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Name: Extraterrestrial
Genre: Drama/Science Fiction

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Extraterrestrial is a Sims 3 Fan Fiction by Moonwing21, and is a series of blog entries by numerous Sims, on Kai's "Blog". Kai Rangel is a citizen of Sunset Valley, a Town that has been taken over by aliens! Kai has found a way to escape the aliens, but must find other survivors to try and survive.


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Known SurvivorsEdit

Week 1, Day 2, 14:46, KaiEdit

Oh Geez. I can't believe this is happening. This can't be possible. It just can't be.

Ok Kai, take a deep breath... Let me start from the beginning.

My name’s Kai Rangel. I had just moved here, to Sunset Valley, from Riverview, to pursue my dreams of becoming a great chef.  Anyway, I was exhausted from unpacking all my bags, so I decided to get some fresh air outside. The sun was shining as I left 455 Sunnyside Boulevard and walked down to the beach, and jumped into the water to cool off. The water was the perfect temperature. After swimming for a while, I sat down to read my new book, “The whiskered Deep: Catfish and You” before eventually going back home. But as I was walking up to the front door, everything went slightly hazy and faint before I dropped to the ground.

Everything after that is just… Black. I don’t remember anything except waking up what seemed like hours later in front of my house. The sky was dark and clouds covered the sun. The only light I saw seemed to come from a strange flying object in the sky, flashing different colors at random intervals. I had no idea what it was until I saw a brilliant blue tractor beam shoot towards the ground, and heard sims screaming. It was a UFO! With aliens! Real, live aliens!  

I dashed inside my house as quickly as I could, hoping none of the aliens had seen me. I’ve been scared to death since. I still am. Right now I’m hiding underneath my bed with my laptop writing this. I’m really freaking out.

Anyway, after a few hours inside doing nothing but trying to calm myself down (I think I’m even hallucinating; I thought I saw my old best friend Constance running around outside), I decided to distract myself by writing this blog to go over anything. And hopefully, if anyone’s read this, I’ll know there are more survivors out there.

Keep on surviving!


Week 1, Day 3, 11:52, Kai

Good news! I'm not alone! I was trying to scout out the neighbourhood when I saw that a mansion in the distance had its lights on. It was either the aliens, or other survivors, so I took a risk and climbed in through the window. If it were aliens, I wouldn't want to avert them to my presence. The young lady and two children were scared half to death by me. I feel pretty bad about it now, but I had to take precautions. Anyway, I found out the lady's name is Agnes, the child's name was Wilhemina and the teen called herself Holly. Holly had been hiding in her house (she lives in this huge place, can you believe it?) with Agnes till Wilhemina showed up on their doorstep, crying, and they took her in. They look like they're starving, ut they're clean and rested enough.

I think we're going to camp out here for a while.

Keep on surviving!


Week 1, Day 4, 1:02, Agnes

I was able to find two survival's. One, by the name of, Holly Alto, then there was, Wilhemina, and another one by the name of, Kai. I'm afraid I wasn't able to get her last name. Sunset Valley is getting worst by the minute. I just wish my Husband was still alive to help me out during these times of need. I was able to get in contact with my friend, Jayden James. He said he's coming over here, to get us out, and into his hometown, Monte Vista. I just hope he can make it without getting harmed. Because I had enough of people dying on me...

Don't die, just, live.

-Agnes C.

Week 1, Day 6, 5:53, KaiEdit

I have found yet another survivor! Her name is Bella, Bella Bachelor. She's a sweet little girl, she can't be much older than 10. Apparently her family went out to the park during the incident. She stayed at home, so she's fine...

We found her crouching in the bushes by the Alto Mansion, watching the house. She'd figured out someone was there, but alien or not, she didn't know. Explains why she didn't just go running up to us.

She's really polite, sweet and smart. She's always wearing that red dress of hers, even though it's tattered and dirty now (that bush was not a big fan of red, I guess). She was super-sweet to us, and she and Wilhemina have really hit it off together. Holly hasn't talked to her, though. I wonder why?

Apparently Agnes knows her as well. Family relations, she says. She refuses to go on.

Anyway, we really need to find someway to get some more food. We're almost out!

Keep on surviving!


Week 1, Day 6, 7:48, BellaEdit

I can't believe what has happened in the past week.... Aliens and my familys dead! Well I think Micheal lived but im not sure. Im clinging to my favourite toy, A meerkat my brother gave me for my my fourth birthday. Im treasuring it. I was crying under a bush near the house im in when other survivors found me. We are out of food! Im friends with one of the other survivors. Wilhemina Wolff. She says shes a werewolf. I belive her.

Its Bedtime. I cant sleep. "Dont Worry Rosie," I say to my meerkat. I cry myself to sleep.

Micheal, if you find this i love you. I want you back. Please Have Lived Micheal.



Week 2, Day 1, 2:34, KaiEdit

We need food. We're completely dry, but the supermarket's across town. It'd be a long shot to try and get there. We need someone to go. Bella and Wilhemina are too young, Agnes too old. I think it might be me or Holly, and I can't force that on her.

I leave in an hour. If I make it back, we'll have enough food to last a week or two.

Wish me luck, please.

Keep on surviving!


Week 2, Day 1, 6:46, BellaEdit

Kai went out for food earlier. We have enough for at least a week, maybe even longer. When I woke up earlier I noticed my toy (Rosie) had vanished! I searched the house, I found her now. I decide to just have some soup for tea. I play with Rosie for a while. Even though its very early I go to bed. I find a book "  Wheres Bella". I read it. Its where you have to find a girl with wings lurking on every page. Its pretty good, but i found a better book. Its too late at night to read it now.



Week 2, Day 3, 1:16, KaiEdit

I can't sleep, so I thought I might as well blog.



Things have actually been pretty calm around here lately. Nothing has really happened, except for one thing. Holly was talking to us yesterday, she said she saw a strange figure watching her room from the ground the previous night. We all have different conclusions. Agnes thinks it's another survivor, but Holly thinks it's an alien come to kidnap us. Bella and Wilhemina haven't been paying attention, and I honestly don't know what to believe.

On the plus side, I've been working on my cooking. I found a couple old recipe books in the mansion's bookshelves. They could come in handy.

Keep on surviving!


Week 2, Day 4, 1:06, BellaEdit

Deep breath Bella, deep breath. Micheals gone. I saw him out the window. But...... He got abducted. He collapsed mid air. I know he's now dead. Even Rosie cant calm me down. I just cant believe my brothers gone. Then i remember. Mortimer! Where is he? Is he safe?I try to text him. No signal.

RIP Micheal Don Bachelor, A great brother.

Also possibly Mortimer John Goth. A great friend



Week 2, Day 6, 10:31, BellaEdit

I can't talk to anyone. If I try I end up in tears. I just can't believe Micheal is gone. I just talk to Rosie. I can hardly eat either. I'm so exhausted. Holly isn't talking to me. So to sum up our group: Me, who wont talk to anyone, Whilmeina, whose a werewolf, Kai who's a great chef, Holly who won't talk to me and Agnes who has invited ANOTHER survivor.

I'm too tired to write now.



Week 2, Day 7, 8:17, KaiEdit

Y'know, I'm kinda worried. Our whole town is overrun with aliens, then they disappear without a trace and don't come to get us? They've gotta be planning something. I know it.

Anyway, yesterday was weird. Bella was crying every moment, poor girl, but wouldn't tell us why. If she tried she'd burst into tears.

We were chilling inside, when a crash resounded loudly outside. Agnes was first to the door, and she opened it quickly enough for us to see the garbage can, toppled over and laid open on the sidewalk and a shadowy figure running away. Agnes caught a quick glimpse of their features: she thinks it's a guy since his brown hair was cut short. I hope he doesn't see us as a threat though. We can't leave, so he has to approach us.

Wilhemina has been really... Agitated lately. This sweet girl has suddenly become snappy if we surprise her. She takes her time looking up at the sky and won't sleep at night. I wonder why.

I was actually looking through the Alto family's bookshelves when I found a hollow behind a book, with another book inside. The title was gone, the words faded, but I opened it and it was... surprise. A recipe?

Keep on surviving!


Week 3, Day 1, 13:56, Bella Edit

I finally tell Kai about Micheal. After I ran away. I'm hiding in the attic now, sobbing my eyes out. I then catch the eye of a spirt. My brother? A ghost? It was him! I give him a big hug. Wow. Its him!

I'm going to catch up with him



Week 3, Day 2, 12:43, KaiEdit

I've been reading that recipe that I found. It sounds complicated.

Anyway, Bella came to me yesterday and told me her brother was the reason she'd been crying. Poor girl. She sounds like she looked up to him.

We need to get out of this house. We're all going stir crazy.

Keep on surviving!


Week 3, Day 3, 15:23, BellaEdit

Yesterday,Kai said we might have out get out the house because we are going "stir crazy." I don't know what that means. I go back up to the attic to see if Micheals ghost is still there. He is. I know its not the real him, but its all I got of my family. I'm ignoring Agnes a little, as she is Mortimers aunt and every time I see her I think of Mortimer



Week 3, Day 4, 18:47, BellaEdit

4 days ago a man appeared.He ran away when he approached. I've been thinking. What if the man I saw getting abducted wasn't Michael? Then who was the ghost? I'm really confused. I need to think this out.