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Name: Experimental
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
Created by: Sims3likeaboss
Rating: G
Number of chapters: To Be Determined

Status: In Progress

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  • Juli A.K. Gray: A feisty teenager who loves music and music loves her. She lives with her two sisters Lottie and Carolina and her parents. She has always felt they have been hiding something from her...
  • Carolina L. Gray:Carolina has always felt overshadowed by her sisters talents. Instead of hiding away, she become a ruthless mean girl, clawing her way to the top of high school social pyramid, but insecurities still linger.
  • Lottie M. Gray: A bright girl with an even brighter future, Lottie likes books more than people. She secretly envies her sisters Carolina and Juli because of their outspoken personalities. She spends her time reading books-and letting her jealousy boil.


Juli, Carolina, Lottie and their parents Lukas and Myra all live in a small house in Sunset Valley. The girls have just came home from school, and they all in bad moods from diiferent problems

Chapter OneEdit

Juli slammed the front door open, closely followed by a steaming Lottie and a furious Carolina. Lukas had just got home from work, and he was reading the newspaper. He stood up, realizing the girls had come home. He walked to the kitchen, where the triplets were doing homework and venting their issues to one another. "They fired the old music teacher and brought in some clueless townie, " said a clearly agitated Juli "who said I need to 'refine' my guitar skills! I can play better than he can!" Juli snapped her notebook shut, meaning she had finished her homework. "I'm going to my room!" She said, even more mad. (more coming soon.)