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Clean and Clear
Name: Clean and Clear
Genre: Drama, Romantic, Comedy
Created by: Kit0804

Original run: 8th February 2017
Status: Finished

Succeeded by: There's No Such Thing as Ghosts

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Episode 3

Josephine and Claudette are cleaning in a very large hous, Josephine finds a very expenive vase.

Claudette Baptiste (Notices Josephine fiddling) Josephine!
Josephine Baptiste (Shocked and drops the vase) AGH! 
Gemma Birgenstein What was that? Did someone drop something?
Josephine Baptiste NO! No no no! NO! Stay where you are Ms. Birgenstein!
Claudette Baptiste Josephine! My god, child! Fix yourself and that vase! 
Gemma Birgenstein Very well, I'm going to visit my mother. Be safe.
Claudette Baptiste (Smiles at Gemma until she leaves) Josephine! She almot saw the vase! God! Back in Haiti this would never have happened! We shouldn't have moved!
Josephine Baptsite Oh, my mother! The same lecture every time I drop something! I don't even want to clean!
Claudette Baptiste That's just as well, because you can't. Back in Haiti, we had to clean or you were deemed unfit, and sent back to your parents. Had I of not learnt, we would not be here.
Josephine Baptiste Yeah, cleaning away. It's just like Haiti, but more expensive.
Claudette Baptiste Josephine Emily Baptiste! I will not have you insult my family like that. Carry on! (Josephine picks up a cloth and cleans)

Flashback, September 1 1959.

Claudette Baptiste is handed cleaning equipment by a woman.

Claudette Baptiste (In Creole) I don't understand. Why do I have to work in this dingy place?
Betye (In English) Because your parents have forced you to to pay off their migration taxes! And speak English girl! You are in Sunset Valley now!
Claudette Baptiste (Quietly) Yes Missus.
Betye Do not mumble! When you clean, the employers expect you to speak loudly! (Grabs Claudette's jaw) Hmmm. Your teeth could use a bit of work. But we'll get to that. For now, you will stay and clean here until you are fit to clean in public.
Claudette Baptiste (Under her breath, in Creole) Slavery.
Betye (Hits Claudette) You are not allowed to speak to me like that! Understand? (Claudette holds her face, but does not reply) UNDERSTAND?
Claudette Baptiste (Weakly) Y...yes.
Betye Get to work. (Hands bucket and cloth) This counter had better be spotless by the time I return.
Jennifique (A young girl appears in the background, making fun of Claudette) 
Betye Girls! Get to work!
Claudette Baptiste (Starts singing "The Flower Duet")

Present day.

Claudette and Josephine have moved from Gemma's house to a large sandy type house.

Josephine Baptiste Cleopatra Bouseffi...
Wind flies by.
Claudette gets out the car, stumbling around with mops
Claudette Baptiste Apparently she had a party and something horrible happened to the drains and the whole floor got covered.
Josephine Baptiste I hope she realises we are CLEANERS. Not plumbers. (Josephine seems disgusted at the fact of being a plumber.)
Cleopatra Bouseffi Oh, God. What a mess! Ah, Baptiste and Baptiste! (Cleopatra laughs) Welcome to my...home. As you can see things got a little rowdy last night. If you could fix this up in about 4 hours that would be perfect.  (Cleopatra lets out a faint laugh)
Josephine Baptiste We might need a bit more than a couple of ours.
Claudette Baptiste Do you want to get paid?
Josephine goes to snap back but decides not to.
Claudette Baptiste I thought so.
Cleopatra clicks her fingers, and her car rolls out of a small block.
Claudette Baptiste Ms Bouseffi, where are you going?
Cleopatra Bouseffi Oh, to visit Ptolemy's grave. It's almost his anniversary of his death, so.
Josephine Baptiste You'll be back before we're done?
Cleopatra Bouseffi We'll see.
Josephine Baptiste (Cleopatra gets in the car) But you need to pay us before or after! (Cleopatra drives off) We aren't leaving.
Cleopatra Bouseffi I'm sorry, I can't hear you! Mollie Fineworth Go to hell. </tr>
Claudette Baptiste Not leaving.
Claudette looks up to the sky
Flashback, 1972
Claudette is in a room with Emmanuel
Emmanuel Not leaving? Not leaving?! You aren't leaving Grime Busters?
Claudette Baptiste Of course not! I've made many friends there, I own the company! I have hidden the fact that we have been enslaving children for years, I will not emerge from the depths now!
Emmanuel And what about when you can't work, eh? (Emmanuel points at Claudette's stomach, she is 2 months pregnant) What about when little Josephine comes along? This is ridiculous. In 7 months, we will have no source of income and a baby! We're ruined. And...and maybe

Claudette Baptiste

What? Maybe what? (Emmanuel remains silent) Say it! I dare you!
Emmanuel (She's hit a nerve) Maybe I don't want to be a part of a sinking ship, and should get off while I can!
Claudette Baptsite (Hurt) Are you saying you want to leave me and my...I'm sorry, OUR baby?
Emmanuel (Nods) That's right. Goodbye, Claudette. You've struck a nerve there. I'll be praying for you.
Claudette Baptiste Emmanuel! You get back here right now! Emmanuel!
Emmanuel Wretch!

Present day

Claudette and Josephine have spent hours awaiting Cleopatra's return.

Cleopatra drives up, it's night.
Cleopatra Bouseffi Oh God.
Josephine Baptiste There she is, mama!
Claudette Baptiste (Awakens suddenly) Cleopatra! You've been gone for 7 hours! 7! Pay us extra, now!
Cleopatra Bouseffi I...I apologise, Claudette, Josephine, but...I've left my money at the salon and it's bound to be locked now.
Claudette Baptiste Go back. Now.
Josephine Baptiste Mama, please. Cleopatra, we're sorry, but we simply cannot leave until you've paid us.
Cleopatra Bouseffi Absolutely not. Get out! Out! Out!

Flashback, 1972

Claudette is giving birth to Josephine

Claudette Baptiste Get out! Out! Out! Out!!! (Claudette screams)
(The nurse holds Claudette's hand)
Claudette Bouseffi Screw that idiot Emmanuel! Screw him! SCREW HIM!
Nurse One more push, Ms Baptiste. One more!
(Claudette screams, Josephine starts crying)
Claudette Baptiste Oh! Oh...Josephine.
Nurse Is that the name? Josephine?
Claudette Baptiste Oui. Josephine. (The nurse wraps Josephine up and hands her to Claudette) Josephine.
Scene change to outside the hospital, a nurse wheels Claudette and Josephine out
Claudette Baptiste Thank you, so much. I couldn't have done it without you.
Nurse [As Emmanuel] That's what I'm being paid for. Do you have anyone picking you up?
Claudette Baptiste [A car drives up with 'Grime Busters' written on the side, Claudette sighs] There. There's my car. Thank you, nurse.
Nurse A social service will come and visit your child every couple of weeks, purely mandatory.
Claudette Baptiste I know, I see it on movies all the time. 
Betye (Gets out of the car, she is very old)  Claudette!

Claudette Baptiste

Betye Come along! I'm taking you back!
Claudette Baptiste This is who they gave me?
Betye Do you want to walk? Get in the car!
Present day - Baptiste house

Josephine Baptiste

...And he walked out on us? Just like that.
Claudette Baptiste Just like that.

Josephine Baptiste

And in order to make up for his non-existant child support you made me work for you.
Claudette Baptiste Josephine, I'm so sorry...I had to! We would have been ruined!

Josephine Baptiste

I don't blame you. (Exhales)  As long as we have each other, we'll be fine.
Claudette Baptiste (Chuckling)  Keeping the houses of Variety clean and clear!

Josephine Baptiste

What happened to the rest of the children at Grime Busters?
Claudette Baptiste Don't think I didn't let Emmanuel get away with everything. The police came to investigate, they promised me to let me go if I told them who was in charge there. Emmanuel.

Josephine Baptiste lied?
Claudette Baptiste Vengence is sweet. Get it when you can, however you can. In my case, I lied to the police.

Josephine Baptiste

And Betye?
Claudette Baptiste She behaved a lot like a mother toward me, she came to all your birthdays. She died when you were three, I don't suppose you remember her. I know I do.

Josephine Baptiste

(Thinks for a while and shrugs) Oh well. You know, you changed a lot of people's lives. Had you not have offered those children a job to pay off their families' some rural parts of the country, you may have saved a few lives.

Claudette Baptiste

I try.
Josephine Baptiste (Hears the phone ring, goes to answer it) Helllo? Grime Busters.

Cleopatra Bouseffi

Oh, hello, Josephine, it's Cleopatra here. We've had a minor incident here, just thought you'd like to do a spontaneous clean up here. Someone's left this large-
Josephine Baptiste Cleopatra, you know spontaneous cleans are extremely expensive here at grime busters?

Cleopatra Bouseffi

I'm willing to pay everything! It's just this-
Claudette Baptiste (Takes the phone) Cleopatra, if you've had one of your stupid parties again, I'm going to delete your subscription!

Cleopatra Bouseffi

Massive casket! There's a huge Egyptian casket laying inside my house which has appeared from nowhere. Get it out! Now!
Josephine Baptiste We're cleaners, not handywomen!
Cleopatra Bouseffi Hold...hold on. I recognise it.
Josephine Baptiste What?

Claudette Baptiste

If this is some sort of joke...
Cleopatra Bouseffi Let me just...

Josephine Baptiste

Cleopatra Bouseffi (Cleopatra waves a hand over the casket, a large amount of dust and sand flies off it. Revealing a name. "Cleopatra Bouseffi") Agh! (The casket bursts open, the body of Cleopatra is seen)  AGHHH!!!

Josephine Baptiste

Cleopatra? What's the matter?
Cleopatra Bouseffi Get here now!

Jospehine Baptiste

What's happened!?
Cleopatra Bouseffi I remember everything!