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Gannon family
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John and Mary's marriage is having a rough time and her family's arrival isn't helping them. Will Jake be able to grow happily or is he going to have a crummy childhood?
Name Gannon family
Members Charles Colebank, John Gannon, Mary Gannon, Craig Colebank, Jake Gannon, and Buddy Gannon
Number of generations 3 generations
Family connections None
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Neighborhood Riverview
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The Gannon family is a family created by DanPin. Their roots come from the medieval ages, when King Vic The Illustrious had an illegitimate son with a villager and that mysterious child founded this family.


Medieval agesEdit

After a night drinkng out, King Vic The Illustrious saw a woman near the tabern. She seduced him and they had WooHoo. Nine months later, people in SimLand were saying that a female had a child with the king. Vic's reputation decreased and the woman (and her son) left the kingdom.

Her son was a bright young man and leadership ran through his veins. However, he remained in the shadows and formed a family and their members were very famous.

Modern timesEdit

After a few centuries, the Gannons settled in the countryside, in small neighborhoods like Hidden Springs, Appaloosa Plains and Riverview, where John, coming from a line of businessmen, was raised. When he was a teen, he met Mary, a girl from Twinbrook who was on vacation. They fell in love quickly and when she grew up to be a Young Adult, they got married.

Jake's childhood and the Colebanks' arrivalEdit

Some years later, Mary got pregnant.When she had her child, she named him Jake. John saw in his son the perfect opportunity to raise him to be a businessman like him. However, Mary thought Jake should be whatever he wanted. And so, they got in a fight.

When Jake grew up into a child, Mary's father and her brother came to her house, because Mary's mother had died in their swimming pool. Charles and Craig's arrival didn't help to the family conflict, because Jake saw himself divided by all the choices he had: Mary taught him how to relax and unleash his creativity while John taught him about finances and the importance of order. Craig told him things about science and how he was about to discover a potion that reversed aging and Charles told Jake crime stories and how one should pay attention to details. In the middle of the mess, Jake tried to do a bit of everything he could and he played with his Siberian Husky, Buddy.

The family goes their separate waysEdit

One day, one of John and Mary's usual fights was worse than the usual and John threw a vase into the wall. Mary realized that their fights weren't helping Jake and, after marriage counseling, they decided to move to Bridgeport, along with Charles.

Meanwhile, Craig and Buddy, after a while, moved from Riverview to Sunset Valley and put the Gannon Manor up for sale.

The Gannons in BridgeportEdit

John, Mary and Jake moved to an empty mansion in Windsor Drive, where they found several young celebrities, like Lola Belle, Matthew Hamming and Reuben Littler. However, when they first arrived at the city, they found out that Charles had disappeared.

On Jake's 15th birthday, the Gannons had gone out to The Prosper Room to celebrate. They all had fun, but when they were leaving, a man assaulted them and shot John and Mary, who both died on the spot. Before Jake was killed, the police sirens could be heard and the criminal ran away.