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The Frankson Family is a, well, a 'successful' family. The family consists of 8 sims, 3 playable, 2 former playable characters and 3 non-playable characters. The family leaders are Ryder Frankson, father of Benjamin and Isabella and grandfather of Elliot Frankson, son of Benjamin and Molly French - previously named Elliot French, grandfather of Nathaniel Frankson II, son of Benjamin and Fiona McIrish - previously named Elbert McIrish -  Tawanna Landgraab, daughter of Benjamin and Nancy Landgraab and Benjamin and Jamie Jolina's unborn child(ren) . Ryder has a twin brother, Dylan, who is the father of City Council Member Nathaniel Frankson I. The Frankson's live in Sunset Valley but a Frankson Family of the same people will be moving to Riverview. 

The Good SideEdit

The good side only shows one man, Nathaniel Frankson I. He has always dreamed of being a Politian, probably because of his mother Eliza Frankson-May. Nathaniel's mother Eliza was originally Governess of Lunar Lakes, where Nathaniel's side of the family lived, but during her final stages of life, Eliza became Elected Leader of SimNation and died 4 months later. When Eliza died, Nathaniel moved to Bridgeport with to be with his Aunt CeCe, Ryder's wife and Isabella and Benjamin's mother, who was very sick and died 2 weeks after Nathaniel and Dylan's arrival. Despite all this, Nathaniel still had a good attatiude and helped out the Governor of Bridgeport, Keith Lawence, and in return Nathaniel received Policial training.

The Bad SideEdit

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