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Money in the Bank
Name: Money in the Bank
Genre: Drama, Romantic, Comedy
Created by: Kit0804

Original run: 9th July 2016
Status: Finished

Succeeded by: Clean and Clear

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Episode 2

Mollie is painting in her garden, a car pulls up. She is humming a gentle theme. Two women approach the door and knock.

Mollie Fineworth I'm coming! (Mollie walks over to the door, the knock is heard again) ALRIGHT! (Mollie opens the door to reveal two women, beaming, holding cleaning items, the older woman steps in)
Claudette Baptiste Mrs. Fineworth. (Mollie does a small greeting bob)
Mollie Fineworth Ah! How are my two favourite cleaners!
Josephine Baptiste Oh, can't complain...(Looks at Claudette)...yet....
Claudette Baptiste Josephine! I did not carry you for nine months to hear this! Let's just get on with the cleaning! 
Mollie Fineworth Yes, yes. Claudette, if you could take the dining room, and Josephine you start on the living room, I'm going to get the mail.
Claudette & Josephine Right! (Mollie walks out the house while Claudette and Josephine enter, Mollie walks towards her mailbox, a long black car drives up beside the road)

Arthur Riddlesworth (Through the window) Mollie! How good to see you! (serious tone) Get in the car. Now.
Mollie Fineworth Arthur! Leave me alone, for real!
Arthur Riddlesworth Grab her. (As Arthur finishes his sentence, two large men get out of the car and grab hold of Mollie, they take her into the car)
Mollie Fineworth What are you...? Get off me! HELP! (Mollie screams)

Flashback, September 1 1939.

A three year old Mollie is sitting on the floor playing a game with her sister.

Helga Fineworth Cheat! You cheater!
Mollie Fineworth I'm not cheating! You're cheating! Look! (Mollie points out several pieces of the game behind Helga)
Helga Fineworth (Helga knocks them away, but ignroes her) I'm telling mummy! Mummy! MUMMY!
Mrs. Fineworth (Mrs. Fineworth appears from round the corner) Honestly, can't you children play one game without having a fight?
Helga Fineworth We would have if Mollie wasn't cheating! 
Mrs. Fineworth (sighs) Mollie? Were you...wait...hold on. (Mrs. Fineworth turns up the radio)
Radio It is with the deepest regret and upmost sadness that I reveal to you that Germany has invaded Poland. Many buildings have been destroyed. One death of a Bridgeport citizen has been confirmed. A Mr. Graham Fineworth. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.
Mrs. Fineworth (Sitting down) Oh my...god.
Helga & Mollie Daddy!
Mrs. Fineworth (Shaking her head, crying) No...
Mollie Fineworth Why? (Mollie looks at a picture of her father on the table)

Present day.

(Mollie looks at the same picture in her locket)

Mollie Fineworth Arthur...what do you want? We both know you're going to fail at whatever it is you're trying to achieve. Look at your life history.
One of the bodyguards goes to say something, Arthur raises a hand in the air to silence him.
Arthur pulls out a briefcase
Arthur Riddlesworth Look, Mollie. I still see that spark in you from before. And I know you do too.
Mollie Fineworth (Mollie looks at Arthur with a disgusted look on her face) I don't see it...
Arthur Riddlesworth You were a funny one... (Arthur clicks open the briefcase, with a very large amount of simoleons in) 
Mollie Fineworth What, you're going to bribe me to be your wife?
Arthur Riddlesworth Well, it does seem a bit tawdry when you put it like that...but, yes.
The car comes to a halt.
Arthur Riddlesworth You have the choice to get out. But before you do, I'm not going to be nice anymore. I know you love me.
Disgusted, Mollie leaves the car quickly.
Mollie Fineworth Find some cheap skank to be your wife. I'm too old! I know what you're like, and I'm going to the police! (Mollie tries to slam the door, but Arthur leaves his walking stick in the way)
Arthur Riddlesworth You do that, I list you as an accomplice to that little fiasco we had in sixties.
Mollie Fineworth You wouldn' love me.
Arthur Riddlesworth Love doesn't mean anything. You've threatened to go to the police, I'm doing the same.
Mollie Fineworth But I don't love you.
Arthur Riddlesworth And yet you're still here...The offer still stands.<tr data-parsoid="{"startTagSrc":"|-","a":{"":null,"Poussey":null,"and":null,"Taystee":null,"lift":null,"Soso":null,"on":null,"Crazy":null,"Eye":null,"'":null,"s":null,"back<":null,"/":null,"i":null},"sa":{"<i":"",">":"","Poussey":"","and":"","Taystee":"","lift":"","Soso":"","on":"","Crazy":"","Eye":"","'":"","s":"","back<":"","/":"","i":""},"autoInsertedEnd":true,"dsr":[3992,4108,80,0]}"> Mollie Fineworth Go to hell. </tr>
Arthur Riddlesworth Drive.
The car speeds off, the camera shows the direction of Mollie's house and the police station. She walks home.
Flashback, September 1953
A teenage Mollie is sitting in a park with Helga.
Helga Fineworth This month marks 14 years since dad died...
Mollie Fineworth Yes. we have survived without you!
Helga Fineworth Mollie! After everything I put you through when we were children...I'm sorry.

Mollie Fineworth

Hey! That's okay! We were kids, like I'm going to hold that against you today! (Mollie holds out her arms for a hug)
Helga Fineworth (Sighs) Mollie. (Helga hugs Mollie)
Mollie Fineworth Helga...I...(Helga suddenly slumps)
Helga Fineworth (Helga sighs/exhales) Oof.
Mollie Fineworth Helga? Helga!? HELGA!?
Mrs. Fineworth Mollie! What have you done? (Mollie looks shocked, and runs away, Mrs. Fineworth stares at her as she does)

Present day

Mollie is at the stylist salon, measured by a ghost.

Mollie steps out of the changing room in a green jacket.
Cleopatra Bouseffi Hmm, I don't know...this one doesn't suit you as much as the other one.
Mollie Fineworth Yes, I know. Purple and green just clash.
Cleopatra Bouseffi Why don't I give you the orange one!
Mollie Fineworth Purple and orange? I don't know...
Cleopatra Bouseffi (Cleo brings out the jacket) Are you sure?
Mollie Fineworth (Mollie notices the jacket brand) Put it back. Now!
Cleopatra Bouseffi, sure...

Flashback, 1960's

Mollie is wearing her purple jacket at a party.

Mollie Fineworth (Mollie looks around) Ugh.
(Arthur looks Mollie up and down)
Arthur Riddlesworth Horrible, isn't it?
Mollie Fineworth I don't understand the trend...I'm Mollie.
(Arthur smiles)
Arthur Riddlesworth I'm Arthur. Do you want to get out of here, come to my place?
Mollie Fineworth (Mollie looks at her drink) Sure, let's!
Arthur Riddlesworth I've got a car outside.
Scene change to Arthur's house
Mollie Fineworth Wow. This is nice! You must be rich!
Arthur Riddlesworth I've done a few odd jobs here and there! (Chuckles)
Mollie Fineworth Like what?
Arthur Riddlesworth I run an international bank robbery gang.
Mollie Fineworth (Laughs) 
Arthur Riddlesworth Look...(Gets on one knee) Do you believe in love at first sight?

Mollie Fineworth

What the...I...yes! I do!
Arthur Riddlesworth Well then. Will you marry me?
Mollie Fineworth I...yes! I will!
Arthur Riddlesworth Brilliant!
Present day

Mollie Fineworth

Yes.That is me.
Diane Lark (emphasis) Mollie Riddlesworth?

Mollie Fineworth

Formerly. It's Fineworth.
Diane Lark And you're telling me you know where Mr. Riddlesworth is residing?

Mollie Fineworth

Arthur Riddlesworth (In her head) Accomplice.

Diane Lark

Can we have Officer Mortz?
Mollie Fineworth WAIT! No, no, no.

Diane Lark

Something the matter?
Mollie Fineworth I...I'm lying!

Diane Lark

If you're sure, you want me to take you home?
Mollie Fineworth Yes please, Diane.

Diane Lark

Okay, let's go.

Mollie Fineworth

Thank you. (Diane and Mollie leave the building. A large man from the car is leaning against the wall, Mollie notices the man, and tenses up)
Diane Lark Problem?

Mollie Fineworth Let's just go home..
Diane Lark (Diane gets her phone out) Shiva, it's me...she did what at the salon? I'll speak to her in the car. Thank you. Bye, love you.

Shiva Bhatt

Love you too!
Diane Lark (Diane and Mollie get into the car) So, did anything happen today?

Mollie Fineworth

Of course! It was a day! A lot of things happened! I got up, and came to see you!
Diane Lark Just, me and Shiva didn't see you painting in the garden later this morning...
Mollie Fineworth I'm fine! Just stop! I'll walk.
Diane Lark Fine! (The car stops) Here. I'll see you around.

Mollie Fineworth

Diane! I'm sorry, but I just need to.
Diane Lark Mollie!

Josephine Baptiste

(Josephine and Claudette walk out of the house, having finished cleaning) Mollie! You're home! Finally! You went to get the mail 15 hours ago!
Claudette Baptiste What happened?

Mollie Fineworth

I don't want to talk about it. Au revior!
Claudette Baptiste Sure. Au revior!

Jospehine Baptiste

What do you think?
Claudette Baptiste

Talk about it later, Josephine!