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Ran Away
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From Greenland With Love
Name: From Greenland With Love
Genre: Action-drama
Created by: BobNewbie

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From Greenland With Love is an action-comedy/drama Fanon story created by BobNewbie. The story draws elements from both The Sims games, The Sims Wiki's IRC channel #wikia-sims, and The Sims Wiki itself.

Users that have been on the Wiki for a while may request to be included in the story, and at times writer's will be allowed to submit a chapter, as in PlumbBobs & Prejudice. This is mainly to keep the story controlled.

Prologue Edit

In 1945, The United States hired an elite team of international special operation agents, each one a master in a field of government espionage. This organization is known as the Chrome Authority. In ten years, it started to grow exceptionally.

In ten more, more and more members were either taken captive by enemy organizations, or left after questioning the CA bureaucracy. A new leader was elected, but the damage was done. The CA had lost nearly all its members, and its secrecy was compromised. By 1972, the organization was dormant.

In the 1980s, a green diamond-like object was found off the coast of the Fiji islands. Scientists tested the object and, to their surprise, they realized that they discovered a whole new element.

Years later, a corporation entitled Landgraab Enterprises hired four skilled agents to search Greenland for more of the element, after a second discovery was made.

In the same year, the then mayor of Sunset Valley, Gunther Goth, called the current president for an important matter. He claimed that Sunset Valley scientists had confirmed that the mineral was far more powerful then once suspected; a single one was enough to power half of America for at least two years.

Landgraab Enterprises turned on the president's demands to stop their agents from mining the resource in Greenland. They became an illegal group; and was renamed to the FFA soon after.

Thus, the Chrome Authority was restarted, with one single goal: to bring down the FFA.

— Official Government Analysis Document, 2010.

Chapter I: Project L.O.L Edit

It's a fact that remains unknown to many; The six agents that formed the CA: Alpha Team were though beyond an average human being's standard. There was the stunning Italian beauty, Bella, who was a master of acrobatics. Agent Anvil had an IQ of roughly 164, and Marty Keaton's forté was downright anything that explodes or burns.

The members that formed half of team Alpha sat quietly in the warmth of the base of operations for project L.O.L. Dozens of computer screens monitored nearly everything important to the project, yet Bella had questioned why the Super Bowl was on on computer #9.

"National security." replied Anvil, lights bouncing off the rims of his spectacles. "For instance, it would be good to examine any suspi--" he stopped and jumped up and down in his chair as the Steelers scored.

Marty was more concentrated at the matter at hand. "Come on. You've got like 38 do-hikkies and whatchamacallits in here. You've go to have at least some kind of contact with the others."

"No," said Anvil with remorse as he sat back. "Nothing. Only way to get contact now is if one of the agents use their walkie-talkies. And with the storm outside, I fear that their connection may be lost."

Bella bit her finger. The storm outside has been but only a pest for Greenland, but this was serious. She gulped at the thought that one or both of her teammates might have failed.

Then again, she reminded herself, they were the most fitting for the operation. Georgie was a master in weaponry and survival, and Servo was a cyborg who had specific implants to survive extreme conditions.

They'll make it. They're good at this kind of stuff. she promised herself, even if only false hope.

Chapter 2: No-oh-oh Edit

Agent Gibbons sprawled through the back door of the base, as pallid as the snow behind him.

"Gibbons!" Bella exclaimed. "Pizza man!?" Marty exclaimed. "There's pizza delivery in Greenland?" Anvil asked, nearly falling out of his seat.

"G-guh-guh-guh-" Gibbons said, tremors rocketing through his body. "Get...away."

Bella caught him just as he collapsed. Marty spun around her, closing the door.

"Gibbons!" Bella screamed. "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

"Chilax, seriously." Marty said. "We need to get him to a hospital or something. And where the heck are agents Nikel and Dan? Weren't they supposed to meet up with Georgie and...where's Servo!?"

Anvil's deep breath was audible from where the other stood. He jumped up, causing his seat to fall backwards with a loud clank!.

"Everyone, follow me!" He shouted, pressing a series of buttons on one of the control panels. Systematically, he then neared the screen, deleting various documents, programs and accounts in rapid succession. Then, he pressed a final giant button below a table, and the entire base went dark.

"Anvil?" Bella uttered. "What's going on?"

"FFA," he said. "Saw them on one of the cameras, they're coming and they look really well armed." He opened one of the doors that lead to where they slept. "Come on, we don't have much time."

Marty pulled Gibbons up and started to drag him across the room. Bella followed. Then Anvil.

And a few minutes later, a highly trained group of soldiers followed.