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Fulton Family
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Fulton Family

(Belle, Nori, Damien, Rebekah, Arabella and Sophia.)
Name Fulton Family
Members Belle Rosa, Damien Fulton, Rebekah Fulton, Arabella Fulton, Nori Fulton
Number of generations 3 generations
Other Information
Game TS4GT Icon The Sims 4: Get Together
Playability Non-Downloadable (Currenly)
World Windenburg
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The Fulton Family is a Family in Windenburg from Created by and Used in Matty Kardashian's Gameplay of The Sims 4 that consists of Belle Fulton, Damien Fulton, Rebekah Fulton, Arabella Fulton and Nori Fulton.

Family BackgroundEdit

Note: To be updated.
Belle Fulton (nee; Rosa) and Damien Fulton are the Parents of Rebekah and Arabella. Though the Marriage did not the last, the family are all very close still. Rebekah currently lives with her Grandmother Sopia, her husband Dennis Kim and their Daughter Nori Fulton-Kim. Arabella is the divorced wife of Candy Behr. Even though they're not Married anymore, Belle and Damien still live together.

Family TreeEdit

Image Name Relationship
Fulton Family Coming Soon. TBA


  • Sophia Bjergsen (née; Rosa) Deceased
    (Mother of Belle Fulton (nee; Rosa), Grandmother of Rebekah and Arabella, Great Grandmother of Nori and Late-Wife of Bjorn Bjergsen)
  • Belle Fulton (née; Rosa)
    (Daughter of Sophia, Current Girlfriend/Ex-Wife of Damien, Mother to Rebekah and Arabella, Grandmother to Nori.)
  • Damien Fulton
    (Current Boyfriend/Ex-Husband of Belle, Father to Rebekah and Arabella, Grandfather to Nori)
  • Rebekah Elise Fulton (previously;Fulton-Kim)
    (Daughter of Belle and Damien, Granddaughter of Sophia, Sister to Arabella, Mother to Nori.)
  • Arabella Fulton
    (Ex-wife of Candy Behr, Daughter of Belle and Damien, Granddaughter to Sophia, Sister to Rebekah, Aunt to Nori.)
  • Nori Louise Fulton (Born;Nori Louise Fulton-Kim
    (Daughter to Rebekah and Dennis Kim, Half-Sister to, Alice Spencer-Kim, Aunt to Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis, Granddaughter to Belle and Damien, Great-Granddaughter to Sophia, Niece to Arabella.)