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Five Years Later
Name: Five Years Later
Created by: DarkSuicune2000
Rating: K+
Number of chapters: 12

Status: Incomplete

Preceded by: After Sims 3
Succeeded by: -

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Five Years Later is coming after After Sims 3. It's coming five years later after the events of Stuck In Sims 3 and After Sims 3. The year is 2020.

Character IntroductionEdit

Chapter 1Edit

Nia opened up the package from the university.

"Oh my gosh, I got into college!" Nia said.

"That's great!" her dad said.

"Honey, I'm so proud!" her mom replied.

"Yep, it says I'm going to that university in Montana next summer of 2020!"

"I'm so happy! You know, I'm going to go post this online!" Harmony said.

"Yep, and I'm going to go boast about this to my co-workers!" Grant proceeded to call someone on his phone and walked out of the room.

"Man, I can't believe I'm going to college!" Nia thought. "I'm so excited!"

"You're leaving?" Said another similar voice.

"Who said that?" Nia said, turned around only to see a teenage version of herself. "Wha? Who are you?"

"I'm 15 Nia." the long haired blonde said.

"What? That can't be right..." 20 Nia said.

"I can't believe this!" A younger voice said, then child aged Nia walked in. "Why would you leave this awesome town?"

"Another Nia?" 20 Nia said. "Are you 10 Nia?"

"Yup, and you really really really really really really really need to stay home!" 10 Nia pleaded.

"Yeah, you grew up here!!!" 15 Nia said. "Plus, you're making 5 Nia VERY upset!" suddenly, a 5 year old Nia appeared in 15 Nia's arms.

"Wahhhhh!" 5 Nia whined. "Don't leave us Auntie Nia!"

"Wha- what's going on?!?! I told Hunter Jamie he couldn't clone me!" 20 Nia exclaimed.

"I'll tell you what's going on." Another new Nia came in, this one was 40. "You're being very irresponsible, young lady!"

"Wha... I..."

"Young punks have no respect these days!" said an elderly voice, and 80 Nia walked in.

"What's up, 80 Nia?" said 15 Nia.

Multiple Nias

The Nia's persuading 20 Nia to not leave! (Ignore 20 year old Nia's hair, it's the same as teenage Nia's now.

"I'll tell you what's up! 20 Nia is leaving Watersman! Why? This town is your only home!"

"No!!!" 20 Nia said. "I'm growing up! Leave me alone!"

All of the other Nia kept yelling at her, saying she shouldn't leave Watersman. Nia just couldn't take this anymore...

"Mom, Dad, help!"

"They can't help you, they died 40 years ago!" 80 Nia said.

"What? That make no sense!" 20 Nia said. "MOOOOOM!!!"

"What?" Harmony said, walking in. The other Nias have disappeared.

"Mom, there was a bunch of different ages of me... They kept yelling... and... and..."

"Nia don't worry... Just wake up."


"Wake up!!" Harmony said.

Nia woke up from her dream.

"Nia, are you okay?" Harmony said.

"Oh, good morning mom..." Nia said. "I had a bad dream..."

"Well... Get ready honey. You don't want to be late for your date with that boy."

"Is it Sunday today?" Nia said.

"Yes, look at the calendar."

"I better get ready!"

Nia went to get ready. She wore a nice dark blue dress, this was a very important night! This was no casual date, it was her 4 year anniversary with her boyfriend. They've dated since they were sophomores, and some people were surprised that high schoolers could keep a relationship that long, but Nia felt it was fate that they met.

At the restaurant, she parked in the parking lot behind it. Suddenly a conspicuous man came behind her.

"Hey, blondie! Gimme your car!" he yelled.

"Don't even try." Nia said, with her serious face.

"What are you gonna do about it?" he threatened. "You're just a girl!"

"Yeah, but I know some tricks,"

"Oh, shut up! I'm getting your car NOW!" he tried to punch her in the face but before he could Nia punched his gut, then kicked him to the ground.

"Gah!" he yelped "How are you so strong?"

"Help!" Nia said. "This man tried to rob me!"

This gathered a group of people around Nia and the man, including her boyfriend, and the police over to her.

"Wait... Are you Robbie Bland? You're the wanted criminal!" Nia exclaimed, as a policewoman put handcuffs on his wrists.

"Yeah..." Robbie said.

"What were you even using my car for?" Nia said, wanting an explanation.

"To kidnap someone..."

"That's enough questions!" The policewoman said, then put him into the police car. They drove off.

"Nia, are you okay?" Nia's boyfriend exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" Nia said, rubbing her arm. They hugged.

"So, do you want to go to our date?" he asked.

"Sure thing." She said.

Chapter 2Edit

August 30th 2020

It had been a few months after her college interview, and Nia learned she was accepted to Montana University. So was her boyfriend, Gregory Brandt. So they took a plane ride to Montana.

Nia's uncle and aunt let them live in the guest bedroom while they were there attending the university.

Astrid's house 1

And that means for a few years, Nia will be living her cousin Astrid! Nia and Gregory went to Astrid's house. Nia noticed the house was very red inside.

Gregory went to go unpack while Nia had a chat with Aunt Felicia. Nia noticed that Felicia's hair was messy, and her clothing was not fashionable.

"Hello auntie, how have you and Uncle Jeb been?" Nia asked.

"We've been fine, but it has been hectic since Vicky was born." she said "I haven't had much time for fashion or hairstyles recently,"

"Oh, sorry about that..." Nia said. "Vicky is so cute though!"

"Oh yes, she's adorable!" Then Felicia snuggled the blonde toddler.

"What a nice house you have, how long have you all lived here?" Nia asked.

"Oh... Ever since Jebidah left his parents and I came home from Spain,"

"So, here's my next question... Where is Astrid?"

"Oh, she was so excited to see you, in fact..."

"Hi Nia!" Astrid suddenly came from her bedroom.

"Wow... You have really changed over time!" Nia exclaimed.

"Yeah, I know!"

Nia wasn't wrong, Astrid had changed before her very eyes! In 2015, she was playful, sloppy, and a little bit on the fat side. Time must have been kind to her for these past five years, because Astrid was now a skinny girl, wearing an athletic jacket and some sweatpants. She seems so grownup, which was weird... Astrid has always felt like Nia's little sister, and now she is a high schooler!

"Hey mom, could you give us a minute?" Astrid asked.

"Oh sure hon," she then walked into the room Astrid and Vicky shared, to go play with Vicky.

"Seriously, I thought your mom never would let you wear anything like this!" I said.

"When Vicky was born, my mom was preoccupied with her and didn't have time to obsess over my looks," Astrid explained. "When I entered sixth grade, my dad signed me up for the girls' basketball team and I'm practically the best player there!"

"Well, it's a good thing Vicky was born!" Nia said.

"I think she was conceived on that night we had the sleepover, after our adventure in The Sims 3..." Astrid said.

"Wow... That's kind of a weird fact..."

"And just imagine if you and I never had that sleepover! I would have gone to the hotel with my parents, then Vicky wouldn't have been born, and my mom would make my life a living nightmare!" Astrid exclaimed. "I have a diary entry all about this..."

"You have a diary?" Nia asked.

"Yes, it's my favorite thing in the world. I've written in this thing forever! The first entry was on November 18th 2011," Astrid picked up a big book on the desk. "Nine years of my life in this book... I'm starting to run out of paper though. I'll get a new one though."

"Hm... Okay, neat," Nia replied "Astrid sure likes to talk, that hasn't changed!"

"Hey Nia, I unpacked our stuff," Gregory said, coming out of the bedroom.

"Thanks Gregory," Nia said, then kissed his cheek.

"Aw... You guys are my favorite couple," Astrid blushed.

"Oh, uh... Thanks," Gregory uttered. "You know, I think I should go to the library and go study now..."

Gregory left. "Sorry about him, he's kind of shy when other people talk about us as a couple,"

"Speaking of which, since you attend Montana University, I can go to their gym with you!"

"Sure, we could go!"

"Yes! Their gym is amazing!" Astrid said. "But they only let students in, and friends of visitors..."

"Okay, we can go..."

"Yay! Let's go!" Then, they left for the gym.

Chapter 3Edit

Astrid runs on treamill1

Astrid at the gym.

Still August 30th 2020

"Alright Astrid, feel the burn..." Astrid whispered to herself as she jogged on the treadmill, listening to her favorite song.

Nia was tired of running... She saw an aerobics area though...

"Hey Astrid, I'm going to the aerobic room, ok?"

Astrid did not respond... "Her song must be on a high volume..."

In the aerobics room, she saw a brown haired woman being teased by two college girls.

Jill bullies Meghann

The woman is bullied by Jill.

"Why are you in this gym you fat head?" The dark haired girl said.

"Yeah, shouldn't you be at McDonalds or something?" The dirty blonde haired girl said. "Your kind of people go there and get even more fat! Not here, the gym is for fit people and fit people only!"

"HEY, SHE CAN EXERCISE IF SHE WANTS TO!" Nia said, defending the woman.

"What?" The dirty blonde said, turned around, and revealed she was Jill! "Oh... It's Nia. Defending ugly people as usual. This gym is lame, let's go to the gym on Main Street, Rebecca,"

"Heck yeah, this gym has too many obese people." Rebecca responded. "Ugly fat nolifes..."

Then, they left.

"Hey, it's okay, you didn't have to do that for me," the woman said.

"Yes I did, that girl used to go to my high school and she's such a jerk," Nia told her.

"Thank you for helping me," she said back, then they did jumping jacks together.

"You're welcome, maybe we can be friends. What is your name?"

"I'm Meghann,"

Chapter 4Edit

A few days later, Nia came home from her first class. No one was home but her aunt and Vicky.

"Vicky, you are a girl so you need to wear pink clothes," Felicia said.

"Why? The pink ones clothes are uncomfortable!" Vicky said.

"That's how it works honey,"

"Uh... hey Auntie," Nia greeted.

Felicia glanced at Nia, "Oh, hi my niece,"

"What are you telling Vicky?" Nia asked.

"The truth about life, ha ha," Felicia laughed, but Nia was confused. "Anyway, I'm wondering why do you want to become an author?"

"Well, I love literature and reading. I'm good at it too, so I wish to become a famous author," Nia answered.

"Oh honey, author is a man's job! Shouldn't you be preparing for your motherhood? Learn to cook and do laundry?"

"Auntie, I have homework to do..." Nia said, then left.

Hours later at 3 PM Astrid came home.

"Hey Nia, can I show you The Sims 4?" Astrid asked.

"Wait, you mean 3?"

"No, 4," Astrid said "It was released 6 years ago,"

"Alright, we can take a look,"

After a half hour of watching Astrid play The Sims 4, Nia was not impressed.

"This looks like it was thrown together really quickly so EA could make money..." Nia said. "It seems barely any effort was put into this..."

"Well I enjoy it,"

"Yeah, but I can't believe you created Maverick and had him marry you!"

"What? He's still awesome,"

"You made him completely wrong.... In my game he married Holly Alto and now they are elders." Nia said.

"Oh, in my game I made Holly but she mysteriously disappeared..." Astrid mumbled.

"Ha ha ha!" They both started laughing.

Then Gregory entered the room.

"Hi Nia," he said affectionately.

"Hi Gregory, I see you are back from class," Nia said, then they hugged.

"Hey guys, I'm going to go for a jog. Bye!" Astrid then left the room. Nia stared at the computer screen.

"I wonder if I could... enter The Sims 4 like I did in The Sims 3..." Nia thought...

Chapter 5Edit

It was stormy outside, and Nia had problems sleeping. She never experienced lighting much back in California, even at night. She was a light sleeper.

"Uh..." Nia groaned. "Dumb thunderstorm... I can't sleep."

She walked out into the living room and looked for something quiet to do, it was 11:40 pm, everyone else was asleep. "Hm maybe the computer. Just for a little..."

Nia watched a video online, but in the recommended section it showed a Sims video. "Perhaps now... Everyone is sleeping... I can go into Sims 4 now..." She snuck into her aunt and uncle's bedroom. They were sleeping silently. She looked to her left. There was just a plant there. To her right however, there was a table, with some electronics on it.

"Perfect, that's where it should be."

She saw the flash drive in the pile of stuff and brought it to their computer. She started up "The Sims 4" and then loaded Astrid's current game, which included Maverick and Astrid married, apparently.

Then, she flipped the switch and held the mouse. Nothing happened... "That's odd..." The flash drive turned turquoise, like she remembered it did back then. Then, the flash drive emitted a huge turquoise colored wave, which made her fall out of her chair.

"Ah!" She screamed. Then realized she was no longer sitting in a chair... She was back in her bed. "How did I get here?" She also noticed Gregory was not next to her. "Was it a dream? No way... Impossible. That felt like real life..." Nia knew for a fact that was not dream. She ran into the living room, but the computer was gone.

The desk had makeup products and a sewing machine on it, rather than the computer. Nia made a weird look. Then noticed other differences too. The stereo system, television, and the video game shelf was gone as well. The furniture was old fashioned and stylish as well.

"Uh... I have no explanation... But the storm ended at least. Now I can sleep." Nia thought, and slept in her empty bed. "Gregory must be in the bathroom..."

Chapter 6Edit

The next morning, Nia could notice right away that things were different in her cousin's house after she used the flash drive. Gregory was nowhere to be seen.

"Good thing I remembered his cell phone number," Then she dialed Gregory. "Hello? Gregory?"

"Who is this?"

"Gregory, where are you?" Nia asked.

"Uh... I'm in my house. Do I know you?" Gregory was confused.

"Yes, it's me your girlfriend!"

"What? You are not my girlfriend, I don't have a girlfriend,"

"What? It's me! Petunia Renice Toadstool! You and I met 5 years ago!"

"Oh, you were my chemistry partner but that's all I remember..."

"Yes, then remember in 10th grade, you asked me to the Valentine's Day dance and that's when we started to date,"

"What? Listen, I don't appreciate prank phone calls," Then Nia heard him hang up.

"What the heck? Why did he say that?" Nia was so confused, then she decided to walk into the living room and saw her aunt giving makeup to Astrid, who looked very different. Astrid had very long hair in a braid and wore a dress with a jacket. Her aunt looked very fashionable as well.

"Ow!" Astrid said when Felicia tried to curl her eyelashes. "Is beauty supposed to hurt?"

"Of course my daughter!" Felicia said, then saw Nia "Oh hello my niece. You look very stressed."

"Where's Gregory?" Nia asked.

"Who is Gregory?"

"Remember, my boyfriend? He came here with me last week." Nia told her.

"Uh... I never heard of that name... Sorry,"

"Astrid remember? He was with us when we went on our adventure five years ago!"

"Uh... No, I don't,"

"Five year ago?" Felicia said, then looked at Nia. "Don't bring that up. You know that was a very dark time for the Flansburgh family!"

"Flansburgh? You mean Toadstool?"


"W-what ex-husband? Do you mean my uncle?"

"Nia, stop talking about this," Astrid said. "You remember what happened then,"

"No... Yesterday no one was divorced and you were athletic Astrid! And the computer was on the table! Ugh! I'm so confused!" Nia yelled. "Is this an alternate universe?" She thought.

Chapter 7Edit

Back at the Toadstool residence, in Watersman, California.

"It's so different now that Nia is in college, away from us," Harmony said. "It feels like... 1999 again, before we had a kid,"

"Yes, I know honey," Grant said. "If only Nia had found a husband soon, I want grandchildren someday,"

"Grant, you know Nia wanted to become an author and travel to France someday," Harmony said. "Much grand dreams than having kids,"

Suddenly, there was a knock on their door. A brown haired man was standing there in a soccer uniform.

"Hello, does, uh... Nia live here?" He asked.

"She doesn't, but I am her mother," Harmony said.

"Well, I am Gregory, I live on that beach house over there, and I received a prank phone call from her a few moments ago. Just tell her that was not very good of her to do,"

"Okay thank you for letting me know, bye," Harmony closed the door and used her cell phone to call Nia. She never would have thought Nia would prank call anyone.

"Mom? Is that you? Thank goodness you called because so many weird things are going on here! Why is uncle and auntie divorced, where is Vicky, and why is Gregory back in California again?" Nia asked, more confused than she ever was.

"Honey, calm down! What do you mean, your uncle and aunt divorced five years ago, don't you remember?"

"No! And where is Vicky?" Nia asked.

"Vicky? Who is that?"

"Uh... Never mind, but why are my uncle divorced? And where is he?"

"Well... I believe I can tell you the sad story. So, five years ago in September 1st you were playing The Sims 3 and then your cousin Astrid was visiting you, you showed her your game and she thought it was lame. You two caused a huge fight which spread to your uncle and aunt fighting about their values and then they decided to divorce! Your auntie kicked Uncle Jeb out of their house and Jebidah moved to New York to focus on his computer software career. He started a company and became rich and decided to forget his past life,"

"Which company?" Nia asked.

"Uh... Nia, you should know this... It is called Toadstool Electronics,"

"In New York? Then that is where I am going!"

"WHAT?" Harmony exclaimed, but then Nia ended the call, and all Harmony heard was the dial tone.

"I cannot believe my uncle created a flash drive that could create alternate universes! Although... It does make sense because The Sims 4 is an alternate universe," Nia said. "I better call him..."

Nia looked online for the phone number to Jebidah, and when she called him an intern answered.

"Hello, this is Toadstool Electronics customer service, how may I assist you?"

"Hi, this is Petunia Toadstool, I am related to Jebidah Toadstool, may I speak with him?"

"Sorry, Mr. Toadstool said he doesn't want any contact with his daughter or ex-wife."

"Oh, well actually I am not his daughter or ex-wife, I am his niece, by blood,"

"I suppose you may be forwarded to him. He never said anything about nieces."


After waiting on hold, Nia finally heard her uncle answer,"

"Hello, this is Jebidah Toadstool, how may I help you?"

Chapter 8Edit

September 9th 2020, Alternate universe

"Hello, uncle, this is Nia,"

"Oh, hello Nia. How is my brother doing?" Her uncle asked.

"Well, he got a promotion a few months ago," Nia answered. "Anyway, I have some questions about your flash drive that can transport people into games..."

"Wait... You know about it? How? The only person who know about that is..."


"Uh... Never mind; not important. But I have been experimenting with that for seven years now, it's not ready to use! It is dangerous technology! It could teleport to another universe for all I know,"

"Funny you mention that, because I am in the other universe!"

"What? How? Explain!"

"Well, in the original universe you and your wife never divorced so when I came over you had the flash drive in your room. I decided to go into a game called The Sims 4, which is set in an alternate universe. But when I plugged it in the computer, it sent a turquoise colored wave which sent my body into this alternate universe."

"I don't know... You could be lying..." Jebidah was skeptical.

"Trust me, I am not! In the original universe you and auntie were still married, and you guys had a second child! I also had a great boyfriend! And Astrid was athletic, and you and your daughter had such a good relationship when you played sports together!"

"Oh... Okay..." Jebidah was still skeptical but decided he would like the universe to exist. "Okay Nia, I am putting my faith into you. Grant says you're a trustworthy woman. I am going to give you a plane ticket to New York and you can fix your mistake. I have the flash drive here..."

"Really? Thank you so much! I'm going to be there right away!"

"Hehe, okay. I will see you there, I suppose?"

"YES!" Nia yelled, "See you later!"

"Until tomorrow!" Jebidah replied then hang up the phone.

"I hope I am not making a mistake..."

As Nia continued her day, she began to lose memory of the original universe, where she dated Gregory and her uncle wasn't divorced... She started to remember this one instead...

Flashback... Sept. 1st 2015

Nia and Astrid walked into the bedroom. Astrid looked in awe of how clean Nia's room was.

"Wow, how do you keep your room so clean?" Astrid asked.

"I just put my stuff away whenever I need to," Nia answered. Then pulled her chair out to sit in it. "Astrid, this is my favorite game The Sims 3," Nia asked.

"What do you do in it?" Astrid asked.

"Well basically, you create a family, then move them into the town of Sunset Valley, then you play and control said family,"

"Nia, that BORING!" Astrid loudly yelled. "Hey you should see this thing my dad is working on!" She pulled out a flash drive, "My daddy says this drive has special powers, like it can bring you into video games or it gave you superpowers. One of the two at least. And all you have to do is plug it into a high-powered computer!"

"Eh, I'm pretty sure he's making stuff up, you know Uncle Jeb," Nia said skeptically.

"Can I plug it in, please?" She pleaded.

"No! It could have malware on it! Get it away!"

"But... But... I want to go inside your game! That will make it funner,"

"First, "funner" is not a word. Second, that's not real! Only a myth your uncle said for your imagination. It's not real."






"Girls, what is going on up here?" Harmony asked.

"NIA IS A NO FUN POO-POO HEAD," Astrid yelled "I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" Astrid ran down the stairs and then they followed.

"Mommy, Daddy, let's leave! I hate Nia!" Astrid yelled.

"Astrid, is that my flash drive? Give me that!" Jebidah yelled.

"Are you giving my daughter technology? Honey I thought we agreed we would not corrupt her mind with that!" Felicia asked.

"Corrupt? What do you mean? Technology is a great thing! It is going to change the world! It already has!"

"Jebidah stop with this propaganda! You know technology is a waste!"

"No it's not! Technology is great and it is fine to show our child what it has to offer!"

"You know what! I am tired of your lies Jebidah! Technology is ruining society! I want a divorce! Now!"

"Excuse me?"

"That is right! When we return to Montana, pack your things out of my house! You are leaving!"

"Fine! I'm going to be a successful electrician, and at least I don't need you to get in my way!" Jebidah yelled, then ran out the door.

"Oh my gosh..." Astrid was in tears...

"What just happened?" Harmony asked, in shock.

"I'll tell you what happened. I am free from him and now I can teach my daughter the real life lessons!" Then she grabbed Astrid by her hair and they left.

"Ow! Mommy that hurts!"

"Tough, Astrid! Life hurts!" Felicia said with anger.

"Mom.. Dad..." Nia mumbled. "Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to invite them..."

"I'm beginning to see it was not a good idea..." Grant said. "Today is their 14th wedding anniversary too. How sad that today they divorce..."

Back in the present, Nia was laying on her bed in tears... She couldn't believe such a great family was torn apart by her, fighting with her cousin...

Chapter 9Edit

September 12th 2020, alternate universe

It is now Saturday, no school today. Nia was going to use her plane ticket so she could see her uncle and fix this whole thing. However since she didn't want to upset her aunt, she told her she was visiting her parents.

She called a taxi to drive her all the way to the airport.

"Take me to Airport Montana, please,"

Then she checked her phone. "I wonder... What has Gregory been up to for the five years in this universe." She thought then looked at his profile. They still had friend requests but they never posted to each other... Gregory did have no relationship with anyone else... And the only posts she recognized were ones she saw before 2015, before they met.

"Hm... Wait... Whom is this?" She saw a picture from November 2014, it was of Gregory, and some girl hugging in New Mexico. She had blue hair (clearly hair dye was used) and glasses. There was no name tagged, so she did not know whom she is.

"This is before we met... So this picture is probably same in the original universe." Nia wondered. "He never said he had a girlfriend before me... Was there something he's hiding?"

On the plane, she had to sit between an old woman and a man who was reading Nia's favorite book, A Magnetic Attraction.

"Hey, is that A Magnetic Attraction? I love that book. It's my favorite."

"It's my favorite too. I love the storyline,"

"So where are you traveling to?" Nia asked.

"I'm going to New Hampshire, I want to travel the country."

"Oh, cool dude. I'm going to New York to visit my uncle and... Do stuff. Anyway, I've always wanted to travel the world. Especially France and Spain,"

They continued some small talk. But hours later, Nia arrived and disembarked from the plane... She was a few miles from New York and had a taxi drive her there...

While on the taxi, she suddenly had another flashback from the new universe, this time from her first day of high school...

"Listen Nia, you're really nice, but I'm not interested in having friends right now..." Gregory said to Nia after they had a lunch together, then left.

"Ha, loser!" Jill called from a table, while sitting with Erika.

"Hey that's not nice," Erika said.

"Shut up, Erika, I don't care!" Jill replied harshly.

"Wow, that's weird how he didn't want to be my friend... Maybe because we didn't have that experience in The Sims 3..."

Chapter 10Edit

Nia walked up the steps of her uncle's large company. When she entered, she walked into a really nice waiting room. It looked like something out of The Sims 3: Into The Future. There was a holographic television, white walls, very wide windows, a young girl was even talking to a holographic animal!

"Whoa... This is so futuristic... I should live here!" Nia looked in awe. "I can't believe this... My uncle created all of this technology!"

"Welcome to Toadstool Electronics," the woman at the desk said.

"Hello Brittany, can I speak to my uncle?" Nia asked, although a bit confused on how she said her name was Brittany but Nia doesn't remember this woman at all. "I must hurry and change the universes back now... I think I'm beginning to lose more memory of the original one!" She thought.

Suddenly, Nia had another flashback. This time it was in the Valentine's Day dance where she was supposed to fall in love with Gregory... She envisioned herself alone and sad. Her friend Lexi was comforting her because she was lonely. In the real universe, Gregroy and Nia had a great double date with Lexi and her boyfriend Keith...

"Miss, are you okay? You look distressed and you aren't even listening to me!" Brittany said.

Nia snapped back to reality, and quickly wiped a tear away that began to form in her eye.

"Oh, it's nothing, where is the elevator?"

"Right up here Ms. Toadstool,"

Nia entered an elevator, and was amazed that she could see outside, herself overlooking the city. It kind of scared here when it started. Instead of the elevator going up, it levitated her up.

"Waaaah!" She yelled, she did not expect that.

When she reached the top, she entered a office, with a marker that read, "Jebidah B. Toadstool," in the front. She saw her uncle at a desk. He looked so different. Here, he has his hair cut as short as Grant's hair, still blonde though. He had a suit that signified his success and looked young for his age as well.

"Ah, hello my niece. Welcome back!"

"Uh... Back?"

"Remember? You came here to study for a school field trip when you were in tenth grade."

"No, uncle Jeb, this is not my timeline remember?"

"Y-yes, I almost forgot, I'm sorry,"

"It's okay, so do you have The Sims 4 loaded onto a computer?"

"Yes, of course," Jebidah said. "I'm not really worried about losing my company in this timeline though."

"Really? Why not?"

"I know I've made so many great things here, but I really miss my daughter. Felicia never allows me to visit her. I'm always worrying about Astrid. I worry she is not whom she wants to be. I'd trade this universe you live in, where I'm with my family more than anything. I hope every night that Astrid is okay. I hope that when she graduates and moves I can see her once again."

"Oh my gosh, I never thought about it that way..."

"That's right, I will do anything to see my daughter again. If this is what it takes, then I'm willing to give it a try."

"Wow... You really have a strong bond with her, don't you?"

"Yes... I'm also interested in what I'm like in this other universe... I'm guessing it's like the way I was five years ago..."

"Trust me, you're pretty much the same, uncle." Nia said. "So, do you want to start? Where is your flash drive?"

"Oh, I have it here..."

Chapter 11Edit

Nia stood near the computer...

"Finally, I have a chance to fix my mistake..." Nia said. "Uncle Jeb? Have you found it yet?"

"I'm looking for it!" Jebidah yelled from his closet of electronics. "Hold on!"

"Hey... While you're looking for the flash drive, may I tour your building?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Nia walked around the floor she was on. Suddenly, she heard someone call her name.

"Petunia! Is that you?" An elderly woman called.

"Huh? Oh, hi granny! Hi grandpa!" Nia called. The people who called her, were Nia's paternal grandparents, Victor and Carrie Toadstool.

"We haven't seen you since your graduation!" Victor said,

"Oh yeah, I'm visiting Uncle Jeb."

"Well, how nice of you! Your uncle has been lonely since the divorce happened." Carrie mumbled. "Anyway, how's college been?"

"Great, I already have an A in my literature class!"

"Oh Nia, you make me proud." Victor said.

"You're our favorite granddaughter!" Carrie said. "But don't tell Astrid I said that..."

"I remember when we used to babysit you Nia, and when we took you to your first day of kindergarten. Remember how she knew the alphabet better than everyone honey? And that made that one girl mad because she was smarter than her?"

"Oh yes, I remember!" Carrie said.

"That was Jill, she doesn't like me, ever since kindergarten..."

After more conversation with her grandparents, her uncle Jebidah finally found it, but her grandparents still wanted to talk more.

"Son, let us talk with our granddaughter! Stop rushing us!"

"No, granny, it's fine. I should be going though. I have something to work on with him,"

"Oh, okay honey," Carrie said. "Have fun then!"

Then they walked away, Nia looked at her uncle.

"Why are your parents here?"

"They've came to support me after my divorce..." Jebidah said. "Remember when it happened 5 years ago, it really was hard on me."

Chapter 12Edit

"Okay... Uncle Jeb... I'm ready to revert to original universe..." Nia said.

"Well, if you're ready then I'm ready."

"Okay..." Nia sighed. "Let's do this..."

Nia sat at the computer, started the game, and inserted the flash drive... Then flipped the switch... "See ya, Uncle,"

Suddenly... A turquoise wave, came from the computer... " Jebidah's building, suddenly was no longer Jebidah's building. It was a office building. The stuff in Jebidah's building changed to office cubicles.

Nia found her self back in Montana. It was September 3rd again, the same night where she changed the universe... It was stormy and a few minutes before she had tried to enter Sims 4.

"Whoa, I'm back! Thank goodness..." She ran into her bedroom, saw Gregory there sleeping. "Yes, I am definitely in the correct universe..." She sneaked into her uncle's room, set the flash drive on his dresser where it was then went the bed.

The next morning, Nia woke up, and dressed herself. She was happy to be back, but then she remembered one thing... The picture from November 2014, of Gregory and the blue haired girl. She walked to the couch to talk with Gregory

Greg and Nia couch

Nia questions Gregory.

"Hey Gregory, I have a question,"

"Yes? What is it Nia?" He replied, tying his shoes.

"I saw a picture of you and this girl with blue hair, in November 2014. It was before you met me, and there's a "<3" on the caption... Whom is she?"

"Oh, her! Well, you know I lived in New Mexico before California. That is Kaycee, she was my old girlfriend in middle school."

"Why did you hide this from me?"

"Oh, well... I didn't think it was really important. We broke up on August 2nd 2015, the before day I moved to Watersman. She helped me through bullying in middle school, and I... Learned something about her on August 2nd, and I knew she didn't want to date me so we broke up. We are still friends, but I was glad to make new friends in Watersman."

"Oh, I see. Well, I was just worried."

"Don't worry Nia, I would never cheat on you. You're my true girlfriend,"

"Thanks Gregory..." Nia said. "In fact, I think it's time for..."

"I know... Time for classes, but before I leave I want to give you something," Gregory said, then he gave her a kiss, on the lips...

Nia and gregs first kiss

The kiss...

They pulled apart. "Oh, thank you Gregory..."

"I think it was the right time... Love you Nia..."

After the that, Nia saw Astrid walk into the room. She was the athletic Astrid again! She expected that, but it was great to see the true Astrid again.

"Oh Astrid! I'm so happy you're okay again!" Nia said, then hugged her.

"Uh... Again?" What do you mean?" Astrid said.

"Oh... Nothing, just happy that you're happy!"

"Fine, also tonight I have a basketball game tonight! Wanna come?"

"Of course! I would love to!" Nia said, then hugged Astrid again. "I'm sure you'll do great!"


After her college, Nia moved back to Watersman California, where she learned her parents had renovated the living room. Nia moved to a house with Gregory afterwards. They were married in 2025, and on October 12th, 2027, Nia gave birth to their daughter Melody Brandt.

Nia also became an author and writes many books. Gregory joins a career in athletics, where he remains physically fit. They also have Nia's best friend Lexi live with them, as a roommate. Nia loves her family, but she still misses her childhood so much.

Astrid and her boyfriend Elliot were married, but they never had kids. Astrid also got a job as a coach for her high school's basketball team.

Jill and Ethan got married as well, they had a son but then they divorced because Jill cheated on him. Ethan had custody of their son. Jill lost her job and now lives with her older sister.

Nia never had any other problems with The Sims 3. But she will have another problem soon. Only time will tell.

The End