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Ran Away
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Name: Found
Genre: Mystery
Created by: Madi23 Talk
Rating: E
Number of chapters: 5

Original run: One-Shot
Status: Under Construction

Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: None

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Dany Shue and Davy Cho have found each other. What secrets will they uncover?

Coming SoonEdit

In Hidden Springs, there is magic and mystery everywhere - but could two adopted boys really be long lost twin brothers? How could they even find each other, living in an overflowing resort town?

Dany Shue and Davy Cho had never spoken before a mix-up in class one day. Davy lives a comfortable life with a family who loves him in a big house. Dany lives with his adoptive elderly mother in the woods, with three other adopted siblings. Davy hasn't been the luckiest kid, and doesn't know he's adopted - while Dany has always known and thought something was missing in his quiet life.


“Dany!” called Granny Shue, who was kneeling and tying Star’s shoes. “Yes Granny?” he replied, grabbing his backpack. The elderly woman smiled at his politeness. She had always known she could raise children, even five at once.

Carlotta sneered at him from the door. Granny Shue cast the girl a worried gaze.

Maybe four was too many for her at such an age, but she loves them all the same.

“Honey, could you run to the grocery store for me after school? I need some bread and milk,”

“Sure,” he smiles, snapping his helmet on. The other kids grab their bikes and begin pedaling away. Granny waves to Star, who grins at her and waves ecstatically. Granny laughs softly and goes back into the secluded log cabin.

“Daniel Shue,” demands Ms. DuPont, the nasty grade five teacher.

Dany glances up from across the room. “Ms. DuPont?”

She looks over at him, exasperated. “Yes? Oh. I mean: David Cho. Davy, explain yourself!”

Davy Cho stared up at his teacher, who loomed over him, her frazzled blond hair in a messy bun. “I didn’t do anything.” He states blatantly, looking back down at his doodle-covered paper.

“Mr. Cho, if you do not hand in your homework from last night, I will have to call your parents again." She sighed in exasperation, as though picking up the phone and dialing seven numbers was much too tiring for her to want to bother with.

As the grouchy woman strode away, Davy scribbled across his page: SIMZILLA, right above his drawing of a scraggly blond monster wearing high heels and breathing fire.

He scowled at Ms. DuPont, who was now collecting worksheets from the other students. Dany sat down next to him. He chuckled. “I like your picture,” he said, nodding to the SimZilla. “But you forgot the spikes and big yellow teeth,” Davy laughed. He had only lived in Hidden Springs for a couple months, after moving back from Bridgeport with his parents and little sister Minzi. He told this to Dany, who in turn told him how he and three other kids were adopted by Granny Shue when they were really little, and that they lived in a log house in the woods. Davy said his dad was a really famous director, and they moved back here because Simon Cho was finished with his career and wanted to retire early.

Their chatter was cut off when Carlotta snottily notified Ms. DuPont about their talking during class. The aggravated woman threatened again to call Simon and Alisha, but only returned to her messy desk.


Ms. DuPont didn't move again from her huge padded chair until pink paint exploded around a very giggly Star. The wall and floor along with half of the desks were now spotted with gobs of hot magenta liquid, causing groans from the boys and squeals from the girls.

Ms. DuPont then told Star and a few other laughing, pink-coated girls to clean up the classroom after school, which was about to end. Dany used Davy cell phone, which was glossy and new-looking, to phone Granny Shue and tell her that Star would be late. She reminded him to pick up the groceries, which she had already given him money for.

Davy was picked up by his dad, who saw Dany nearby and asked his son if he knew the other boy. “Not really, but we talked a lot today. He lives in the woods outside of town with a bunch of other kids. They were all adopted by an old lady.”

“Huh,” Simon said, scratching his head. “He looks a lot like you.”

Dany was at the grocery store when he spotted Davy at the checkout with a teenage girl. He looked bored and was pushing a stroller.

“Hey, Davy!” he shouted, making everyone in the store turn and stare at him. Davy turned and grinned.

“Hey Dany,” he points to the stroller. “This is Minzi, my sister.”

“Helwo,” crowed the little girl, clapping her hands; her Simlish was garbled.

The teenage girl nudged Davy forward. “Grab the bags, I’ll push Minz. Come on,” she said when he opened his mouth to talk to Dany. “Your parents will be back from the lodge soon, and we’re going to practice drums, remember?” she winked at him and laughed. “Don’t you want to surprise your dad?”

“Right,” said Davy, grinning and shaking his head at the teenager. “Sorry Dany, I’ll see you at school tomorrow!” he apologized as they left the store.

When Dany arrived home, he found Star had beaten him there. Her hair was wet - from a bath, he was sure - and she was wearing different clothes than the paint-stained ones from school.

“Dany, hurry up! We’re going exploring in the woods!” she exclaimed, pumping the air with her fist.

Carlotta came into the entryway. “I bet I’ll beat you both to the water.” She declared, raising and eyebrow at her adoptive brother.

Dany snorted. “Sure, Car,”

Star jumped off the patio railing and onto the grass, dashing toward the trees. “I will win first!” she declared. Carlotta chased after her, laughing, and tripped Dany.

He sped after the two girls, digging his sneakers into the dirt paths in the woods. In the last minute, as Carlotta neared the banks of the spring, he sprinted and flew past the two of them.

Carlotta made a face.

“You’re lucky,” Star explained. “But all your luck will eventually run out, and then I will be the supreme winner!”

“Yeah right,” Muttered Carlotta, but only Dany heard her. Carlotta kicked off her sandals and splashed her feet in the cold water.

Star was still out of breath. She sat on the rocks ringing the water, gazing across the surface of the clear pool. “What’s that?”

“One of the springs, idiot.” Carlotta said, rolling her eyes.

Star jumped off the rock. “No, that plant. Look at it! It has a halo!”

Both Carlotta and Dany raced over to examine the strange, glowing plant.

“Have you seen one of these in the garden before?” Star asked, getting so close to one of the fruits, her nose nearly touched it.

“No.” said Carlotta. “We’d better leave them alone.” She turned and walked back to the trails. "They're probable poisonous."

Dany and Star exchanged a look. Carlotta was still walking away. Star nodded and Dany plucked a pear-shaped fruit from the bush, stuffing it in his pocket.

They chased Carlotta the way back to the house, but it seemed Dany’s luck was wavered by his curiosity over the strange fruit.


Davy strummed the child-sized guitar. It was expensive, and worth the money. It sounded like any other standard acoustic, and he could name nearly every brand of guitar ever made.

Gabrielle, his babysitter, explained a chord to him. He was listening, but he was thrumming with energy. His dad would be home soon, and had promised they would go fishing when Simon and Alisha returned from the mountain lodge that afternoon.

Keys jingled and shoes clomped by the doorway. Davy raced down the stairs. His dad laughed, sweeping him up into his arms. “Ready Davy?”

“Yes!” Davy raced across the room to grab his rubber boots and tackle box. Simon slipped off his jacket.

“Woah, buddy, one second, I need to check on Minz,”

Davy bounced on his heels. It wasn’t his first time fishing. He usually never caught anything, but Simon enjoyed getting away from art and literature to just spend some time with his son.

“Okay, Davy, let’s go!” Simon’s extra enthusiasm was thanks to his orientation to his family. It didn’t matter what he did, as long as it was with his family.

Racing to the car, Davy started the engine before his father could close the door after waving good-bye to Alisha.

At the watering hole, Davy leaned over the edge of the shore, casting his line as far out as he could.

Simon lounged on the rocky earth, baiting his hook.

“Hey Dad?” Davy said, sauntering over to reapply his eaten bait. “Can Dany Shue come fishing with us tomorrow?”

“Of course,” Simon agreed easily, sticking a chunk of tomato on Davy’s hook. “Maybe he can come with us to Bridgeport on your next long weekend,"

“Cool,” Davy said coolly, though he was joyous on the inside. Fishing with his new friend? He knew exactly the place!

“How was guitar with Gabrielle?”

“Awesome,” Davy began, casting once more. “I learned this new song…”

Simon smiled. He was glad Davy was finally making a new friend. Again, he thought of how similar the two boys looked. Black hair, light brown eyes…

“Huh,” he said to himself, but before he could elaborate on his thoughts, a tug on his line jerked him to attention.

“Got one!” Simon laughed heartily, and Davy rolled his eyes, his line was perfectly still under the glassy surface of the pond.


“Dany! Davy!” exclaimed Ms. DuPont, her eyes wild and crazed. It reminded Davy of his Simzilla. Davy scowled at the woman, who slapped her hands down on her desk, leaning forward and looming over the duo.

“Yes?” said Dany, looking at Davy through the corner of his eye. Ms. DuPont composed herself, heels clacking as she approached the two, who were sitting next to each other again.

“Which – which one of you is –,”

“Dany?” said Davy.

“Davy?” Questioned Dany.

The boys say in unison, laughing. Ms. DuPont turns bright red. For the last week, as the two have spent hours together, they have begun tormenting the teachers by dressing the same. It had been Davy’s idea, after remembering how his dad said they looked really alike.

Ms. DuPont threw her hands up in the air. “Fine! That is enough! I’m calling your parents.”

She stomps out of the room, and the other students burst out laughing.

Davy grins at Dany. “Is Granny home?”

Dany shakes his head, laughing. “Are your parent’s home?”


“What do you think she’ll do?”

“I don’t know.” Davy thinks a second. “Maybe she’ll tie us up and eat out brains.”

“No, Simzilla only eats llamas, remember?” the two laugh, but then Ms. DuPont storms back in, hair falling out of her usually strictly neat bun.

“Boys! To the office; Simon or Alisha will be here soon, for you, Davy. And Dany,” she pauses. “Will have to stay in the detention room and work until school is over.”

“For two hours!” Davy exclaims. “You can’t do that to Dany!”

“Ah,” Ms. DuPont smiles. “I thought so. You are Davy.”

Davy turns bright red. Cover blown, he thinks, glancing over at Dany.

The teacher grins triumphantly. “Don’t worry. You both will be remaining in class. But you will have to stay afterword for a parent-teacher meeting.”

Davy glowers at her. Dany just stares at the chalkboard, embarrassed he got caught and even more so that he believed her lie.

After school, the two boys wait in the office for Alisha, Simon, and Granny Shue to arrive. They had been ordered not to speak, and were being watched by the hawk-like secretary.

Granny Shue bustles in the door, running over to Dany. “Dany! You got in trouble?”

Before Dany can answer shamefully, Simon strides through the door, approaching the secretary. “Where is the teacher?” he asks politely.

“In her room,” the secretary says, looking annoyed, as if she had been hoping he would come storming in and give snobby Ms. DuPont. “The four of you need to go.”

In the principles office – yes, Ms. DuPont is the principle – the frightful teacher scowls, her lips twisted.

“Dany and Davy have been misbehaving for the last week, Mr. Cho and Ms. Shue.”

“How so?” Granny asks, casting a worried frown at her son.

“I’m sure you’ve noticed they look very much alike. They have been deliberately fooling myself and other staff on their identities.”

“Is this causing a serious problem?” Simon asks, his hand on Davy’s shoulder as he stands by the door.

Ms. DuPont frowns at him. “It causes a major disruption in my classroom.”

“Have there been any other problems?” Simon continues, planning to interrogate her until she gave in and let go of the punishment.

The woman holds her ground. “No. But it is offsetting to a teacher such as myself -,”

“Ms. DuPont,” Granny Shue begins. “I believe you are taking this too seriously. They are only boys. Of course, I assume the boys will be punished?”

“Yes,” says Ms. DuPont, looking very high-and-mighty for an elementary school teacher. “They will be staying in the school at lunchtime for one week and completing extra work.”

“That seems fair to me. Mr. Cho?” Granny Shue asks, giving Davy’s father a pointed look.

He gives the teacher a curt nod; if Dany’s mother believes this is fair, I should too, he thinks.