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The Experiment Home in the Sims 1 and Sims 2 has been the home of the Experiment Family and briefly the Liviane Family. It has seen the births of Billy Liviane, Daisy Experiment and Jacob. Jr Experiment. In Sims 1 it is located at 50 Ridge Road and in Sims 2 it is located at 15 Woodbridge Estate. 

50 Ridge Road Edit

Experiment 26 0006

The Experiment Home

In The Sims, Gina, Jacob, Mercedes, Charles and Billy all live in the experiment home but Mercedes, Charles and Billy all live in the observation suite. The house is a large two story house that consists of a living area, a study, a small two story observation suite (where the Liviane Family live), two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. It also has a spacious garden which has a sofa swing, telescope and a small glade of trees. In the Sims 2, after the Experiments moved out, the Liviane Family bought the house and moved in.


  • Jacob Experiment (Former occupant)
  • Gina Experiment (Former occupant)
  • Jacob. Jr Experiment (Former occupant)
  • Daisy Experiment (Former occupant)
  • Charles Liviane
  • Mercedes Liviane
  • Billy Liviane

15 Woodbridge Estate Edit

In Sims 2, Jacob, Jacob. Jr and Daisy are living in a small two story house which consists of a small living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a small study. It also has a small garden where there is a small tree which is over the gravestone of Gina Experiment.


  • Jacob Experiment
  • Gina Experiment (Deceased occupant)
  • Jacob. Jr Experiment
  • Daisy Experiment

Gallery Edit