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Ran Away
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Ethan's Logs
Ethan's Logs fanfic title
Name: Ethan's Logs
Genre: Sci-Fi
Created by: Beds
Number of chapters: Undetermined

Original run: 5th August 2013
Status: On Hiatus

Preceded by: The Funhouse Secret

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Ethan's Logs is a fanfiction, created by Beds. It is the sequel to The Funhouse Secret. The story follows Ethan's life in Tarmacadam after he left Lunar Lakes and the rest of the Funhouse members. All chapters will be written in first person, and will be set like a log of Ethan's life after the events in Lunar Lakes.

Much like TFS, Ethan's Logs will be short, possibly having less or more chapters than TFS.


Follow the life of Ethan Tarmac as he returns to his home planet of Tarmacadam after the events surrounding Lunar Lakes and the Funhouse members. Learn more about Ethan's thoughts on his ex-roommates and how he truly felt when he left their land, learn more about his role on Tarmacadam and what his secret mission was and how he came to crash land in Lunar Lakes. Finally, step into Mr Tarmac's personal life and learn all about who he is with his socialites.

Log 1: Returning to TarmacadamEdit

After repairing my spacecraft with the help from Wyatt, I was able to return to my home on Tarmacadam. I found it quite upsetting to be leaving my three friends but I had to leave them; I had collected the information I was asked to collect and now I had to return home.

The flight home took no longer than 72 hours. Of course, in that time I managed to record all of the information that I collected while travelling to and arriving on Lunar Lakes.

I was greeted by many of my fellow comrades, alongside my family, friends and the Emperor of Tarmacadam. They all cheered my name and clapped as I left my aircraft, the Empress awaited as I approached her. She gave a speech and as the crowd left after her speech was concluded, she pulled me to one side and asked me to meet her in her Query room tomorrow evening as there was an urgent matter to discuss.

I found it rather odd, nevertheless I agreed to meeting with her tomorrow evening to discuss this "urgent matter". However, I now find myself sitting at my desk in my oval-shaped house, getting ready for my duties for tomorrow.

I do have something on my mind, well, not really something... more like some people. I'm thinking about my friends Primrose, Tara and Wyatt... I hope they are not missing me too much and I hope they don't expect me to return. I need to move on, as do they.

Log 2: The Empress' QueryEdit

My meeting with the Empress was perhaps the most complex meeting I had ever had. This is probably the good time to tell you that I am the Empresses son, which makes me the second-in-line to rule over Tarmacadam. Of course, I don't really want to rule over Tarmacadam, I am rather happy working as an engineer and researcher, thank you very much.

Anyway, back to this meeting. The Empress had a very big Query on her head, her understanding that her time on Tarmacadam's throne was almost over due to her age, which made her ask me if I wished to take over the throne once she had left. Obviously, she had a back-up as she was aware of my feelings about ruling over Tarmacadam. However, the back-up my mother has is what one would call a dictator. He believes that Tarmacadam should be ruled by someone who had intellect.

I gave my mother a rather confusing answer; I told her I would think about it. But, she retorted that answer by telling me that I had three days to come up with a final answer. And if I had not came to her with my final answer, then she would decide for me. Meaning, the dictator would have the role of Emperor.

Before our meeting came to an end, mother had told me that Geila had been asking for me. I remember feeling rather surprised and happy to hear that name after so long, so I have arranged a meal with Geila later on this evening in one of the best restaurants Tarmacadam has to offer.

I just hope Geila can forgive me...

Log 3: GeilaEdit

Geila, as always, looked radiant in her formal wear. I recall our dinner so well, she greeted me with that same smile that turned her cheeks the colour of a red rose. We had a great meal and a very long chat, although I could have sworn I saw a hint of sadness in her eyes.

I guess I should mention that Geila and I have a romantic past, her being my childhood sweetheart. In our teen years, we spent almost every evening with each other. She listened to my dreams of becoming a wanderer through the night sky, and I listened to her dreams of starting a family and owning a small area of land and running a farm. Sadly, our relationship came to a rocky end. Not long before my graduation, I was whisked away to an academy, by orders of my now deceased father, where I was trained to run my own aircraft, I was also taught the basics of flying and other aircraft nonsense like that.

Me being in this academy sadly caused myself and Geila to grow apart, thus we broke up. Geila said that she understood all of the reasons as to why our relationship ended, however, I knew that she was upset with me and she had this small grudge over me.

Although, throughout dinner, she convinced me quite a number of times that she held no grudge over me for our breakup and that she had moved on. She only wished a meal with me as she just wanted to have a meal with me, friend to friend.

After our dinner, I walked her home. The walk to her house was quite awkward, we both exchanging simple nods to one another every few seconds. Once we arrived at her house, she gave me a rough goodbye and hurriedly ran into her home.

I felt upset when she left me, as it was quite rude of her to rush off like that, however, I probably would have done the same thing, given the situation. I have a feeling that myself and Geila will probably never have a friendship like we did before.