I, his son knows what the people want. When we wanted to become modern you, the Landgraabs came here and made this town modern. So believe me Mr. Landgraab when I say this, we don't owe this town anything!" With those words said, Geoffrey also went into his car and drove home. On the rainy way home to the Gothmansion at 13 Skyborough Blvd Gunther thought on what Nick Alto had said earlier that night.

What can a family with Old money do against a modern family like the Altos? He drove up on the parking lot besides the Gothmansion. He parked his car and entered the house. His wife met him in the hallway, she is a bit younger than Mr. Goth and has her hair dyed purple. "Well how did it go?" Cornelia asked, she's also worried. "Alto is going to be a candidate in next election." A tired Gunther says slowly. "And I actually believe that he has a chance to win!" He says and shows how worried he actually are. Cornelia gives him a hug and drags him to bed. The night came and the Goth family slept. But no one could possibly think of what would happen next... To be continued...

"Chapter One: Enemies in Sunset Valley is written by: FunkeyKong/TheSimsSaturday[1]