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This is a by Salammbo. It is set in TS3 era and is about a kind of ice age throughout SimNation.

Main Households/SimsEdit

I will add here the main households/sims that will be in every chapter.

Secondary Households/SimsEdit

I will add here the households/sims that will only be in some chapters. Some sencondarys could eventually become Main sims.


Richie was worried. It had been getting colder and colder lately even though it was April. Something was wrong. He got out of bed and went into the kitchen to get breakfast when he looked out the window and... it-it was snowing! He couldn't believe his eyes. He called his BFF Matthew to tell him. Suddenly the heating went off. It was -10 C°! Richie took his family to Matthew's house. What was going on? How could this happen? Would it keep getting colder until it's impossibled to survive?

Chapter 1: Cold Drama, devils and angelsEdit

It had been two days sice the snowing started and it wasn't stopping. No one could go out, it was too cold. Matty Crewe had tried to get some food but didn't succeed. He got lost and stayed out for two hours. When his friends got worried and decided to send William (who can resist cold) to go find him he was almost dead. He survived but he's still very ill. None of his friends know if he will pull trough. William went to find some medecine but he could only find enough for a week. Suddenly someone knocked on the door.