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Ran Away
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Name: Fate
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherEire
Release date: 8 April 2012

Previous chapter: Rivalry
Next chapter: Complications

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Mona left the downstairs bathroom and walked up to Amy. "Hi," she said. "I'm Mona. Look, I heard about the little disagreement between you and Dustin. I know it wasn't the best first impression."

Amy cast a suspicious look. "So why did Dustin snap at me? All I did was ask about his family."

"Exactly. This wasn't your fault, and I'm sure you're unaware, but it's never a good idea to talk about his family. You see, six years ago, when Dustin was twelve, his dad drowned and left behind his widowed wife and his two young sons. Well, three, but Tommy wasn't born then. It pains Dustin to talk about it."

Amy's expression softened. "Well, if you see Dustin, tell him he shouldn't feel guilty for snapping at me and we should become friends."

Mona grinned. "OK, I will! He'll be pretty pleased to hear about that!"

Angela and Richie sat on the floor, watching Tommy crawl around. The boy was fascinated by everything- books, bedposts, Richie's shirt, everything! After a while, Richie broke the silence, "Do you remember the conversation we had when we were looking after him?" He pointed towards Tommy.

Angela smiled. "Yes I do! It was about the future and the one or something, wasn't it?"

"That's the one!" Richie replied. "Don't you think it's weird that we could be living the future right now?"

Angel thought for a few seconds. "I never actually thought about it that way... but there's one thing I've thought of- I'm living some of the future with the one."

Adult Richie

This is Richie at the age of 20

It's 2016, four years after I moved to SimNation. The gang and I have just graduated from college. Donnie and Amy are going out, and a bunch of young lads have moved here with their father from Strangetown. Alex's offered me a job as a police detective, and it's my first night as the rookie cop. It'll give me a bit of pay whilst I search for a better job- probably one in the science business. Angela and I are soon to start looking for an apartment to rent. It'll be just the two of us- we've rarely had any arguments over the years, which is quite nice.

Dustin was nervous. He and his boss, Gordon King, were about to do another burglary. Dustin didn't want this- he thought he signed up to be a mechanic. He was conned and now he's being blackmailed to do these dangerous jobs.It was late, and after a few minutes, Dustin dozed off.

"Dustin" a gruff voice called. "Wake up, man. We're here" Dustin stirred and came back to reality. The boy looked up at the house he had to steal from and felt sick. Not this house, he thought any house but this one.

It was Mona's house.