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This is not a bash at feminists. This is entirely satire and in no way suggests that the characters it describes are like this. Please do not take this article seriously.

The feminist challenge is a challenge created by DarkSuicune2000 that challenges a player to play a character who is a feminist. This challenge is generally to be used in The Sims 3 along with The Sims 3: University Life and/or The Sims 3: Pets. You can try in the other Sims games, but some features may not be available.

The player starts out with two normal adult parents and a teenage daughter. The teenage daughter is a crazy, third-wave feminist.

Creating the feministEdit

  • When you create the parents use whichever genes you want for the daughter. Try to make the parents as normal as possible. You can give her siblings. You may use cheats to afford a decent sized house if you wish.
  • These are some tips for creating the daughter feminist, however you can make her however you want.
  • She could have one of these traits Hot-Headed, Mean-Spirited, Socially Awkward, Vegetarian or Unflirty.
  • She could have short hair, dyed to an unnatural color, such as bright red, blue, pink; be creative.
  • She could wear glasses and have bushy eyebrows.
  • Makeup is optional.
  • Masculine clothing is preferred, showing she can dress however she wants. Feminine clothing is part of the patriarchy.
  • She could be in the LGBT spectrum somewhere, so she can claim that people are homophobic, transphobic, or biphobic.
  • She could be plus sized, so she can claim that people are fat shamers.
  • The feminist can be male, but female feminists are preferred, so she can claim that people have male privilege and pull the woman card.
  • Making her a woman of color so she claim people have white privilege.
  • Give her a cat. Feminists often really like cats.
  • Download feminist custom content shirts, for instance, one that says #feminist.

Staring in gameEdit

  • Any town will do, just make sure the town has many social areas where the feminist will visit.
  • Bridgeport is a good town to start in as it has many social areas.
  • Make the feminist fight with her father (and brother) a lot, but she has an okay relationship with the mother (and sister)

Feminist BlogEdit

This Step Requires University Life

  • Start the Social Networking skill, by streaming videos and/or texting. Level 1 will unlock the blog skill. Start a blog about feminism for your feminist to control. Give it a name like, "Smashing the Patriarchy" or "Feminism For All."
  • Anytime you see a man in public, take a picture of him and upload it to the blog, with a caption complaining about something that triggered your feminist. Such as, if you see a man manspreading or flirting with a woman.
  • Give your blog posts feminist titles, like "Top 10 Greatest Feminists Warriors" or "How to be oppressed"
  • The goal is to get as many followers and likes on your blog as possible and to have a 5 star blog.


  • Your feminist also should fight with as many men as possible and have male enemies and nemesis.
  • If your feminist is straight, she should have many ex-boyfriends, whom she hates.

University LifeEdit

  • When your feminist is a Young Adult, send her to university.
  • Give her an art major, since there is no "gender studies" major in game. Feminists often like art.

After University LifeEdit

  • She will move out someday from her parents. When she does, possible continue the family tree, and the feminist have children who will also be feminists.
  • Get her a job where she can be a powerful woman.