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Famously Trapped
Name: Famously Trapped
Genre: Romantic/Celebrity
Created by: OfficialNathanBanks
Rating: PG-13 (USA); 15(UK)
Number of chapters: Unknown

Original run: December 2013
Status: In Progress

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Famously Trapped is a 2013 Romantic/Celebrity-based story created by OfficialNathanBanks. The story will show how a highly successful female celebrity named Natalie with her struggles of being famous and falling in love. Natalie is hoping to spend the summer with her family, but her greedy record label and manager force her to go on tour instead of spending the time doing what she would prefer to do. As Natalie travels to Isla Paradiso on her tour, she meets a man and he slowly shows her that away from her fame and fortune is a life worth living.

The Idea for the story was originally supposed to be a Christmas themed story, with the story being centered around the Christmas holidays and the record label forcing the pop star to tour rather than spend Christmas with her family. The idea was dropped in 2011 after nothing really was produced from that story. Recently the story has been revived and the outcome was that the setting was to be in summer rather than winter, with alterations made to a few of the characters.


"Famous, rich, loved by critics and adored by her fans, you'd think Natalie Baker had it all. She loves to sing and perform on stage and she makes money for her Record Label, which is just perfect in their eyes - however when Natalie decides she'd like to spend the summer with her family in Riverview, the greedy Manager of the Record Label has other ideas. Forced to put her career before her family, Natalie begins touring worldwide where she meets a young man named Kyle who works back stage at one of her arena tours in Isla Paradiso - over time, he shows her what it's like to live life away from the fame and the glamour; Natalie and Kyle slowly fall for each other, but it becomes a test for Natalie to choose between her career and her fans, or her new potential life with Kyle."


  • Natalie Baker - Successful Pop star and musician; she loves her career and never wants to let the fans down- however her plans of a summer with her family are ruined by her Record label, who want her to continue making them money.
  • Christopher Bates - Owner and Manager of the "Bates Label" - he doesn't care for the artists who work for her him, he just cares about the money they make instead. He is the main antagonist of the story.
  • Kyle Staunton - Lives on a boat in Isla Paradiso and helps out backstage at the Arena where Natalie tours. His life isn't full of money of fame, but he manages to allow Natalie to escape from everything. In the time he spends with her, he slowly falls in love with her, but he knows that there's a chance she'll never choose him over her career.
  • Jane & John Baker - Natalie's parents; they hoped to spend the summer with their daughter as they don't see her much since she became famous. Their plans are spoiled and Jane and John are forced to spend the summer alone without their daughter.
  • Johnny Greggory - Kyle's friend, he lives in an apartment in Isla Paradiso with his girlfriend; he always looks out for Kyle's best interest.
  • Cindy McMichael - Johnny's girlfriend...


The writing for the story originally began in 2011; the story was set to be based at Christmas time and the plot was to include the Christmas holidays rather than the summer itself. Many ideas were tossed around with the story, in the original story Natalie was to be the Mother of 2 children and the Christmas holidays were to be spent with them, rather than her family. Kyle was to live in an apartment like his friends instead of a boat in Isla Paradiso. The idea was dropped however, even though more than half of the story was written and ready to be published - it was only recently that the idea was brought back up and toyed with some more until the eventual plot came into focus. The story has evolved some, but still keeps the main elements that were present in the original story. The writing for this story is mature and isn't readable for younger audiences due to the content it contains - there's bad language and sexual content present in the story.


  • Natalie's character is a mix of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Cascada.
  • The neighbourhood's present are all pre-made by EA Games.
  • The story will contain bad language and descriptive sexual interactions between the main characters - this is a part of the story that has never been done with my work before.
  • The idea of the story is to show people the negative side to being famous.
  • The story was going to be released earlier this year, but due to Island Paradise being announced, the story was pushed back to contain the benefits of the expansion pack that would fit in well with the story.
  • The story focus' more on the relationship between Natalie and Kyle, the battle with fame is a huge factor in the story, but the love between the main pair is the main factor in the story.